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What if I told you —

We’ve uncovered the direct links of collusion between Citadel, FTX, Gary Gensler, Marc Elias and (likely) the NSA.🫢


-Destroy crypto
-Corner traditional equity/debt securities markets
-Wreck middle class
-Rig elections
-Usher in The Great Reset

I’m going to take the next few tweets to first provide some highly critical backdrop — to describe “how we got here”, the pattern of reasoning being applied and the logical approach that will be required for developing a winning strategy going forward.
We’re all well-aware that Twitter has long been flush with pseudos and bot accounts, whose sole purpose for existing seems to be for maintaining the “desired narrative” and quashing dissent.

“Just block them!” is the most common advice I get. The same is probably true for you.
Unfortunately, this advice is so shortsighted that it actually hurts (and delays) our efforts to fight back in this existential war.

Invaluable information can be extracted from many of these pseudo accounts simply because of 2 key elements — the “what” and the “why”.
1. “WHAT sensitive target/topic/premise is being discussed?”

(The “battleground” being fought over.)

2. “WHY does this account even exist?”

(The specific outcome warranting a commitment of resources from your enemy. Identifies both “who stands to benefit” AND “the benefit”.)
If you PAY ATTENTION, in nearly every interaction with your enemy, they’ll tell you 2 critical things you MUST know —

1. How they plan to defeat you.

2. How you can defeat them.

One way they do this is with “IF/THEN” statements designed to steer you into their captured arena.
“IF you have evidence, THEN file a lawsuit and bring it in court!”

(One of the more common ones.)

Pro Tip — If your immediate response to that statement is “you know what, that’s EXACTLY what I’m gonna do!”, then you don’t know who your enemy is and you’re not prepared to win.
Instead, you should immediately ask yourself these questions —

*Does my enemy fear evidence being brought in a courtroom?

*If not, why not?

*Who would possibly have the power to influence a court’s decision, regardless of the merits of my case and the evidence I present?
Once you’ve answered those questions, you’ll begin to understand exactly who your enemy is.

And you can begin successfully fighting back.😏
We’ve known for quite a while that Intel operatives and their adjacent contractors are embedded within the Twitter user population to wage info warfare.

Thanks to @mtaibbi, The Twitter Files only further corroborated this and gave us a clearer picture of just how chilling it is.
As we worked to unravel the corruption and fraud surrounding the 2022 elections in Arizona, I frequently found myself engaged with the @AngryFleas account.

No evidence mattered. No data, math or fact was of consequence to this pseudo.

We dug deeper. And that changed everything.
We ran a Maltego transform on the @AngryFleas account and discovered its direct digital links to the NSA and other key organizations.

Most Notably:

-World Bank
-Dept. of Housing (Veteran Affairs)
-Chinese domains/servers

That’s just the beginning.😳
We also came across a few messages of interest embedded within pastebin chats.

I want to direct your attention to this one —

It indicates direct knowledge of a DDOS attack having been executed by a Bradley Taylor, founder of a company called Rails Machine.

Hoo boy🫢
Who is Bradley Taylor and what the hell is Rails Machine?

Bradley Taylor is a programmer and an investor, and far more important than most realize.

Rails Machine is his Savannah-based company that partners with… well, you probably already guessed — the usual suspects.…
The Rails Machine platform specializes in allowing for seamless sharing, integration and operation of web sites and internet apps built on “Ruby on Rails” — which is the exact framework that Twitter, YellowPages and Hulu (and others) are all built upon.
(Much more is on the way in just a bit.)
Remember how I mentioned that Bradley Taylor is also an investor?

Yeah, about that — He has 1 seed round investment to his credit (that we know of) to date.

$2,500,000 - 09/01/2022

So what the hell is

I dug further… has 14 total investors listed, including Bradley Taylor.

I was curious who else might’ve invested and one stood out — Jane Street Capital.

Where have I heard that name before?🤔
That just so happened to be the same firm where Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX) and Caroline Ellison (Alameda) initially met and worked together.

I wrote about this back in February and have linked that thread below for reference, if you need a refresher.
What else is Jane Street Capital invested in these days?🤔

Two recent investments are of particular interest —

*Empiric Network
($7,000,000 - 07/17/2022)

(Note the interchangeable usage of “Empiric Network” and “Alameda Research”.)

(“Undisclosed”, 03/08/2023)
And finally, there’s MultiLynq — an “undisclosed amount” reported literally 4 days ago (03/08/2023).

MultiLynq is focused on establishing “new norms” parameters in debt securities markets.

