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Transheuser-Busch is still scrambling over the Mulvaney beer can as sales continue to tank. But it’s caught between a rock of customers and a hard place called “GARM,” a WEF-backed operation which was subpoenaed Friday by @Jim_Jordan and the House Judiciary. Here’s why:🧵
One might think that Bud Light could just apologize and admit that men aren’t women. But no matter how much Bud Light and parent company AB InBev might wish to reign in the radicalism, they can’t abandon the agenda. They’re mired in World Economic Forum/ESG gobbledygook.
Budweiser claims to be “a beer rooted in the heart of America.” But in 2008, the Belgian company InBev bought AB for $52 billion, putting “a fixture of American culture into a European rival’s hands,” per the NY Times. Now it’s beholden to elites at the WEF, UN, and EU. ImageImageImage
Bud Light’s suggestion that the Dylan Mulvaney endorsement was just some one-time thing would be more believable if AB InBev didn’t openly admit to wanting to “ensure” their pro-trans diversity “touches upon all functions, including…Marketing.” Image
AB InBev has embraced a litany of woke initiatives, from ESG to DEI, along with a full endorsement of transgenderism. They now foot the bill when employees choose to mutilate their bodies. Image
AB InBev has adopted a corporate policy that exalts “gender identity and expression” to the same level of significance as age and race. Image
AB InBev not only indoctrinates all their managers with “unconscious bias training”; it also insists that *external* suppliers submit to the pro-trans “diversity” agenda too. Image
AB InBev isn’t surprised by Bud Light’s peddling LGBTLMNOP propaganda, but you can bet they were surprised that this time customers said, “Enough!” ImageImageImageImage
Some of AB InBev’s other subsidiaries go further than Bud Light, funding “family-forming” benefits to cover depravities such as two men buying a woman’s eggs, renting another woman’s womb, and intentionally depriving babies of their natural mothers. Image
If you’re still confused as to why the Anheuser-Busch statement on the Mulvaney can comprised nothing but babble, consider AB InBev’s openly stated goal of becoming “agents of change” and a “recognized champion of diversity.” ImageImage
It seems AB Inbev can no longer rest easy by making a few donations to the GOP, all the while carrying out the WEF’s “Stakeholder Capitalism” agenda. ImageImage
The radicals in Belgium running AB InBev and cozying up to WEF are not your friends. They’re not even your neutral acquaintances. They’re advancing a political agenda that is crippling our country.
Publicly traded companies around the world are caving to the pressure of ESG ratings and pandering to Klaus Schwab and his pack of elites. That would be reason enough to stand against them. But it gets worse. Large global advertisers like AB InBev are taking it further.
The World Federation of Advertisers, whose members include mega corps like Ab InBev, Adidas, BP, CVS, Goldman Sachs, Mastercard, McDonalds, Merck, Nike, P&G, Hershey, Disney, Unilever, and Walmart, among others, have created a monster known as “GARM.” ImageImage
The Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) is a “cross-industry initiative” (i.e., an agreement of the world’s largest and most powerful advertisers AND platforms) to demonetize what they consider “harmful content.”
To achieve this, lib-captured companies such as AB InBev & Big Tech platforms such as YouTube & TikTok created standards that limit or demonetize content that contains “hate speech” about “gender identity,” “insensitive…treatment of debated social issues,” and “misinformation.” Image
When were these “misinformation” policies introduced? “In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,” of course, and in collaboration with the far-left European Commission and NAACP. What could go wrong? Image
GARM is so powerful and controls so much advertising money (like that of Bud Light) that YouTube, Meta (FB & IG), Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and others are writing pages of reports about how they will run their platforms to satisfy GARM standards. ImageImageImageImage
Now, what could make this enormous team of woke corporations even worse? Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum swallowed up GARM as a “flagship project” under their “Platform for Shaping the Future of Media, Entertainment and Sport.” ImageImageImage
It’s difficult to convey the scale of this problem, but thanks to @Jim_Jordan and the @JudiciaryGOP, some GARM and WEF staff are going to have to answer some serious questions.
Don’t look away. If we don’t put an end to this growing scheme of control and deceit, Bud Light’s inability to apologize and admit that men can’t be women will be the least of our problems.

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