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Just tuned into the @jim_jordan witch hunt session.

He's totally misrepresenting the Hunter Biden plea deal. But this will make it far easier for Hunter to escape the charges.
BREAKING: Jim Jordan is very angry that Bill Barr protected Joe Biden.

Also, he's not really sure whether the IRS agents are IRS or FBI.
BREAKING: Jim Jordan repeats the lock-on-door claim, but then so do many journalists, still.

Note, Jimmy just released the Steve D transcript today, so people didn't have a time to debunk it--such as how Steve D was protecting insurrectionists.
BREAKING: Jim Jordan says the IRS victims are the bipartisan political groups who were pushing their NGO status, but not Jim Comey, Andy McCabe, or ... Hunter Biden.
Meanwhile I'm on page 20 of D'Antuono's transcript, and found the first claim that conflicts with the evidence in Trump investigation. According to indictment, Trump did pack up himself.

Nadler: I invite Americans to see through the sham.

Welp, Jerry, first you gotta get the media to see thru the sham.
D'Antuono says he has no reason not to be honest. But he just admitted he wanted a promotion and realized he wasn't going to get one. And he just said something that conflicts with the evidence. Image
D'Antuno's very telling comment about why he didn't want to get involved in investigaton the venue of which he admits is in DC.

Fucking coward. Image
Garland: Singling out individual public servants just for doing their job is dangerous, especially at a time of increasing threats.

[Reminds that DOJ started to protect black citizens from white supremacists, which he often says.]
Mike Johnson says it is "just a fact" that DOJ slow-walked Hunter Biden investigation.

Note, three years of that slow walked investigation happened under Trump's AGs.
Garland reiterates that investigations the same. At this point that's indefensible wrt Hunter, who was targeted under Barr.
Dan Bishop LITERALLY says that Merrick Garland's failure to interfere is the problem now.

Also lying about what happened with the 2014 and 2015 SOLs: David Weiss decided not to charge.

He's also not crediting that only reason they had been held was bc Hunter's lawyers agreed.
Zoe Lofgren asks whether there's precedent for congress to interfere in prosecution.

Garland balks at word "interfere" but notes Iran-Contra led to North getting off.

I wonder if he realizes the same may happen with Hunter Biden.
Lofgren: The proposal is to defund the police, defund the FBI. That doesn't have an impact on the statute of limitations [for cases that you're pursuing]. Would they be suspended or would the criminals get off scot free.
LOL: Lofgren suggests that Hunter Biden will get off on tax charges if Republicans shut down govt.
Jordan tells two lies: 1) That Shokin was applying pressure on Burisma. 2) That the Shokin firing was related to the FD-1023.

Both outright lies.
BREAKING: Jim Jordan notes that Hunter Biden's lawyers had agreed to toll SOLs, which utterly destroys his conspiracy theory.
BREAKING: Jim Jordan accuses Bill Barr of slow-walking the investigation that (he claims) would have implicted Joe Biden.
BREAKING: Jim Jordan can't tell the difference between Lindsey Graham and Joe Biden.
This is something Dems should introduce to this hearing: the hand-written notes that Gary Shapley withheld for months. They show that WEISS EXPLAINED why he wasn't charging Burisma.

It's not that they lapsed. It's that he decided not to charge.

But even Shapley's email DID acknowledge that the prosecutorial decision had been made.

LOLOLOL. Holy shit. Matt Gaetz asks why the Attorney General hasn't told Joe Biden to stop loving his son.

Just shameful stuff.
Now Matt Gaetz complains that Matt Olsen replaced the China initiative was replaced with something more effective.
Now Matt Gaetz is blaming Merrick Garland for the deployment of informants on January 6.
Note, it's a mistake for Democrats not to give Garland a chance to answer abt the China initiative. It's clear that's going to be one of the claims behind impeachment.

The China initiative targeted Americans who were often clueless not those recruiting them. It backfired.
In fact, it is totally inconsistent for someone who wants to end 702 to politicize the closure of the China Initiative -- because both target Chinese Americans disproportionately.
Tom McClintock repeats the claim that the IRS targeting targeted only right wingers.
Tom McClintock now claims it's obstruction that IRS officials required Gary Shapley to turn over in advance of discovery -- he was the guy who would have interviewed Hunter himself.

He's basically saying basic discovery is obstruction.
Here's D'Antuono debunking the claim that there was ANY show of force in the MAL search.

Note, this process of talking to the Secret Service in advance? Is a CORE complaint about the Hunter Biden interview in 2020. Image
D'Antuono makes it clear DOJ was pushing to do the search before docs could be taken to MAL. FBI dictated the day. Docs were taken to MAL.

Basically, the FBI ADIC helped Trump steal docs that still haven't been located. Image
I think Darrell Issa just referred to Maryellen Noreika as male.
Dude behind Issa seems to be flirting with ... someone. Image
Schiff describes Jordan making the Committee a criminal defense firm for the president, establishing a principle that law applies to ALMOST everyone, but not the leader of the chairman's political party.
Massie claims that Garland is in contempt of Congress bc he won't tell him about the pipe bomber investigation (which is totally unrelated to a Navarro blowing off a subpoena).

