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1) Last night, Trump told General Flynn, former Trump National Security Advisor, “it’s only a year and a half, just stay healthy”.

Trump brazenly hints that Flynn will be part of his administration.

For those that don’t understand the magnitude of this, allow me to explain.
2) General Flynn is a massive figure in US Military intelligence; promoted within, eventually up to Director of DIA.

He was the first US Officer allowed to visit Russia’s Military Intelligence in 2013. Which TERRIFIED Obama and then DNI James Clapper.…
3) During the Trump transition, Deep State actors like Obama, Clapper, Comey, etc., were mortified of what Putin and Russian intelligence told Flynn in their multiple meetings.

They didn’t want Flynn to fill Trump in on their crime syndicate.

Hillary wasn’t supposed to lose. Image
4) Given what we now know about the US proxy Ukraine and the Russian allegations of biological weapons production, it makes sense why the Deep State were/are terrified of General Flynn.

Why? Flynn knows where the bodies were buried.

How? Putin told him about Ukraine. Image
5) This is why Flynn was targeted and setup by the FBI/Mueller, because they had to eliminate General Flynn from the playing field, in the hopes that Trump wouldn’t get “sophisticated enough” to know what’s going on in Ukraine.

See PrivatBank call, Biden/Poroshenko 11/16/2016:
6) Immediately following the Biden/Poroshenko call, the MSM began their smear campaign against General Mike Flynn.

Here is CNN, 2 days later, 11/18/2016.

Trump announced Flynn would be his National Security Advisor, and the Deep State went into an all out panic.

7) The thing the Obama admin and the rest of their Deep State affiliates feared more than anything else, was someone on the inside getting Trump up to speed on their vast web of criminality.

This is why the Deep State expend so much ammunition on Flynn.…
8) So why is Flynn’s potential return to Trump’s cabinet a terrifying scenario for the Deep State?

Because Flynn has arguably seen more intelligence on their crimes than anybody, and he has intentions on rectifying said crimes.

The dogs will be off the leash come 2024.

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Jul 29
1)⚠️Nefarious Biolab in USA⚠️

Fresno County (CA) Public Health found a disturbing operation, owned by Chinese nationals, at an unlicensed secret facility conducting biological research, housing dangerous infectious agents, in sloppy and unsafe conditions.

Let’s talk about it.

2) For starters, you should read the Abatement Warrant attached below. It’s only 7 pages.

What is described here is absolutely HORRIFYING.

35 separate refrigerators and freezers were filled with biological material. The facility had:

-(1) biological material, including blood,……

3) Untold human lives were at risk if any of these infectious agents got out and the fact that Chinese nationals were behind it makes it even more suspicious.

But the MSM are eager to report on it. This is cause for hesitation.

Something doesn’t add up.…
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Jul 7
1) ⚠️Counter-Offensive Update⚠️

Military officials from NATO, Ukraine, US, and even neutral Austria, have reported that Ukraine have changed their tactics in the counter-offensive.

We can now see those changes in tactics… and it is disturbing.

Mosquito Tactics. THREAD!🧵
2) Ukraine’s conventional NATO tactics resulted in mass casualties, billions in lost equipment, and virtually zero progress. They didn’t even penetrate the first line of Russian defense.

The “mighty” Leopard tanks were supposed to change the war, but Russia picked them off with……
3) Thus the switch to Mosquito Tactics. Sending small groups of infantry directly into the frontlines, forcing Russia to use artillery on smaller numbers of men, in the hopes that Russia will run out of munitions.

The only problem is, the small groups of infantry are running……
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Jun 24
1) Putin speaks on Prigozhin.

Putin says we are witnessing treason, but there is no ongoing civil war.

There was no mention of danger to the Russian citizenry. There has been no confirmed kinetic hostilities between PMC Wagner and Russian MoD.

Prigozhin wants a meeting.…

2) Russian MoD put out multiple statements pertaining to Prigozhin.

Stating that Prigozhin’s claims of combat are untrue and “informational provocation”.

Urging Wagner leadership to stand down.

Meanwhile, Russian MoD continue operations in Ukraine.…
3) What jumps out to me, is that Russian MoD and Russian State-sponsored media were very eager to tell us that Ukraine were using this provocation to push back in Artyomovsk/Bakhmut.

Almost urging Ukraine to make an attack.

To me, this looks like bait.…
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Jun 20
1) ☣️🦠Biological Update🦠☣️

Russian MIL drops new information on US Biological Network!

Russia acquired financial records on Bidens’ Metabiota, confirming it as the “key contractor” in US biological malfeasance worldwide!

Metabiota forced to cease all activity in Africa!🧵 Image
2) Russian MoD brief starts with a quick recap on the US Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and their global network.

“Such a comprehensive approach all around the world allows the Pentagon to have access to different strains of contagious pathogens, which can be used as…… Image
3) Russian MoD claims they have acquired documentation and financial records of Metabiota’s activity, namely in Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa, confirming that Metabiota has ceased all activity in Africa, due to the governments of these nations catching on to Metabiota’s illegal…… Image
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Jun 7
1) Child sex-trafficking hotbeds follow CIA color revolutions and US disaster relief.


What do they have in common?

Missing children and heavy involvement with the Obama State Dept. (Clinton/Kerry/Nuland).

The truth is beyond sinister.
2) The Clinton Foundation collected billions in relief for Haiti, with the promise to “build Haiti back better”.

It’s well-documented, even by the corrupt MSM, that nothing was built back better, and Haiti became a hotbed for missing children.…
3) How could we forget about the calamity that was Libya/Benghazi?

The CIA orchestrated the assassination of their leader, then Clinton used NATO to bomb Libya for 7 months, creating hundreds of thousands of refugees, and thus many vulnerable children.…
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Jun 3
1) ⚠️HOLY SHIT… ⚠️

We can say beyond a reasonable doubt, that Hunter Biden is a pedophile.

The servers are back up, and folks… it is absolutely disgusting…

Hunter has a plethora of sexualized pictures of children, most of which are of his niece, Natalie…… Image
2) ⚠️WARNING⚠️


I’m not gonna show any close ups, but Hunter’s laptop was filled with hundreds of pictures of his niece and other underaged girls, sucking on their fingers, sticking their tongues out, in their bathing suits, etc.

All…… ImageImageImageImage
3) Not only did Hunter keep hundreds of sexualized photos of his under 13 year old niece…

He had his daughter, Naomi, transport Natalie to come visit him, because “she isn’t getting any stability from home”.

If Hunter abused her physically, this is child sex-trafficking. ImageImage
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