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1) Update from Russian MoD on US biological crimes in Ukraine! ☣️

Russian MIL collected bioweapon samples from Biosphere Reserve in Kherson, of avian flu strains with ability to cross species barrier and human lethality rate of 40% 🦠

2) Russian MIL show evidence of US DoD funding for the studying of bird migration at various biolabs and veterinary labs in Ukraine, alleging the US have contingencies to use bird migration to spread highly lethal human-engineered pathogens from Ukraine 🦠

Serious allegations. ImageImage
3) “The U.S. military is actively studying these economically significant infections outside the national territory in bio-laboratories located along the borders of its geopolitical adversaries.

This demonstrates once more that the U.S. is creating biological weapons components…… Image
4) Russian MIL go on to highlight the US and their Military Biodefense Strategy and their nefarious research at biolabs around the world, most notably in Ukraine.

Russian MIL accuses the US of blocking investigation via Biological Weapons Convention, breaching international law. ImageImage
5) Russia go on to show that between 2014-2020 that Walter Reed Army Institute of Research were collecting samples and studying pathogens in the Donbas, suggesting that the US/NATO had plans to eventually go to war in this region back in 2014.

This is why Russia is in Ukraine🦠 ImageImage

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May 25
1) Wait… where is Zelensky?

The G7 Summit ended 4 days ago. I didn’t see him return home.

I searched for reports on his whereabouts and very few outlets reported on it, but Zelensky posted on Telegram that he returned and was on the frontlines in Ukraine.

2) However, there is no video evidence of him returning. Only a few videos of what clearly appears to be green screen.

He has been gone for 3 weeks, and he returned to Ukraine and no big outlets talked about it?

Why was Zelensky’s heroic return NOT highly reported on? 🤔 Image
3) He is pictured on video presenting awards to Ukrainian soldiers in an unconfirmed location, in what appears to be very shabby locker room.

Reported by @afpfr 2 days ago.

Again we can’t know for sure where this is or when this is, but Zelensky is saying he is in Donetsk.
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May 19
1) An official declaration of Russian victory for the Battle for Bakhmut is expected within the coming days.

Given the depletion of reportedly 300,000+ Ukrainian forces combined with their inadequate air defense capabilities, this is expected to be a watershed moment in the war. Image
2) Per usual, the Ukrainian-flag people are so far in denial, they are trying to spin this into a way to tell themselves that Russia are losing.

I am going to address their commonly spewed narratives and provide the blueprint on how to counter their propaganda talking points. Image
3) The NAFO incels commonly cry that if Russia are so mighty and so powerful a military, why did it take them so long to capture Bakhmut?

They act as if the land itself is what they are fighting over, ignoring that Ukraine dedicated a significant portion of their soldiers and……
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May 11
1) While the American public were distracted from the overload of happenings; Zelensky quietly snuck in that the much anticipated and publicized “counter offensive”, is delayed AGAIN. Claiming they still need more equipment.

Via BBC 9 hours ago.

3:00 AM EST in America.
2) Zelensky claims that they are still “waiting” on more equipment to arrive.

Zelensky’s statements add validity to the reports that Russia has largely destroyed all the weaponry and equipment, due to Ukrainian inability to stop precision air-strikes.…
3) If you’ve been following me, you’ve seen the reports of Ukraine running out of anti-missile defense systems and ammunition to hold off Russian missile strikes and aircraft.

The equipment sent over for the “counter-offensive” was already destroyed by Russia.

CBS: 05/01/2023
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May 9
1) Biden sends another aid package to Ukraine. $1.2 billion.

But what SPECIFICALLY is it for?

Anti-missile, air defense systems, satellite imagery, etc.

Corroborating reports that Ukraine are struggling to stop Russia’s missile barrages and aircrafts.…
2) See @CBSNews from 05/01/2023:

Reports of Ukrainian air defense rapidly running out of ammunition and air-defense capabilities.

Russian air strikes escalated and drew out all the missile defense capabilities Ukraine had, leaving the “counter-offensive” equipment vulnerable.
3) See Colonel Douglas MacGregor on 04/27/2023:

Citing that Ukraine’s air defense capabilities cannot stop Russian missile’s, and “90%” of the counter-offensive equipment has already been destroyed.

The equipment shows up, Russia precision air strikes it, rinse and repeat.
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May 8
1) House Oversight Committee claims they will produce bank documents proving criminality by “the entire Biden Family, up to and including the President of the United States”, this Wednesday.

What bank was Biden most secretive and scared about Trump finding?

2) Comer declares they have evidence that Hunter Biden was acting as an “unregistered foreign agent” for multiple US adversaries, exchanging policy decisions via Joe for money.

Pay to play/money laundering.

I don’t know what Comer claims to have, but I’m hoping it’s PrivatBank.
3) Comer mentioned China as an example, but if the Oversight Committee truly looked into the Bidens’ foreign money laundering network, they would have ended up in Ukraine.

Biden feared Trump “getting sophisticated enough” to understand where the money was going in Ukraine. Image
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May 1
1) The biggest liar in Washington, Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby, is back at it again with more Ukrainian war propaganda.

Kirby claims that 100,000 Russian have died, and that the Russian MIL are “struggling” in Bahkmut, despite the facts.…
2) Here is pro-Ukrainian source confirming that none of what Kirby said is true.

Russia have methodically cut off supply lines, depleted missile defense systems, and taken almost all of Bakhmut.

Per usual, not only is Kirby lying, the inverse is true.

Visual from @War_Mapper
3) As per the Pentagon leak papers, all the numbers the Pentagon have been telling us about the war in Ukraine have been completely false.

The same can be said for this situation and every time Kirby opens his mouth. Ukraine are not winning. They are being slaughtered.
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