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Most common DM I get is about medical bills:

Never pay the first medical bill you get.

It's the suckers bill. Think usury.

Just throw it out.

40% chance you never hear from them again

40% chance you get 5 more then offered a big discount

20% chance you go to war
I've done this for 10 years.

I've had 4 kids, in a hospital, C sections, multiple day stays and only paid what her OB required upfront

Someone DMd me, their bill went from $3300k to $750 in 6 months from following this Image
Here's our 4th kids bill, born in Oct 2021

Last bill received was June 2022.

Never heard from them again.

Not on our credit

Likely written off Image
People will respond "I did this + it went to collections" or "I got a court summons"


Call them, offer 75% off and then play hard from there.

P.S. this worked for me for 10 years w wife + 4 kids. Play hard at your own risk. My credit is stellar. Don't blame me for yours.
"What about my credit?"

You're worried a small chance about your credit dropping 75 points vs being forced to pay a 1000% markup on Tylenol or $thousands$ to a doctor who did nothing but say hi & tell you to cough

Read % of OP tweet again

1. Blood draw places will never let up. labcorp/quest diagnostics. They will find you.

2. Can't do this for basic doctors like a pediatrician. It's for specialty and one off bills (like having a kid hospital bill)
"Oh,you're a dead beat cheapskate."

I'm not. I tip well, pay all my vendors on time and usually add extra.

Healthcare is messed up in America. The more you succumb and pay whatever BS they send you, the more you solidify it to never change.
Disclaimer: Don't DM me crying about a bill that went to collections etc

Just negotiate & pay it off and try again
Throwing out the bill is the first step of negotiation.

In capitalism, you agree upfront "I pay $ X for Y services" If you don't like it, you negotiate or find someone else

That's not how healthcare works

It's facilities doing what they want & charging whatever

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May 20
I've closed $60k in projects the last 2 weeks from just cold email & getting a 30% response

Thanks to commissions, these could be worth up to $120-150k by year end

Anyone can do this w/ 2 things:

1. Niche skill
2. Right email outreach

Here's a few thoughts on what to write 👇
You need to be in a deep niche that pays good $ for what you do

Don't be a "CPA for everyone", be a "CPA for biz over $5M", be a lawyer for CEOs

Do something you're passionate about

@NiklausFuller consults in a niche software & already hit his annual goal in 4 months
I write sales copy & build funnels in the financial space. Financial co. have money to spend

I've built a reputation and track record that makes it easier and easier to close work

But there are dozens of industries you can do this in

(I'd start with B2B not B2C)
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How to generate wealth faster while in a w-2 job

…WITHOUT starting a business

…even if you know (or care) little about managing your money

…while working 40 hours per week

... if you feel "I'm not good at managing money"

Hearing 35+ year old Dads openly admit "I know nothing about managing money"

They were making massive mistakes like cashing out 401ks or leaving free $ on table

The financial industry's built to confuse you to pay high fees

Don't listen to Dave Ramsey for hours... read this: Image
It’s sad meeting more and more people who have no idea about finances.

They put money in a 401k, maybe have a savings account that has $400 in it

And the rest sits in a checking account.

They build wealth incredibly slow (if ever)
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Apr 26
In 1995, Warren Buffett revealed

...err maybe let slip...

The secret to getting rich from investing even if you don't have a lot of money

It's not compounding, index funds, buying Coca-Cola, or dividend stocks

(Video in last tweet) Image
It's surprising he shares this as it essentially discourages small investors from investing in Berkshire (his stock)

He even admits that he wishes he could still invest this way, but he can't because he manages too much money.

That gives you (the small investor) a big advantage
His advice is to invest in small cap opportunities

Small cap stocks are companies valued below $2B

But he isn't even just talking about stocks

He's talking about small companies that could grow much bigger
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Apr 24
Controversial money advice learned in 35 years.

My parents didn't teach me this... yours didn't either.

Time for some straight talk on $$$.

No BS 👇
Don’t pay your medical bills.

Medical bills are sometimes marked up 1000%+.

The first bill they send you is a sucker’s bill.

Wait 12 months before even looking at a bill from a doctor. (many offices give up by then.)
If your net worth is below 7 figures...

And you're stuffing tons of cash into a 401k for the "company match" and "tax purposes"..

Enjoy the golden handcuffs. You're not leaving.
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Apr 22
Harsh truths for millennial dads w/ young kids who feel stuck financially

(From a millennial Dad of 4 w/ multiple biz & 100s of hours of lost sleep) 🧵
You don't realize how much free time you had until you have kids.

Unfortunately, millennial dads I meet (incl my old self) don't realize this until AFTER the kid...

And they say "Well, this is my life now" & their drive to make more financially gets crushed
"I don't have time"
"I'm so tired after work"

You're then in arguments w/ your spouse about money, lack of sex, who's on their phone when they should be paying attention to the kids

Men then silently get bitter, resentful, regretful & turn into chronic wimps
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Apr 5
All you need is 5 years to go from struggling to successful

Stop getting overwhelmed looking decades ahead

5 years of focus can turn anyone making $40k/yr to $250k/yr+

You'll find these people all over Twitter & your rich neighbor
The problem is those who want to start the clock do dumb $*@#

They join an MLM, try drop shipping on Amazon

All you need is

1. One niche skill
2. Has customers willing to spend but few GOOD, RELIABLE providers

Just do that for 5 years
My old neighbor wanted to play music with his band. He had a family too. Needing a flex schedule, he started building barn doors in his garage ($600+ each) we bought two

He's no millionaire, but he gets his time & music gigs. (Also did shiplap for us...dang Chip and Jo)
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