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This quote, from the @nytimes review of the OPPENHEIMER film: "He served as director of a clandestine weapons lab built in a near-desolate stretch of Los Alamos, in New Mexico"...

It was inhabited by Hispanos. They were given less than 24 hr to leave. Their farms bulldozed. 1
Many of those families had been on the same land for centuries. The Oppenheimer's crew literally shot all their livestock through the head and bulldozed them. People fled on foot with nowhere to go. Land rich, money poor. Their land seized by the government. 2
All of the Hispano NM men who were displaced by the labs later were hired to work with beryllium by Oppenheimer. The white men got protective gear. The Hispano men did not. 3
The Hispano men all died of berylliosis. These were US citizens, folks. Their land taken, animals killed, farms bulldozed, forced to work for the people who took everything from them, and killed by those people. 4
For 20 years I have been trying to sell a film based on the story of Loyda Martinez, a remarkable whistleblower whose family's land was seized for the labs. Her dad was one of the men who died from beryllium exposure at the labs. She later went to work there too. 5
She is a computer whiz who rose to the top of her department at Los Alamos. Then she started digging for info on the Hispano men the labs killed, like her father. She filed a class action lawsuit, and won. 6
The first Hispano governor of NM, Bill Richardson, appointed Loyda to run the state's human rights commission. She then filed a second class-action against Los Alamos, on behalf of women scientists not paid fairly. 7
But, no. We want more films about the "complex and troubled" "heroic" white men, who conducted their GENIUS in a "virtually unpopulated" place. These are ALL lies. This is mythology in service to white supremacy and the military industrial complex, masquerading as "nuanced." 8
Because of what the labs did to the local Hispano people in northern NM, our communities now have the highest rates of heroin overdose deaths in the nation. The generational trauma and forced poverty is outrageous. We need the real stories of Oppenheimer to be told. END
Nolan, Hollywood, the NY Times - all of them should be ashamed. Someone should fund my Loyda Martinez film. She's like @ErinBrockovich - bubbly, beautiful, was a cheerleader & computer genius. Loyda's is the story we SHOULD be hearing. But we get Hot fucking Cheetohs.
Loyda Martinez. KNOW HER NAME. One of the bravest and most important women in American history. Image
Loyda's mother and father. Her dad was driven off their family's land when Oppenheimer and the US government seized it to make the labs. They then hired him, made him work with berrylium without protective gear (his white bosses got PPE) and he died of berryliosis, like many did. Image
Apologies - corrections. Richardson was the 6th Hispano governor of the US State of NM.
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Just saw an author friend's TikTok about the "notes" she got back on her latest book from copy editors at a big publisher. They are weeding out "ableist" DIALOGUE. Characters have to be allowed to speak like people, whether they offend people or not. Otherwise, it's unrealistic.
If readers can't tell that characters aren't the author, we're fucked as a society. I'm writing a murder mystery. Why is the murder allowed, but having the murderer call someone "crazy" isn't? Because readers will now cancel writers if their villains say offensive shit.
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Starting a thread on physical movement/elements that help keep my Long Covid in remission. This is not medical advice, just my story. It's part 4 of a 5-part protocol I created for myself. I have been symptom-free for 10 weeks. If I deviate from any part, symptoms return.

Please note: I am aware of Post-Exertional Malaise in Long Covid. A recent and oft-cited study points to muscle abnormalities leading to worsening of symptoms with exercise in 25 people with LC compared to 21 people without LC.


The study only assessed people with LC who self-reported having PEM to begin with. It was also a VERY SMALL sample size. A study with 8x more participants shows that 40% of people with LC DO NOT HAVE PEM. Not everyone with LC has PEM. Some will have it then not have it.

3/n Image
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Starting a thread on medications that help keep my Long Covid in remission. This is part 3 of a 5-part protocol I developed for myself. This is not medical advice, just my story. I'm symptom-free for 10 weeks now.

I will start with the medications & follow with rationale.

1/n Image
I am not getting into dosages because that is highly unique, and no one should take any meds or supplements without medical supervision.

Daily: Xarelto, Famotadine, Cetirizine

Sometimes: Hydroxyzine, prednisone, Albuterol

Finished: Truvada, Metformin, Atorvastatin, Heparin
Covid and Long Covid can cause blood clots large and small, including microscopic amyloid fibrous clots that clog capillaries.

6 weeks of injected heparin (Lovenox) twice over the past 4 years helped me a lot.

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First, I will list the supplements. Then I will explain why I take them. I am not getting into dosages because those are highly unique to each person, and I am not asking anyone to emulate me. You should only take supplements under medical supervision.

L-glutamine. Resveratrol. Quercetin. CoQ10/Ubiquinol. Iron. Vitamin D. Vitamin B12. Curcumin. Alpha Lipoic Acid. NAD+. Magnesium. Potassium. NUUN tablet. Lutein. Folic acid. DHEA. Vitamin C. Red Yeast Rice. Thunder God Vine root. Chamomile flowers. Fish oil. Melatonin. 3/n
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Starting thread of how I eat in a day to keep my Long Covid in remission. Symptom-free for 9 weeks, I am not recovered. If I deviate from my protocol, symptoms return. This is not medical advice, just my story. 1/n
First thing in the morning, I have a scoop (5 g) glutamine powder in a cup of warm filtered water. Let me explain why. 2/n Image
Studies since 2020 have shown that COVID-19 is much harder on those who are already low in L-Glutamine. Adding the compound improves outcome and survival.


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Jan 17
50 million Americans now have Long Covid. It isn't a prolonged recovery. It's a non-recovery caused by viral persistence that damages and dysregulates the immune system, leading to... 1/n
chronic illness and pain, opportunistic new infections, new and accelerated cancer, heart disease, dementia, disability and premature death.

Anyone can get it. I have had it for 4 years. It has damaged multiple organs, given me... 2/n
several small strokes, caused a heart attack and diabetes. I was previously in perfect health. I live with constant pain amd need dozens of supplements just to have a few good hours a day. I can control symptoms at times but they never go away.

Long Covid has been proven... 3/n
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