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X is a treasure trove of knowledge if you know where to look.

I have gathered the best posts so you can source your own alpha.

Here are 25 threads that will help you crush the bull market.

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1/ If you want to succeed in Crypto, you need to understand tokenomics. Thankfully @Stacy_muur has one of the best guides to get started.
@stacy_muur 2/ @DefiIgnas goes through his valuable experience so that you could prepare for the next bull market.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas 3/ If you like to trade, @ByzGeneral goes through the intricacies of funding rates and what you need to look out for.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral 4/ This post from @SecretsOfCrypto is a must read for anyone interested in the space.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto 5/ If you like to trade memecoins, this guide by @CoinGurruu is a great place to start learning.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu 6/ Dexscreener is a must use tool for any degen looking to trade small caps. @ViktorDefi has a great tutorial to get started.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi 7/ A wealth of knowledge for any trader. @Husslin_ is still one of the most knowledgeable people in the space.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ 8/ A good basic guide by @the_smart_ape on how to get started with smart wallet tracking for free.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape 9/ @TheDeFinvestor shows you how to find airdrop opportunities by yourself.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape @TheDeFinvestor 10/ @ZoomerOracle talks about how to buy into projects with strong communities.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape @TheDeFinvestor @ZoomerOracle 11/ @Louround_ shares his list of comprehensive tools you can use when researching Crypto.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape @TheDeFinvestor @ZoomerOracle @Louround_ 12/ @AstrologyCrypto shares his experiences and knowledge with micro cap trading.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape @TheDeFinvestor @ZoomerOracle @Louround_ @AstrologyCrypto 13/ @arndxt_xo teaches you how to find alpha with a powerful tool.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape @TheDeFinvestor @ZoomerOracle @Louround_ @AstrologyCrypto @arndxt_xo 14/ Dune is one of the most useful tools you can use. @crypthoem teaches you how to use it to your full advantage.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape @TheDeFinvestor @ZoomerOracle @Louround_ @AstrologyCrypto @arndxt_xo @crypthoem 15/ @0xkyle__ goes over how they conduct narrative trading.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape @TheDeFinvestor @ZoomerOracle @Louround_ @AstrologyCrypto @arndxt_xo @crypthoem @0xkyle__ 16/ Another great thread on funding rates by @CryptoCred.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape @TheDeFinvestor @ZoomerOracle @Louround_ @AstrologyCrypto @arndxt_xo @crypthoem @0xkyle__ @CryptoCred 17/ @Dynamo_Patrick teaches you how to become a blockchain detective.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape @TheDeFinvestor @ZoomerOracle @Louround_ @AstrologyCrypto @arndxt_xo @crypthoem @0xkyle__ @CryptoCred @Dynamo_Patrick 18/ @Slappjakke shares his experiences with farming airdrops successfully.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape @TheDeFinvestor @ZoomerOracle @Louround_ @AstrologyCrypto @arndxt_xo @crypthoem @0xkyle__ @CryptoCred @Dynamo_Patrick @Slappjakke 19/ @LouisCooper_ teaches you how to have a successful mentality.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape @TheDeFinvestor @ZoomerOracle @Louround_ @AstrologyCrypto @arndxt_xo @crypthoem @0xkyle__ @CryptoCred @Dynamo_Patrick @Slappjakke @LouisCooper_ 20/ With so many projects, it's important to manage your time efficiently. @rektdiomedes teaches you how.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape @TheDeFinvestor @ZoomerOracle @Louround_ @AstrologyCrypto @arndxt_xo @crypthoem @0xkyle__ @CryptoCred @Dynamo_Patrick @Slappjakke @LouisCooper_ @rektdiomedes 21/ @0xCygaar goes through how to use Etherscan as a master.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape @TheDeFinvestor @ZoomerOracle @Louround_ @AstrologyCrypto @arndxt_xo @crypthoem @0xkyle__ @CryptoCred @Dynamo_Patrick @Slappjakke @LouisCooper_ @rektdiomedes @0xCygaar 22/ @IamZeroIka discusses market psychology and how to use it to your advantage.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape @TheDeFinvestor @ZoomerOracle @Louround_ @AstrologyCrypto @arndxt_xo @crypthoem @0xkyle__ @CryptoCred @Dynamo_Patrick @Slappjakke @LouisCooper_ @rektdiomedes @0xCygaar @IamZeroIka 23/ @milesdeutscher talks about whales and how vesting schedules and how to avoid projects that are looking to dump on you.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape @TheDeFinvestor @ZoomerOracle @Louround_ @AstrologyCrypto @arndxt_xo @crypthoem @0xkyle__ @CryptoCred @Dynamo_Patrick @Slappjakke @LouisCooper_ @rektdiomedes @0xCygaar @IamZeroIka @milesdeutscher 24/ Defillama is one of the best free tools that you can use to gain an edge today. @thedefiedge teaches you how to use it in your own research.
@stacy_muur @DefiIgnas @ByzGeneral @SecretsOfCrypto @CoinGurruu @ViktorDefi @Husslin_ @the_smart_ape @TheDeFinvestor @ZoomerOracle @Louround_ @AstrologyCrypto @arndxt_xo @crypthoem @0xkyle__ @CryptoCred @Dynamo_Patrick @Slappjakke @LouisCooper_ @rektdiomedes @0xCygaar @IamZeroIka @milesdeutscher @thedefiedge 25/ @GrandmasterDeFi teaches you how to get started with micro caps and new launches.
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Sep 29
Want to get ahead in crypto?

