And so, it would seem, Texas is trying to go for Massive Resistance 2.0, possibly in an attempt at undoing the Supreme Court rulings in the late 60s that led to the initial voucher programs in the US being ruled illegal and BJU losing their tax-exempt

A thread:
I say "Massive Resistance 2.0", of note, because Christian Nationalism in its modern form arguably got its start via the fight against desegregation by unreconstructed Confederate-sympathisers, and the FIRST round of "private voucher programs".

(Yes, this is going to be one of those little history lessons.)

So after Brown v BOE, and subsequent rulings that mandated schools be desegregated...a lot of Southern "Jim Crow" states were exceptionally Salty about this, and so basically set out a plan or three...

To whit: First ordering schools to not desegregate, and to ignore orders to desegregate.

When the US government started sending in the National Guard to enforce these orders, the chuds in chief proceeded to double down by the equivalent of shooting themselves in the jimmy:

Namely: "If we can't have segregated schools, then we just won't have schools at *all*".

On the cruder end, this involved chuds (including the KKK 2.0) blowing up schools that had the courage to integrate and threatening families that attended:…

And on a legislative end, you had stuff like the Stanley Plan, which...ordered the defunding, and closure, of any school system that integrated in VA (similar mini-Stanleys were in place throughout the South) in what was called "Massive Resistance"…

And basically when schools were ordered to integrate, or when school boards decided to stop fighting the march of progress...the school systems would be shut down, and vouchers given to private, Protestant schools which coincidentially didn't admit African-Americans

These "Segregation Academies" (as they got to be called) were founded by "Southern" branches of churches, many of which would later become part of Christian Nationalist and/or neo-Confederate movements (like the Southern Baptists and the PCA)

and at least two of them (Pensacola Christian College and Bob Jones University) would become major players in Christian Nationalist curricula...and pretty much the shape of Christian Nationalist pro-Confederacy apology (including slavery revisionism) was formed there

So basically when a school system would get shut down, white kids would get vouchers to go to the local Protestant "segregation academy" (and it was almost always Protestant); African-American kids got sweet FA as far as education in most cases.

It was so bad, and went on for so long, that there are populations of African-Americans who grew up in the mid- to late-50s who almost never got to attend school unless they were in an area where the Society of Friends had set up "freedom schools"

because the specific wording of these voucher laws generally prohibited giving vouchers to most integrated schools, but there was enough of a loophole for religious schools that the Quakers took advantage of it (and bless them for it).

And this kept on until a series of court decisions starting in 1964, which ordered the desegregation of schools and the reopening of Prince Edward County's school system:…

Which led to...modern voucher programs (seriously).

Because the NEXT end-run was "OK, fine, we'll desegregate...but we're still handing out vouchers for segregation academies. As part of 'school choice' programs" *wink wink*.

Which was even referred to as "passive resistance".

And *this* eventually led to another Supreme Court ruling, this time in 1968, which pretty much Officially Called Them On Their Bullshit, told them to Stop That, and ruled that state tax dollars for segregation academies was unconstitutional…

And there were subsequent rulings after that (some of which led to the first school busing programs), and the IRS also came to a decision that "segregation academies" could no longer be recipients of tax-exempt status

This caused BJU to lose its tax exempt

And right around the time of segregation academies getting their groove on, and right around the time that schools were ordered to integrate...that's when the Christian Nationalist movement started feeling its oats and lobbying against desegregation…

And in fact a lot of the initial activism by Christian Nationalists was against Freedom Marches...and in support of segregation academies, many of which were now at risk of losing their tax exempt for being all racist on main…

In fact, the anti-reproductive-health stuff didn't heavily enter much of the Christian Nationalist movement until such time that "Traditionalist Catholics" (many of whom were salty over Vatican II) were recruited into the movement…

And that's why I've consistently been pointing out lately that the goal isn't them undoing *merely* Lawrence v Texas or Griswold v Connecticut, but *BROWN V BOARD OF EDUCATION* and pretty much EVERY decision from that point, and they're using the same playbook as with Roe

And considering that the Christian Nationalist wing has been pretty much very mask off for the past four or five years (thereby confirming every word of what us #exvangelical folks have tried to warn you about for the past 50 years or so) one ignores this at one's peril


• • •

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Jun 10
To stop Project 2025 in its tracks, you need to go *all the way up and down the ballot*, including school board races and judicial seats (often "nonpartisan")


And from there:

ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR VOTING PLAN, once you have registered to vote and double-checked your reg...this is where you begin Opposition Research.

