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the reason the alien news isnt “sticking” or taking off for most people is that there is no meta-narrative provided. the people in charge arent telling them what to think about it.

they dont have their own meta narrative about this topic, so its just, bizarrely, useless info.
i was in new york city when brexit happened. whatever you thought about that, there was a period of a day or two where people didnt know what to think, because no one told them.

was this good or bad? they had no idea.

then, the framing dropped, and it was “bad”. its that simple
the meta-narrative (this is a part of XYZ and relates to ABC and is bad for these reasons, these ‘types’ of people are involved) took about 36 hours to kick in.

the noteworthy part of all alien disclosure news for many years is that no meta-narrative is ever provided, ever.
despite their facade, most people are actually very uncomfortable with the idea of the government lying ‘at scale’. they’re fine with a politician they dislike lying, but i don’t think normal people actually entertain the idea of large sweeping abject fake stories (personally).
when you talk to normal people about the alien stuff, i think the main thing you get isn’t skepticism. its lack of a larger narrative framework. they just dont know what to do with the information, because no one is telling them, so the main thing they feel is nothing or vexation
lyotard was a philosopher in the 1900s who dealt with postmodernism. one of his sound bites is: postmodernism is incredulity towards meta-narratives.

but imo its something else entirely when no meta-narrative is provided at all.

in terms of effect, its probably worse. Image
if youre reading things this morning, heres a thread about what the conventional idea of aliens could mean for a traditional christian meta-narrative:

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Jul 20
long ago when i was into lucid dreaming, i found a guy who made a device that you wear over your face. the idea was: it detected, via your eyes, when you were in REM sleep. it then makes a soft noise. you recognize this noise (while dreaming), and then realize youre dreaming.

pretty smart. the problem was, he got complaints that the devices were faulty. people would wake up and be unable to turn the noise off. theyd wake up, take the thing off, and then be sitting in bed messing with it, unable to get it to stop making the noise.

so they return them.
but when he checked the devices, they weren’t broken. they were fine. so he’d send them back. then theyd return them again.

turns out they were working - too well. people were unable to turn the sound off because they were in a dream.

those were dreams. they just didnt realize.
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Jul 9
101 concepts: our culture's inverted perception of aggression

here's something useful: if you look for this, you will suddenly start seeing it everywhere. some of you are already familiar with this model

"aggression" is confrontational, "hostile", a readiness to "attack".

aggression has a negative connotation at this time. maybe it's not really negative, that's debatable, but at this time that is the cultural perception.

disagreeing with someone is not inherently negative. it's, at worst, value neutral. you can't really control if you disagree.
if you voice disagreement in a matter of fact way, that is not being aggressive. its actually the opposite. if you say, "things are happening this way, thats unacceptable to me", or "you see things this way, i don't see them that way and think that's bad", that isn't aggressive
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Jul 8
obviously i dont really lock in to ‘conventional timeline’ stuff but its worth noting that you’ll never see a scientist present the plausible simple logical reason mysterious artifacts like this existed:

to impress women.

if you could make and wield one of these, you were cool.
scientists usually arent artists or artisans so theyre unfamiliar (experientially) with making an object to get a womans attention, even though its one of the most universal human experiences and fits perfectly within their worldview (lets say, darwinian evolution).
i noticed this in my own studies and moves through academia. on the science or even academic art side i basically never encountered this explanation (although im sure it exists).

this is probably why a lot of ancient small sculptures of women exist imo btw.
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Jun 26

recently a guy came by the studio and said he had been hitting the books on "satanology": what different groups thought about satan

lets briefly look at satan in mormonism, and its relationship to american theology and our early history
[brief usual disclaimer that i have no qualifying background about anything outside of art and am just a random guy who finds this stuff interesting

if this gets RTed beyond my normal crew: im not a member of the LDS church, you could call me an american religion enthusiast.]
[if ur a nerd or are part of that world, for that reason im intentionally using the term mormon rather than LDS but thats beyond the scope of this thread]

if you picked up a full copy of the mormon scriptures, in it would be the bible (KJV), which you are probably familiar with
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Jun 6
we've been riding the UFO wave, partially due to the news. perhaps you'll allow me to do a little dancing monkey trick here tying together a few things

THE problem of what conventional aliens mean for religion:

native americans, adam, 4th century heretics, and astrobiology Image
for the rest of the thread we will be adopting the normal standard person's view of what aliens and UFOs are: creatures, kind of like little green men, or greys, or something, from another planet.

i do not think this. so, none of this is a problem for me.

thats the disclaimer.
however we will be adopting this view in order to explore a few things.

you see, in the popular consciousness, you will often hear the question of what aliens would "do" to religion - how religion would explain aliens, if they landed on someones lawn one day, or something.
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Jun 6
its standard for a lot of us now but as theres a new alien story in the news its worth considering, if you never have, that even with zero previous assumptions, the ‘conventional’ aliens narrative literally makes zero sense.

the standard narrative here is the most implausible.
the idea that there is a race or cohort of physical beings who can makes ships that travel across light years through space, and that they do this often, to earth, to do basically nothing but fly around and occasionally scare people, then leave

is already nonsensical

but then
you also have to believe that sometimes these ships crash, and the parts are just left here. theyre not smart enough to travel in packs or even pairs on these trans-universe journeys.

and then the government is able to collect these parts, basically unhindered.

lmao. ok.
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