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The idea that a routine private settlement, unconnected to any campaign activity, is a criminal offense because the settlement should have been paid with official campaign funds is the most preposterous, ludicrous, idiotic, indefensible, fraudulent “legal theory” conceivable. 1/3
Under this “theory,” candidates must use federal campaign funds for private, personal or corporate matters—an exact inversion of federal law. Indeed, DOJ prosecutes those who use campaign funds for expressly non-campaign purposes. Of course, the “theory” is all bogus pretext. 2/3
No serious human believes that Manhattan DA’s office believes any of this. They understand this is a purely partisan exercise in vengefully prosecuting a political enemy precisely as is done is repressive third world nations, despotic regimes and marxist authoritarian states. 3/3

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Jan 5

Biden is announcing a mass amnesty for 30K NEW illegal aliens a MONTH.

This is a super-DACA for illegal aliens of all ages—given to illegals BEFORE they reach our borders.

Future illegals are being flown to US with amnesty. This is criminal, impeachable conduct.
These new diasporas of illegals will be a monumental pull factor for the rest of their countrymen to join them — family, friends, relatives, distant relations, and then on and on. It will create generational effects, permanent flows of mass illegal immigration. All by design.
Congress has established specific visas w/specific criteria & limits. Biden has ZERO authority to create NEW visas for illegals. The “parole” authority is a highly limited case-by-case emergency exception for individuals.

Biden isn’t just breaking the law, he’s incinerating it.
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Dec 28, 2022
T42 was an extraordinary tool under 45—allowing for instant removal of all demos, including repatriating UAC to home countries. Biden eviscerated, gutted & demolished T42, exempting all of those for whom it would be most effective. Biden policy is & REMAINS mass release into US.
By spring of 2020, we had achieved a suite of enforcement tools — winning protracted legal battles, beating deep state bureaucracies, forging foreign policy pacts, rewriting anti-border regulations—more powerful than anything before achieved in US history. Biden shut it ALL down.
The Safe 3rds alone—revoked by Biden-Blinken—were a more robust and complete enforcement mechanism than anything conceived or executed in the pre-Trump era, all the more vital in a time when the whole world is trying to break in. What we had in place by 2020 was near miraculous.
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Dec 27, 2022
@CollegeFix This also underscores how the LGBTQI+ identifier conveys social power & prestige in our progressive-dominated society. For example, how many major corps have DEI hiring initiatives encompassing these identities? Being “non-binary” is an advantage in powerful progressive bastions.
@CollegeFix So not only is it a social contagion—and we know well the many causes of it—but students are also responding, not necessarily consciously, to the incentive structures, validation signals, professional cues, financial cues, social pressures, all around them.
@CollegeFix How many counselors/centers/programs do these colleges have devoted to LGBTQI+ identities? What message does that send young people looking for belonging and social value? By contrast, consider the incessant negative affirmation of the traditional Christian “cisgender” identity.
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Jun 25, 2022
Biden Admin & Dem Party orchestrated a campaign to threaten, intimidate & delegitimize the Supreme Court—triggering weeks of illegal demonstrations at Justices’ homes (which DOJ refused to disband) & an assassination attempt. That campaign has now become an open insurrection. 1/4
The unprecedented leak, the WH/DOJ refusal to enforce fed law against efforts to intimidate justices, the entire orchestrated assault on the institution of the Court, was designed to extort SCOTUS into betraying their oath, violating the constitution, and overruling democracy.2/4
The question before Court was simple: do voters decide abortion law through the Democratic process or do judges have the power to steal that choice from Americans in the form of undemocratic fiat? So, in a very literal sense, this is an insurrection to overthrow democracy. 3/4
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May 13, 2022
The scandal is not only that Biden is malnourishing American children by diverting scarce formula to the border, but that he is purposefully encouraging the largest wave of illegal child smuggling in human history. 1/4
In 2020, when the Trump Administration used T42 to promptly repatriate UACs to their home countries (not just back to Mexico) #’s radically plummeted, # of very young UAC fell especially drastically. Arrivals were older teen runners here for jobs (or crime) like single adults.2/4
Biden exempted UAC from T42 prompting tidal UAC surge—2X highest peak in history w/out cessation. Biden also ended family detention/MPP/Safe 3rds/while exempting vast majority from T42. Message to world: smuggle a child, get a free ticket into USA. World heeded Biden’s call. 3/4
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May 1, 2022
Watched inveterate liar @SecMayorkas on Sunday Shows today. He repeated one of his most appalling and galling lies: that the illegal families, UACs & single adults he’s releasing en masse face future removal. THEY DON’T. Once released, they’re on HONOR SYSTEM & here to stay. 1/9
As it is, ICE removals are at all-time record lows, now under 2K removals monthly —far less than the # freed DAILY—but those few who are being removed are almost all from the *detained* population, not those free and at large (can take weeks to find just 1 at large alien). 2/9
Detained vs. non-detained is all that matters when it comes to enforcement outcomes. Those detained are almost always removed, those non-detained almost never are—and for released families, UACs it’s near zero. This is why open borders activists *virulently* oppose detention. 3/9
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