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@dc_draino was banned off Twitter 2 yrs ago for “election misinformation”, but *smoking gun* emails show it was b/c the California gov’t requested it, a major 1st Amdt violation

Here are the details
1/After President Trump won in 2016, the Democrat Party pushed the Russia Collusion narrative to delegitimize his administration

Many federal, state, and NGO entities ramped-up censorship efforts online in the name of stopping “foreign interference”
2/California passed Elections Code §10.5, which created the Office of Elections Cybersecurity in 2018 to “educate voters” w/ “valid information” through empowering election officials (“OEC”)

This mandate quickly and predictably devolved into a political weapon for US censorship… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
3/In fact, NASS Director of Communications Maria Benson stated in email that Twitter asked her to let Secretaries of States’ offices know that it had created a separate dedicated way for election officials to “flag concerns directly to Twitter.”
4/NASS’s dedicated reporting channel to Twitter, according to Maria Benson, would get Secretaries of States’ employees’ censorship requests “bumped to the head of the queue.”
5/NASS asked its members to give it a “heads up” when they saw mis-information to help NASS “create a more national narrative” and wanted officials to have NASS email tips on how to report “mis/disinformation” directly to Big Tech “handy” as officials “prepare[d] for battle.”
6/As an example, on December 30, 2019, the CA Sec of State’s office emailed Twitter’s Kevin Kane a misprinted voter registration card and Kevin Kane responded to Mr. Mahood’s request to take down the tweet before 8:00 am the next morning, which happened to be New Year’s Eve
7/On July 17, 2020, Padilla’s office sent an email to fifteen political consultants and political affairs professionals, many of whom worked on the campaigns of prominent Democrats, offering them the opportunity to bid on a $35-million-dollar “Vote Safe California” initiative
8/Mr. Padilla violated the Public Contract Code’s statutory bidding requirements by claiming he had “emergency authority” to create the contract. He received seven bids from the list of political allies and picked SKDKnickerbocker as the winner of the $35-million-dollar contract
9/Who is SKDK?

They’re a political consulting firm heavily involved in then- candidate **Joe Biden’s** presidential campaign

As described by Reuters, “SKDK is closely associated with the Democratic Party, having worked on six presidential campaigns.”
10/Yes, you’re reading this correctly

Alex Padilla, former CA Sec. of State and now US Senator, used taxpayer dollars to hire Biden’s campaign firm for $35 million to pick who to censor in “Misinformation Daily Briefings” and report these speakers to Big Tech for banning
11/Alex Padilla was proud of the OEC’s censorship activities as was NASS

NASS has an annual award called the Innovation, Dedication, Excellence & Achievement in Service (“IDEAS”) award, recognizing “significant state contributions to the mission of NASS.”

Guess who won in 2020?
12/You guessed it - Alex Padilla’s Sec. of State office

He stated his support for the OEC’s speech-censoring activities in response to receiving the award, touting the initiative’s “proactive social media monitoring”
13/Some have claimed that this Twitter Partner Portal was merely a “suggestion box” for gov’t officials and censorship wasn’t mandated

According to the CA Sec. of States’s attached press release, Big Tech was complicit **98%** of the time in removing the flagged content
14/One particular social media user that was targeted for censorship by this Orwellian machine was Rogan O’Handley, a licensed attorney in the state of CA, who runs the account you’re reading this from: @DC_Draino

His violative tweet requested an audit of CA elections
15/Despite the Post’s expression of Mr. O’Handley’s personal opinion calling for greater accountability in election processes—core political speech directly questioning Padilla’s political work—SKDK labeled the Post as “misinformation,” and flagged the Post for the OEC to censor
16/The OEC, following the recommendation of the Democrat operatives at SKDK, flagged the Post and color coded it as an “orange” level threat, only one degree below red

On Nov. 17, 2020, a Sec. of State agent sent Twitter the following message regarding Mr. O’Handley’s Post:
17/Shortly after Padilla’s agent or staff flagged the post to Twitter, Twitter appended commentary asserting that Mr. O’Handley’s claim about election fraud was disputed

Twitter then added a “strike” to Mr. O’Handley’s account, a clear 1st Amendment violation
18/Twitter then went seemingly out of its way to find reasons to permanently suspend Mr. O’Handley account with over 440,000+ from the platform, despite never having received strikes previously

Here are 3 more of his tweets that earned strikes
19/His final violation was a tweet sarcastically mocking Joe Biden’s “victory” in 2020 where he tweeted in quotes “Most votes in American History” with a picture of the Us Capitol behind barbed wire

He was soon thereafter permanently banned for “Election Misinformation”
20/ @JudicialWatch found these secret emails exposing the censorship of Rogan and hundreds of others in a Sunshine Records request

Mr. O’Handley hired Harmeet Dhillon (@pnjaban) and @RonColeman to file a lawsuit against Twitter, CA & SKDK in June of 2021

21/This 1st Amendment case was dismissed in December of 2021 by a Democrat-appointed Judge on a Motion to Dismiss using a Summary Judgment review standard

Despite a smoking gun email, the judge said “not enough” to move forward with discovery

22/Mr. O’Handley and his legal team appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in January of 2022, oral arguments were heard in December 2022 in front of 3 Democrat-appointed judges, and the dismissal was affirmed 3-0 on March 10, 2023

23/It’s now time to prepare **Amicus Curiae briefs** exposing the entire gov’t censorship apparatus working w/Big Tech

Let this case “O’Handley v. Weber” be the vehicle for the Supreme Court to see just how extensive this unconstitutional censorship apparatus has metastasized… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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