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Day 1 of a detailed long thread 🧵 on the War.

Will be adding Day 2 here.
Important to see crimes against children and women highlighted in yesterdays thread 🧵 and share them. The world needs to see the evil that is Hamas and not justify these acts of evil.

Israel starts retaliating massively

The Israeli Defense Ministry showed footage of attacks on Hamas targets located in high-rise buildings in Gaza and on the organization's operational facilities, including its intelligence headquarters.

The police station in Sderot (Israel) destroyed during a night battle. Hamas was holed up here after killing all the cops in the Police station.
Arab nations are standing with Hamas and against Israel in 2023.

There is no condemnation of Hamas which kidnapped over 100 if not more women and children.

This is a war of civilisations. There is no Jew or Christian here; there is only believer and non-believer. Al Kufr Millatun Wahida.
🇵🇸🇮🇱 "The number of hostages we have is many times greater than Netanyahu says - what kind of army is he threatening us with? An army that fell and fled from us as its soldiers throw down their weapons?"

— Hamas spokesman Abu Obeida in a media statement Image


🇮🇱 | Official Data on Israeli Casualties and Missing Persons Released

The Israeli Ministry of Health has just released the latest data on casualties:
- 350 confirmed dead

- 1,864 injured, broken down as follows: 19 in critical condition, 326 in serious condition, 359 with moderate injuries, and 821 with mild injuries.

- 750 people are considered missing, most of whom were attending a music festival near the Gaza border. (Mostly women and Children)



Hezbollah confirms 3 radar sites belonging to Israel have been destroyed, Israel has lost radar coverage of the north.

Hezbollah has precision weapons, drones and missiles and is far more powerful than Hamas.

Iran’s proxies are going all out against Israel. Image
Road of death from the city of Reim (Israel), which became one of the first targets of the Hamas.

There are dozens of abandoned, shot and burned cars along the road.
A high-ranking IDF loss: the commander of the 481st Signal Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Sahar Makhlouf, was killed at the Raim military base yesterday. Image
The evacuation of residents of southern Israel within 4 kilometers of the border with the Gaza Strip to the interior of the country has begun.

Israel is evacuation its citizens on emergency basis.

Meanwhile fighting is still ongoing at the site of yesterday’s infiltration by Hamas.

One of key locations of Hamas was taken out early in the day by IDF

Early morning airstrike on the Alotan tower in the Gaza Strip.

IDF latest -

In response to a Hezbollah attack from Lebanon into Israel, IDF Artillery struck targets in the area.

An IDF UAV also struck Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure in the area of Mount Dov.


1. Army expects Hamas members to still be on Israeli soil and working to “clean up”

2. In the next 24h, focus will be on evacuation of ALL cities on Gaza border

3. Over 400 Hamas members killed in last nights operation

4. Army preparing for full blown operation

5. Army is watching the North actively and ready to act accordingly (Hezbollah side)

Hezhbollah fires rockets against Israel from Lebanon


The military wing of Hamas claims: We will announce in the coming hours the number of Israeli captives.
🚨 Iran threatening Azerbaijan:

“Azerbaijan, you are left without an ally. Revenge will come to you” -IRGC channels

Interesting angle emerging -

Azerbaijan vs Armenia

Israel was supporting Azerbaijan

Armenia is supported by Iran

Armenian Christians on threat of annihilation by Azerbaijan and Turkey.

This is complex region and dynamics with the DS pushing conflict.
Adding an interesting tweet and detailed thread on the history of Hamas 👇


The Israeli military is asking civilians near the Lebanese border to evacuate their homes within 48 hours.

Israeli tanks have started engaging Hezbollah on the Lebanese border.

Israel is going to go on an all out offensive
Everyone the age of 20 and above have been called into Reserve units of Israeli Defence Forces. Israel is Mobilising

More Breaking updates -

1) Israel was expecting an attack from the North (Hezbollah) yesterday, they were taken completely by surprise over what happened in the South at the Gaza front

2) 35 Israeli soldiers are held hostage by Hamas

3) Over 50+ people still held hostage inside Israel in the South

4) The Israeli forces need to carry out operations to secure their internal borders and rescue the hostages.

5) Over 750 people missing. A lot have been captured and taken across to Gaza by Hamas.

BREAKING: A policeman opened fire on Israeli tourists in the city of Alexandria, killing at least two Israelis. Image

Battles are currently taking place with Hamas paratroopers who JUST landed in Israel

CITIES: Afokim, Saad, Magin, and Shukda


Israel: IAF is striking #Gaza

BREAKING: Israeli soldiers during a firefight with Palestinian militants near the city of Ashdod.

—> There are reports of reinforcements by the Hamas.

The IDF still has not regained full control.

It is not over …

Reports of Hamas using paraglider and landing in different parts of Israel now.

This form of urban warfare with hostages will tie down the Israeli military and leave them vulnerable to attacks from Hezbollah or Iran and factor in other countries as well.