The Christian Nationalists behind Project 2025 are very well organized, and put out a LOT of voters guides for their own

And this is a particular way in which they capture state legislatures, and also school board elections and judicial seats--the latter are particularly easy to run in as "stealthers" because these are "nonpartisan" races with no political party listed

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Jun 5
So some notes on government:

a) Democracies can be either direct democracy or representative democracy
b) Republics are a form of representative democracy (where reps chosen by voters decide on legislative issues)

c) Direct democracy does exist in the US (mostly in small towns in the Northeast US, and in the form of voter initiatives in states that allow them)
d) Other non-republic forms of government involve absolute monarchies, dictatorships, theocracies and other forms of autocracy

e) A constitutional republic is a specific form of a republic (itself a form of representative democracy) where specific rules for how these representatives are elected and how the government operates as a whole are set in an overriding national law, a "constitution"

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May 22
So. Uhm. This is a *little* more than just merely "a flag that showed up at #J6" or "a flag linked with Christians", @nytimes

Alito literally flew for 2 months a flag appropriated by NAR Christian Nationalists deeply involved with #J6

A thread:

And I should note that this is not the first time this has happened by chuds, we all know about how the Gadsen flag was appropriated by "Christian Patriot" paramilitary groups in the late 90s and early 2000s, but yeah, this is a Hell Of A Tell that needs explanation

So, I've written before about how the Great Sedition on #J6 was, effectively, a New Apostolic Reformation Christian Nationalist autocoup, and how it's DEEPLY linked with "Signs and Wonders" stuff including a series of Rosh Hashanah apocalyptic panics:

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May 5
@bmac2122 @IdiditagainR4D @nikicaga Nah, dude, it's a combo of basic math AND the horrible fucking kludge that is a good part of the US electoral system (which yes THAT needs change too, but THAT needs to get some OTHER changes for THAT to happen, which I'll even detail because I do like to give suggestions)

@bmac2122 @IdiditagainR4D @nikicaga So, just in case you missed civics class:

You don't actually directly elect the President.

Yes, I'm serious; *you don't get to directly elect the President by popular vote; a hacky-ass wish-dot-com Parliamentary Election decides in the form of Electoral College.

@bmac2122 @IdiditagainR4D @nikicaga This particular system was designed, of note, from a prior system used by the Continental Congress, and is a prime example of how the US did a lot of Not Invented Here Syndrome in designing its constitutional republic to be As Much Unlike Westminster System As Possible

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May 3
As apparently it's That Bullshit Time Again with active measures targeting not just the chuds here is the perennial thread:

This shit is really starting to ramp up now, y'all need to PAY ATTENTION.

A thread:

So first off, targeting of progressive spaces is something that not only is a tactic of Russian disinfo (as noted in Foundations of Geopolitics, as a strategy of "splitting" and ramping up accelerationist extremes) but is increasingly a tactic of far-right infiltrators

It's not just a thing on Xitter (though it's a bad issue here what with the site turning into Diet St*rmfront); on another network did see an apparent "tankie" account whose userhistory shows a LOT of QAnonsense "pedophile" claims, blatant antisemitism, anti-Asian racism

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Apr 30
Because I know the ENTIRE #TWEWY/#NTWEWY fandom is going to Panic On Main:

We're fine. We're GOING to be fine, and in fact there have been very recent signs TWEWY Will *NOT* Get The Cut.

And as I've said all along, we are far safer than a LOT at SQEX

A thread:

a) First off, we got some very recent signs that are about as clear a signal as exists from Square Enix that TWEWY is not getting killed off.

Namely: The #NTWEWY x #Reynatis collab is damn near this sign in the flesh--and I'll explain exactly why that is.

2/x Image
So I've noted for three years that *every* bit of behaviour from SQEX re NEO:TWEWY does *not* indicate the franchise is dead, but quite the opposite (and yes, we're gonna get into some explicit examples and discussion on how game companies & IP licensing work)

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