Musk fired everyone with access to the private key to their internal root CA, and they can no longer run Puppet because the Puppet master's CA cert expired and they can't get a new one because no one has access. They no longer can mint certs.

*ahem* lol
to translate for non techies
1. they put the keys to auto-update the computers in a box
2. Musk fired everyone with the key to that box.
3. fucking whoops

• • •

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Nov 17, 2022
holy shit this John J. Ray motion and declaration

Tl;dr worse than Enron

pacer-documents.s3.amazonaws.com/33/188450/0421… - motion
pacer-documents.s3.amazonaws.com/33/188450/0420… - declaration

it’s “distressing” that the Bahamas liquidator filed ch15 in SDNY and not Delaware. They want the ch15 cases moved here to coordinate with this proceeding.
“Chapter 15 Case without advance notice and in the SDNY is a blatant attempt to avoid the supervision of this Court and to keep FTX DM isolated from the administration of the rest of the Debtors, which constitute the vast majority of the remainder of the FTX group.”
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Nov 16, 2022
that time an Effective Altruist spent $50,000 spamming Wikipedia to promote EA

Vipul Naiuk, to be precise. his tasklist: archive.ph/QzbPS
Wikipedia admin discussion: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia…
"Effective Altruism is mostly about giving money to Yudkowsky for the AI stuff"
"Yes but we can’t actually *say that out loud*"

what EAs admit among themselves, right there on Tumblr archive.ph/d9jxQ
ya know Roko's Basilisk, the AI that will punish you for not building it?

that was literally from Roko's ideas on how to be the most effective altruist, i.e. give all your money to fight bad AI

explanation: rationalwiki.org/wiki/Roko%27s_…

original post:
Read 4 tweets
Nov 16, 2022
The principals of the collapsed FTX crypto exchange were into Effective Altruism.

Let me explain what Effective Altruism is:

* Some charities are more effective than others, and you should donate to the more effective ones.

yeah, sounds obvious and sensible >>
* As a first-worlder, you are basically rich, even if you don’t feel like it, and you therefore have an ethical obligation to contribute to those who aren’t - almost certainly more than you do now.

this is pretty sound reasoning actually, I can get behind this
* Therefore, we can and should stack-rank every charitable initiative in the world according to an objective numerical scoring system,

wait what
Read 14 tweets
Nov 16, 2022
old person here: “queer” was a/the common and used word for like frickin’ ages, like decades, so expect us old people to keep using it

p much as a single syllable for membership in LGALPHABETSOUP

which is sort of a thing, even if it’s the most dysfunctional “community” >>
>> and a worse subculture cluster even if you like the idea of a lifetime of disco music

it’s a reclaimed slur, which presents difficulties in common usage. otoh LITERALLY ALL THE WORDS ARE SLURS and IF THEY'RE NOT THEY WILL BE SHORTLY, so. >>
>> (i have no objection to non-insiders it using it if they’re doing so reasonably, though i appreciate others legitimately may.)

also terfs are a bit fond of decrying “queer”, so anything that pisses them off may well have something to it >>
Read 4 tweets
Nov 16, 2022
You and I in a shitcoin shop
Buy a bag of coins with the ether we've got
Set them free at the break of dawn
'Til one by one, they were gone
At FTX, bugs in the software
Flash the message, "Something's out there!"
Floating in the summer sky
Ninety-nine dead shitcoins go by
Ninety-nine dead shitcoins
Floating in the blockchain sky
Panic bells, it's margin call!
There's nothing here from somewhere else!
The liquidator springs to life
Opens up one eager eye
Focusing it on the sky
When ninety-nine dead shitcoins go by
99 Keep Posting Street
Ninety-nine exchanges meet
To worry, worry, super-scurry
Call the FUDsters in a hurry
This is what we've waited for
This is it, boys, now we're poor
CZ is there on the line
As ninety-nine dead shitcoins go by
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Nov 15, 2022

After the Terra-Luna collapse in May, a string of big crypto bankruptcies hit ordinary investors hard: Celsius Network, Voyager Digital, FTX.

The bad news is that the money's just not there any more. Investors should expect pennies on the $. >>
>> The Celsius and FTX bankruptcies don't just show liabilities>assets - they show real liabilities but imaginary assets. Huge proportion of FTX assets are their own made-up FTT & Serum tokens, given a spurious value in the billions. Celsius did the same with CEL tokens. >>
>> Voyager was in somewhat better shape - their creditors are looking at maybe 70c on the dollar. The hole in Voyager's accounts was one large debtor who went bust, Three Arrows Capital, and the rest of the assets are somewhat realisable. >>
Read 6 tweets

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