Here are 15 tools that will help you beat the market and find alpha before everyone else.

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1/ ETH Token Explorer (Free)

If you want to track seemingly unlimited wallets for free, ETH Token Explorer is a no frills tool that will notify you of any activity on any wallet almost instantly.
2/ Pirb View (Free)

Pirb is a free TG tool that lets you scan any contract address check for sniper analysis. top holders, token distribution, chart analysis, and more.

I'm pretty impressed that this is all free.
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Market structure is a hidden gem that helps you navigate the markets better.

Understanding trends give you a huge edge in identifying best times to buy and sell.

Here is a guide on how you can take advantage.

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1/ Before we get started, I have learned some of these concepts from chads like @Tradermayne if you would like to learn more.
2/ Market structure is identifying the directional trend of the market.

Generally a market is either in an uptrend, downtrend, or consolidation (sideways). To identify the market trend, most look at the highs and lows of the market. Image
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Jul 26
Crypto is a volatile market, and it is easy to make mistakes due to emotions.

But if you want to succeed, you need to focus on the fundamentals.

Here are 5 important lessons to make profit and keep them.

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1/ How to take profit

If there is one lesson I have learned, it is that you can't make any profit unless you sell.

There are many methods for taking profit, but I personally take my initials at a 2x or 3x and take a percentage of the position progressively as price goes up. Image
2/ Understanding Market Cycles

One thing that kills most people in the space is not adapting your strategies based on market conditions.

When volatility is high, liquidity flows to the majors like BTC and ETH while low volatility environments encourage more speculation. Image
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Jul 21
If you want to stay ahead in Crypto, you need to follow the right people.

Here is my TOP 10 list of small accounts that will help you stay ahead of the curve.

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1/ @monosarin

Smart chad that gives good insight into newer small caps. They are also one of the writers for FungiAlpha which is also a publication I look through regularly.
@monosarin 2/ @2lambro

Probably one of the most earnest and hardworking people in this space, Lambro has been providing high quality content on new chains that I have not caught up on myself.

Also, the man makes his own Gifs.
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Jul 19
The Right Crypto Tools can make or break your portfolio.

Here are my TOP 10 Free Tools you can use today to increase your edge.

🧵 Image
1/ @bookmap_pro

Bookmaps is an amazing tool that tracks live bids & asks on central exchange orderbooks. This gives you a new dimension to look at if you ever do technical analysis.

It has a free version that you can try out right now.
2/ ETH Token Explorer

ETH Token Explorer is a tool you can use to track notable wallets or find new token pairs the moment it goes live. You can set specific filters for notifications, spot wallet activity, and more straight from your fingertips.
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Jul 14
In Crypto, many lose money because they don't understand market cycles.

Let's look at how market cycles work and how you can best position yourself in case of a bull market.

🧵 Image
1/ Like most markets, crypto often trades in a pattern of bullish and bearish cycles due to human psychology. When Crypto is in a bearish environment, liquidity dries up and flows to BTC.

Everyone has different opinions on spotting potential bottoms. Here is one example.
2/ In my opinion, the biggest mistake people do is set an absolute price for accumulation based on TA without considering the context of price action.

Near the recent lows, BTC had two accumulation periods where volume, sentiment, and interest was all low. Image
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