It has 2 investors, both as “Lead Investor” — Citadel Securities and Jane Street Capital.
Oh, almost forgot to mention — Sam Bankman-Fried was one of the largest Democrat donors in the last election cycle.

Much of his contributions and the contributions of others are believed to have been laundered illegally. Many of those donations were likely with our tax dollars.
But SBF wasn’t alone in his political donations over at FTX. One of his key executives donated to several “Republican” campaigns as well.

That executive is Ryan Salame, former co-CEO of FTX Digital Markets.🤔

“Salame” is a rather unique last name, I might add.
After looking further, we discovered Citadel had made new executive office appointments just last year.

In 2022, they named a new co-CIO — Pablo Salame.

He had joined Citadel recently back in 2019, following a 22-yr stint at Goldman Sachs.

Interesting coincidence, those names.
Oddly enough, when you ask ChatGPT about Ryan and Pablo Salame, you receive some… rather strange responses, to say the least.🤔

(Seems to be a real stumper for the AI.)
It’s certainly possible there’s no direct familial link between these two guys.

Might just be a coincidence that they share a last name as they collude to destroy crypto and monopolize the traditional financial markets.

But there’s also this…🤣
*Interchangeable usage of “Jane Street Capital” and “Alameda Research”

(Lol, thought I’d finally make it through one thread without a typo. Damnit.🤦🏻‍♂️)
Happy to do so.👍

I’ll include some info on Maltego in the next tweet after this one.
Some quick background info on what Maltego is and what it can do with regards to OSINT.…
Oh. Imagine that.

Another incredibly important and relevant thread from a Twitter user that has never shown up on my feed once. Great stuff, @JagoeCapital 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

@elonmusk we should probably do something about that.🤔
We’re so far beyond probable cause at this point that it’s time to put massive pressure on your elected leaders in your states to act. Today.🤬

Do NOT allow them to control and conceal the “investigation” within their desired arena (SDNY).

Throw implicated people out of office.
Just felt like sharing this here🤣
In case it’s not quite sinking in just yet🤣
More 🔥🔥🔥 from @EFxScout1League

• • •

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Mar 9
ERIC is officially hospitalized, on a ventilator and about to receive a massive dose of Remdesivir.

God. Bless. Texas.😏

(WtP are taking our country back.)
@merissahansen17 @TxSaving @TXAG
Keith, really enjoyed your hot takes on the ERIC system earlier this week.

Now kindly pack your shit and…
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Mar 9
Stanford. Again. Lol.


What’s 40% of Stanford’s endowment?

A good chunk of that should be enough to remunerate J6’ers for having their Constitutional rights stripped.

Should be plenty left over to prosecute all involved, including judges, prosecutors, Elias and NGOs.
(Stanford’s endowment is $37.8B)

Yep, $15.12 BILLION should just about cover it.
*$10,000,000 non taxable lump-sum payment per pre-trial (non-violent) prisoner.

*$1,000,000/yr non taxable annuity payment w/30-yr period certain per pre-trial (non-violent) prisoner. Due annually on 01/06.

*Lifetime exemption from all federal/state income and property taxes.
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Feb 27
As everyone should be made aware, the @AngryFleas account is closely linked to the NSA.

Unfortunately for them, we know what they’ve been up to in our elections.

Tik. Tock. Traitors.

Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more.

And abolish every subversive 3-letter agency running cover for all the political corruption in this country.

Newsflash: We’re taking our country back.
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Feb 21
Make sure you remember everyone who at one point legitimately tried to argue that Fetterman was “a better candidate” or “a more quality” candidate than Dr. Oz.

Many of them are likely involved in what’s going on around the country right now.
Exhibit A:

Save this for posterity. It will be increasingly relevant.
Exhibit B:
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Feb 20
Back to QVIDTVM — we mentioned they had 2 major funding projects, one being Kitman Labs.

The other one? Nexxiot.

Nothing too interesting to report…

Just another one of those “largest RAIL FREIGHT and tank container IoT providers”. Data + supply chain.

HQ’d in Switzerland.😳 ImageImageImageImage
You really gotta hand it to Max Raskin (whoever he is) and the team at QVIDTVM — investing heavily in a Swiss-based growing supply chain company.

$15,459,600 - 06/2020

It’s times like this that remind us of our need to continually invest in what really matters. Trains and data. ImageImageImageImage
Especially considering Nexxiot focuses on incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) data tech into rail freight supply chains. On a subscription-based model. (lol)

They also attained requisite safety certifications — to transport dangerous and/or highly explosive cargo by rail.😳 Image
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