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Barbie will serve as a nice reminder that overtly left-wing storytelling always undermines itself.

What they meant to portray and what they actually portray are always very different.
The Director:
Well see it's a movie about how hard it is to be a woman.

The Movie:
Woman has perfect life, still finds way to complain and create problems where there are none. Man exists to be passive sidekick with no agency, he gets tired of this and carves his own path. Image
The Directors: Well see it's a movie about people's revolt against fascist capitalism and also being trans

The Movie: Special humans with greater agency than everyone else must use their special abilities to save humanity, which mostly consists of soulless fallen creatures Image
The Director: Well see it's about a bunch of scary low-status dumb Christian rednecks with guns

The Movie: A cop trespasses on someone's property, gets shot in self-defense, and then the ATF murders arrives to murder them all. Image
The Director: Well see it's about evil dumb Republicans killing us all with global wa- I mean, an asteroid

The Movie: A couple of smug liberals try to convince everyone of their perspective but fail because they're too unhinged and insufferable for anyone to take them seriously. Image
The Director: Well see it's a movie about how dumb George W. Bush is and how evil Dick Cheney is

The Movie: It's a movie about how much smarter Dick Cheney is than everyone else in the country

(Not saying I believe that, but the movie sure does!) Image
This works with games too.

The Designers: Hahah conspiracy theories are so wacky huh

The Game: A bunch of stuff that's just obviously true or turned out to be true later Image
The scariest horror reveal for libtards is "Actually, yes, God is real, demons are real, and you are actually going to Hell for being a libtard"

VERY common horror movie trope.

• • •

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Jul 20
Vegeta is FR the most interesting character in DB, he has the most personal growth and overcomes way bigger challenges including becoming Goku's true equal.

If you're the equal of the guy who beats all strongest villains then that's like counting to infinity +1
He's also more personally flawed than Goku, like when his hubris gets the better of him against Golden Frieza

What are Goku's flaws? "Uhhhh he likes food too much"
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Jul 18
Oldheads know. 4chan circa 2013 was a completely different place compared to now, as was the internet as a whole.

All formerly worthwhile online discussion spaces have dramatically declined in the last decade. It's not anyone's imagination.
Even /pol/ once had real, serious discussions on it. People expounding on complex histories and events and concepts over the course of entire threads.

Now it is nothing but auto-generated slide threads, porn spam, endless garbage. Unusable even with extremely aggressive filters.
The only board on 4chan that didn't really decline was /b/, because the point of /b/ was to be unusable schizophrenic garbage.

But the other boards, especially /pol/, /lit/, /tv/, /mu/, /v/, these were once legitimate discussion spaces with proper board culture.
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Jul 17
These people are gonna be really confused when they see how messed up Gen Alpha turns out to be in 10 to 15 years.

We are only just scratching the surface of the long-reaching consequences of COVID hysteria.
...Not to mention the millions of people who were financially destroyed by the whole mess. Businesses crushed, careers permanently set back or ruined entirely.

So many local businesses turned into HR Block or Chipotle. And I am supposed to just forget?
Many of these same 20-somethings were among the most hysterical cheerleaders for COVID lockdowns because Evil Blumpf "downplayed" the "seriousness" of the virus. 🤷‍♂️

I feel bad for children and for people who work(ed) for a living, not college students.
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Jul 17
“A baby who spends 5 years at one center will lose 1/3 to almost 1/2 of her caregivers every 12 months or so ... baby could be in the arms of someone they don’t know well, or ... have never met at all. Children in daycare are frequently cared for by strangers.”
Venker, 2013
"...prolonged activation of the HPA-axis, especially during the first years of life, can pose a threat to or increase vulnerability of the developing brain and children's long-term health and well-being..."
It gets worse the more time kids spend there.
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Jul 14
"Trad" is a very specific internet subculture that exists wholly apart from any actual tradition that anyone ever actually practiced, anyway.

Recognizing the litany of problems caused by sexual liberation does not make you "trad."

We need a word for this distinction.
But I'm not a luddite and this poses the same problem.

I see tons of problems with post-modern techno society but I wouldn't say I'm "anti-technology."
When I see a person my own age (mid-20s thru 30s) with children, I automatically trust them more.

It's telling that many "trad" LARPers are themselves childless and have the exact same blindspots as DINKs and yuppie spinsters.
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Jul 13
It's really simple, this needs to be illegal.

You run a company that enables this, you either change your services to remove it or get shut down and assets confiscated.

You make this kind of content, you go to forced labor camp. You will make road signs and license plates.
Allowing a very small "bait car" version of it to identify and remove forced labor candidates from polite society.
This is a Real Person test like the shopping cart thing. If you do not feel visceral disgust when confronted with stuff like this, you too belong in the forced labor camp.
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