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More people should probably be aware that there's heaps of evidence that the US and its allies actively sabotaged peace between Ukraine and Russia in the early days of this war, and that the US alliance wants this war to continue in order to weaken Russia. Let's make a thread.
1. Ukrainian pravda reported that in the early days of the war Boris Johnson flew to Ukraine and told Zelensky that even if Ukraine was ready to hold peace talks, the west was not prepared to support this.…
2. Naftali Bennett claimed the US and its allies "blocked" early peace negotiations in order to keep the war going.
3. This timeline aligns with a Foreign Affairs report by Fiona Hill that a tentative peace agreement had been reached in the early stages of the war where Ukraine would make small compromises to attain peace. This, obviously, never manifested.
6. In March of last year Bloomberg's @nfergus reported that high-placed sources had informed him "the U.S. intends to keep this war going" to "bleed Putin".…
@nfergus 7. In April of last year, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that "there are those within the NATO member states that want the war to continue, let the war continue and Russia gets weaker."…
8. Shortly thereafter, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said the goal is to use the war to "see Russia weakened".…
(As an aside, the US has a history of working to draw Moscow into long and costly military quagmires to advance its geostrategic agendas)…
(The US has done this multiple times.)
9. US officials have been openly saying that this war can be exploited to advance US interests, and even achieve regime change in Moscow.
10. US officials make no secret of the fact that this war advances US interests.
11. I mean, they just come right out and say it.
12. They've been publicly endorsing the idea of using Ukraine as a proxy to hurt Russia since before this war even began.
Putin has been saying for months that the US "wrecked" peace talks in the early days of the war. There'd be no reason to accept these claims on Putin's word, but they're so well-evidenced at this point that there's now little ground to dispute them.
All of this evidence taken together lends strong credibility to the peace agreement Putin claims was ready to roll out in the early days of the war before it was sabotaged by the US power structure.

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The US empire is like the mind of a highly dysfunctional person. There might be parts of it that sometimes say "I shouldn't be like this, I should change," but the way it's wired points it toward destructive behavior. It keeps waging destruction the way an addict keeps using.
There are significant parts of the empire who are acutely aware that endless wars and ramping up aggressions against China etc run directly against its own interests, but because of the forces which pilot the empire's actions are pointed in that direction, it's happening anyway.
The reason you seldom see people change despite their stated intent to do so is because your behavior doesn't change just because you think it should, it changes when you fix the underlying forces within yourself which drive that behavior. It's the same with the US empire.
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