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After questioning a Yale report which he did not read, and after I debunked his statements in a Twitter thread he also did not read, Maté is now asking me to refute a new Grayzone article which he may or may not have read but which is also very, very stupid. /n
I'll try to finish this quickly since I need to take my kid to the dentist. If I don't finish now I'll get to it later.
First, Maté claims the "main source" for the allegations of Russia's mass-kidnapping program is the Yale report.

No, it is not the "main source." There are *tons* of independent investigations on this which I detail in the thread Maté did not read:
And that's not even to mention the fact that RUSSIA ADMITS WHAT IT HAS DONE:

1. It admits to a mass child-deportation program

2. It admits the program is aimed at erasing kids' Ukr identities.

3. It admits it is holding at least some of these kids without parental consent.
Here's Putin admitting to the program along with the fact that its main goal is political indoctrination:
Here's another admission from a top official that erasing the Ukrainian identities of these children is an official aim of the program.
Here's the head of the Russian program acknowledging that they're detaining at least some of these children despite requests from their families in Ukraine to return them:
Here's the same official admitting to the massive scale of the program.
As the Yale report notes, all these things - deportations of children without lawful consent, political indoctrination of the children, and holding children incommunicado from families - violates international law.
Here's why the notion that the researchers are biased due to their State Department funding is prima facie stupid:
Anyway, let's get to the Grayzone "article." The first half of it relies on the first-hand account by Blumenthal's co-author who visited one of the camps and found everything to be totally above-board.
Yes, you read that correctly: Journalist gets approval from the Kremlin to visit one of the child camps, is given a regime-approved tour, tells of happy campers who totally have an incentive to honestly report their experience, and reports back that all is well.

Here's what can only be termed faith-based reporting from the Grayzone authors, who tell us that most if not all the kids in these camps are ethnic Russians being reunited with their homeland.

How do they know this? They don't. But that doesn't stop them from saying it.
Never mind the fact that ethnic Russians don't make up anywhere near a majority of the population even in those regions of Ukraine (excluding Crimea) that contain the biggest share of ethnic Russians.

Because Blumenthal et al are *sure* all the deported kids are ethnic Russians.
Not that it would matter if they all *were* ethnic Russians. Why is that? Because under conditions of Russian military occupation, there are no circumstances under which parental "consent" to relinquish one's children to Russian camps can be considered legitimate.
That gets to the fundamental dishonesty of the Grayzone authors when they try to claim that most of the parents actually consented to have their children deported to Russia.

Because also "buried in the report" is a breakdown of the "consent crisis" the report describes.
Anyway, I've got to go. I'll leave it up to all of you to point to anything substantive I missed and will get back to it later.


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Apr 1
1. Maté denies existence of Russia’s child-deportation and “re-education” program.

2. I write thread showing the staggering evidence the program exists.

3. Maté sees my thread, doesn’t respond.

4. Maté continues said atrocity-denial.

Much honest, very integrity, Aaron.
For the record, here’s my thread debunking Maté’s nonsense on Russia’s child-deportation program.

It’s a story of willful blindness, stunning laziness, and…a very, very evident lack of research assistance.
Lol—look at this hack-job by Blumenthal.

Can you point to any potential problems inherent in the testimony of a guy who was GRANTED ACCESS BY RUSSIA TO ONE OF ITS CHILD CONCENTRATION CAMPS and who emerges from that visit convinced everything is peachy-keen?
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Mar 31
Well, I just got my first piece of hate-email, which must mean I’m official.

For the record, I do not work for the U.S. or any other government, you morons.

Everything I write here is done pro bono. Nobody pays me to do it.
Sorry, but if you think no one would ever try and defend a country facing a genocidal war of colonial conquest without getting paid to do it, that says way more about you than it does me.

Some of us actually have principles.
In fact, every minute I spend writing about Ukraine is time I could and probably should be spending making money. But, self-sabotaging dumbass that I am, I do it anyway.
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Mar 29
Atrocity-denial is the lowest form of punditry.

Which explains why it attracts such inveterate bottom-feeders as @aaronjmate and @mtracey.

So let’s take a look at their most recent foray into this scummy endeavor: Denying Russia’s forced-deportations of Ukrainian children.🧵
@aaronjmate @mtracey Occasioning this latest episode of atrocity-denial by Maté and Tracey is a report by the Humanitarian Research Lab (HRL) at Yale’s School of Public Health, which documents a mass system of forced child-deportations from Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine.
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Mar 20
I get that making predictions is what pundits do.

But trying to predict anything in politics is useless.

Trying to predict the course of Russia’s war on Ukraine is especially useless.

And proposing a “peace deal” on the basis of that prediction threatens millions of lives.🧵
Eric Levitz, of New York Magazine, has penned the latest addition to the trash heap of high-profile takes contending “It’s an Unwinnable War so Ukraine Must Make Peace.” It’s eloquently written, well-argued, and, as a policy guide, worth precisely nothing.
Here’s a link to Levitz’s piece:…
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Mar 18
Do some activists on the left engage in anti-democratic behavior? Sure. Does the *political party* of the left do the same? No.

But you know which party *does* engage in anti-democratic behavior? The one on the right.

And herein lies @PhilWMagness’s delusion. 🧵 ImageImage
@PhilWMagness Is illiberal behavior on the left a problem? Yes. Should it crack any reasonable person’s top-twenty list of concerns about America’s future? No.

Why? Because only one of our two political parties is gunning to end the republic, and it ain’t the Democrats.
@PhilWMagness Sure, you can find a good deal of intolerance on the leftist fringe. But is it a feature of the left/liberal *establishment*? No. Nor is anyone in the left/liberal mainstream, unlike that of the right, trying to end democracy and strip away fundamental rights.
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Mar 17
Hats off to Pekka for shining the light on this charlatan. Now, @MaxAbrahms did make a cursory effort to respond to some of the allegations. But what’s interesting are the ones he *didn’t* try to refute. 🧵
Let’s take those claims of Pekka Abrahms did attempt to counter:

First was the claim that his Atlantic article was, as the title implied, a call to reduce Western aid to Ukraine.

Second was the claim that he’s associated with the Quincy Institute.
Intriguingly, however, Abrahms did *not* dispute the allegation that he has aligned himself with Assad apologists by endorsing their atrocity-denial of alleged chemical weapons attacks by the Syrian regime on civilian populations.
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