❗️🇮🇱⚡️🇵🇸 Flurry of new infiltrations taking place right now in Southern Israel by Hamas Militants!

🇮🇱⚡️🇱🇧 A bunch of Israeli Helicopters were spotted by Lebanese citizens over the border with Israel. (North Israel)

The world is waking up to the monstrous nature of Hamas


Hamas leader Ayman Younis was killed in Gaza

BREAKING🚨 Official govt email website of Palestine reportedly taken down by Pro-India Group.

#Israel #IsraelUnderAttack #Hamas Image

Palestinian terrorists 🇵🇸🪂 seen parachuting down into Israel 🇮🇱


Over 600+ Dead in Israel, 750+ Hostages. 1000s injured critically.

🚨 - Israel's cabinet invokes Article 40 Aleph, officially declaring war for the first time since the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

Footage released by the Israeli Police shows heavy fighting that has taken place in the South of Israel over the past 24 Hours.

Situation is still ongoing.

Hamas are trying to infiltrate into other areas of Israel by paradropping via gliders.

Senior Hezbollah official Hashem Safieddine has threatened Israel and US

“We are not neutral in this war” … our attack in Shebas was a message - we tell the Israelis and the US to stop this “stupidity” or the whole region will be involved in the war.
Israel never asks anyone to come & fight for us...had quite a few Indians who want to volunteer, I told them thank you very much.. we fight our own fight, says Israel Ambassador
Official video posted by IDF - last 30 hours.


Statement by IDF -

A short time ago, the IDF began an intense air strike in the Gaza Strip using dozens of fighter jets.

The IDF attacks targets in the areas near the fence in Beit Hanon, which are used by the terrorist organization Hamas to carry out attacks against the State of Israel.

The IDF will continue to act against the terrorist organization Hamas.
Unclear when this happened. But crimes against Humanity are unacceptable and the world must stop justifying it.

• • •

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Oct 7
After rocket attacks in Israel -

Palestinian armed gunmen reportedly in the streets of southern Israel after infiltrating from Gaza.

Several people down in exchange of gunfire. Unclear who
Reports of Israeli soldiers taken hostage
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Sep 22
Zelensky asked Marina Abromovich to be an ambassador for Ukraine...with an emphasis on helping rebuild schools for children.

Why did Putin say -
“The New World Order worships Satan”

Why is she a key figure for the Elite ?

Why have there been reports she’s involved in satanic rituals involving kidnapped children ?

Marina Abramovic gave a lecture for Rothschild foundation in September 2019, just as COVID was released.

The lecture involved transhumanism and turning humans into slaves.

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Sep 21
🚨 Breaking:

Gangster Sukhdool Singh, alias Sukha Duneke, was shot dead today in Winnipeg, Canada by unidentified assailants.

He had fled Punjab, India in 2017 & joined pro-Khalistan forces which are backed by Soros.

Trudeau and his leftist policies and he’s sold Canada to Soros.

They not able to protect their own puppets now.

Massive infighting between their groups since Soros money is drying up globally slowly.
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Sep 18
A member of an extreme left group involved in terrorism, and funded by Soros drops dead in Canada.

Junior Castro is blaming India now for this guy dropping 😂

‘Hate has no place in Canada,' but Castro conveniently joins a tableau celebrating the assassination of former Indian PM Indira Gandhi, which was paraded in his own constituency.
Jagmeet singh is hiding his replies. After threatening PM Modi.

Justin Castro has radical leftist extremists in his own party.

These people did the FF to remain in power. Image
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Aug 28
Thread 🧵

Unmasking the Corporation of London as the Deep State - 1

The Corporation of London, often overlooked, plays a pivotal role as the deep state. Let's uncover its influence, key figures, and the web of control it exerted over centuries over the entire Planet and Still does to this day.

12th Century Origins

Founded in the 12th century, the Corporation's roots lie in trade and financial power. Over time, it evolved into a complex entity intertwined with British governance and global affairs.

The Corporation of London is also unique in local government as it has no charter of incorporation nor any specific date of establishment

The Square Mile

The Corporation's jurisdiction over the City of London, known as the Square Mile, grants it unique status. It operates as an independent entity with its own laws, often operating beyond public scrutiny. 🏙️🔒

In the heart of London, the Square Mile wields immense financial power. It's a realm where the Crown's influence and the Rothschild family's legacy converge, shaping global finance.

With over 500,000 registered companies,
it's a beacon of economic control. 🏛️💰

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Mar 4
🧵Thread time

Pak Army has not much ration left to feed its soldiers, salaries will also be cut down soon.

#Pakistan a bankrupt nation, lets examine how did it get here.
One of the key factors contributing to Pakistan's economic challenges is its long-standing obsession with Kashmir, which has had significant economic costs.
Pakistan's fixation on Kashmir has led to a substantial portion of the country's budget being diverted towards military spending. According to some estimates, Pakistan spends more than 20% of its budget on defense, which is one of the highest percentages in the world.
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