Massie raises Iran-Contra, which Garland had earlier said let someone off free.
BREAKING: Tom Massie says more Jan6ers should be charged with felonies!!
This is what Jordan was doing when Eric Swalwell was reminding that Jim Jordan blew off a subpoena. Image
Swalwell: They're upset that Donald Trump's appointed attorneys aren't as corrupt as Trump deserves.
Swalwell thanks Garland for doing what Jordan refused to do: testify before Congress.
Fitzgerald asks if Lesley Wolf (who has been a target of threats) is still employed by DOJ.

Garland notes that people are getting targeted.

Fitzgerald doubles down.
Russell Fry points to Shapley's notes and email as if they support him. They don't. His notes include a detail that he claimed not to know in his first deposition.

And Shapley REWROTE what Weiss said in the meeting, from assurance he'd charge CA to an inability to do so.

BREAKING: Jim Jordan admits he's too stupid to understand really basic comments.
BREAKING: Ben Cline joins in confessing he's too stupid to even read basic DOJ guidelines, including the 515 authority we've been talking about for months and months.

Why are GOPers so stupid?
Garland says that the extraordinary circumstances mentioned in the SCO appointment memo have nothing to do with Shapley (whose name both he and Cline mispronounced).
BREAKING: Andy Biggs is lecturing other people about what is logically fallacious.
BREAKING: Tom Tiffany wants Merrick Garland to start arresting people who expose nudity to children.

Watchout, Marge, Tiffany is going to get you arrested for posting Hunter Biden dick pics.
Ken Buck notes that Garland never had the opportunity to swap out David Weiss.
Cori Bush has a long list of complaints from the left, including funding Federal Public Defenders, BOP problems, the death penalty.

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Sep 17
Dear @PhilipRucker @MerylKornfield: CFAA is not a "privacy" law (as you suggest in ¶6). It is the primary FEDERAL law prohibiting hacking (which you get around to describing in ¶19. Hunter's lawyers allege that Ziegler violated 3 clauses of the federal hacking law.
You apparently missed the significance of this: If Ziegler violated federal law prohibiting hacking (which is what Hunter's lawyers allege), it means DOJ is charging Hunter for owning a gun for 11 days in 2018, BUT NOT someone who criminally hacked President's son.
You know who could test Hunter's claims that Ziegler hacked Hunter?

The Washington Post!!!

I laid out here why accessing the iPhone backed up to iTunes would be a CFAA violation.

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Sep 12
WaPo earlier today had a refreshingly good piece that talked about how McCarthy's reasons for impeachment were corrupt.

It was an apparent aberration. This report puts the admission that McCarthy is launching an impeachment inquiry EVEN THOUGH there's no evidence of wrong-doing in ¶14, but with a twist.

It ADMITS even right wingers know they have no evidence.

But then it suggests impeachment--which Big Kev says he's doing to get added subpoena power they didn't already use to subpoena 1000s of bank records--is just oversight.

Dear @MariannaReports and @amybwang: Please consider the constitutional abomination you're describing.
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Sep 11
John Solomon propaganda is almost never worth clicking through for, but this one is remarkable for the number of clear errors and how he resumes his Russian propaganda function. Image
1) Why didn't SARs focusing on Devon Archer (who has been convicted on other issues) result in consequences for Hunter?
2) Why did Morgan Stanley whistleblower complaints have same effect DeutscheBank complaints about Jared and Trump have?
3) Why didn't DE charge Hunter for something no one gets charged for?
4) Why didn't corrupt allegations from Yuri Lutsenko like the ones I, John Solomon, was also implicated in a criminal investigation for result in charges?
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Aug 25
Lots of people handicapping which of Trump's Four prosecutions will be the one to get him, if any does (a big if).

It's a category error: The two Jan6 ones and the two Jack Smith ones will have cumulative effect.

Not just on his time and $$ and energy, but wrt evidence.
We're ALREADY seeing this. Mark Meadows' testimony in DC Jan6 seems somewhat inconsistent with the testimony of witnesses who'll testify at the removal hearing Monday. Will that show Meadows fudged things in Jack Smith's grand jury?
Inclusion of Mike Roman in GA but not as a CC in DC, and the inclusion of Boris as a CC in DC but not charged in GA creates a weird kind of prisoner's dilemma.

Sidney Powell is, at least thus far, WAYYYY more exposed in GA than in DC, and wouldn't like get a pardon in any case.
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Aug 24
Not mentioned in this: The investigation of Rudy for soliciting dirt on Hunter Biden from known Russian agents.

[But if WaPo noted it they might ALSO have to admit the seizure of the phones was missing from 8000 word story claiming nothing happened in 2021.]
It's nice being Rudy, though: You get plaudits from a former Feeb (no mention, either, of all the NY based leaks targeting Hillary in 2016), but no discussion of the racist policies Rudy implemented in NY -- another way he's the same Rudy. Image
Also not mentioned in 2K word story?

The name, Ruby Freeman. The only mention that she exists is in description of defamation suit.

@PhilipRucker apparently thinks Rudy's are victimless crimes.

"He is the subject of at least three defamation lawsuits by election workers."
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Aug 22
Gary Shapley's lawyer (who only lawyered up after DOJ FINALLY made him turn over the email he had been stalling on for months) says that Hunter Biden should not have the same recourse as Trump's lawyers gave to the Russians who set Hunter up in the first place.
Remember: Toensing and DiGenova were promising access to Bill Barr and the exchange for that was ... the investigation into Hunter Biden.
@tristanleavitt If you somehow missed that your own client provided PROOF that no one had validated the laptop for 10 months after they got it, then you probably have no business asking abt import of Russia.
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