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This is why you should pray every day SCOTUS overturns DOJ's use of 1512(c)(2) against 300+ J6ers including Trump.

Obama appointee Chris Cooper--who married a top aide to Eric Holder, wedding presided over by Merrick Garland--dismisses defense attorney who cited numerous examples of disruptive even violent protests in Congress to show selective prosecution on obstruction count.

I watched him in action a few weeks ago. He is as arrogant and entitled as you'd expect reading this order. Claimed 60 lawsuits determined no election fraud. He also has claimed 4 police officers died on January 6.

Solicitor General yesterday filed opposition to cert petitions before SCOTUS to reverse "splintered" appellate court ruling to uphold 1512c2 in J6 cases. Cooper smugly doubt SCOTUS will review and further doubts SCOTUS will reverse what he LAUGHABLY calls "well settled law."
In her dissent in 2nd appeal, Judge Karen Henderson blasted Cooper for not dismissing 1512 for Jeremy Groseclose, accused of no violent crime. Cooper stretched law to include political speech as proof he acted "corruptly."

Justice for J6ers begins with SCOTUS overturning 1512 and inflicting permanent intuitional damage to DOJ and federal court in Washington.

If SCOTUS does, Congress will be OBLIGATED to hold DOJ and judges (at least 12) accountable for destroying so many lives over this:


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Oct 31
In an attempt to help remove Donald Trump from the Colorado ballot, @SemperWry under oath detailed his alleged injuries from Jan 6

Here are photos he posted on FB on 1/7 of his injuries from the previous day.

No swollen hand. No large contusion on his head. No evidence of an attempt to gouge out his eye.

Hodges—like Fanone, Gonell, and Dunn—lied about his injuries.

He also lied that police had been “seizing guns all day” and believed protesters were better armed than cops in full riot gear.

Danny also omitted the part when his colleagues started throwing flash bangs and sting balls with rubber bullets into crowd shortly after 1pm Image
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Oct 19
The Hamasurrectionists got way closer to lawmakers than anyone on Jan 6. Notice she didn’t run away or hide under her desk.

Btw I was with MTG at courthouse on Monday. She was stalked by crazies and she never flinched. Nor did court staff give her protection until the end.
After the break, I returned to my seat in courtroom only to find someone in my seat next to her. I told him to move. He resisted but I forced him to move. Court staff did nothing—after hearing was over, he stalked her to elevator when finally a guard realized what was happening.
The guard refused to allow the psycho in the elevator with us. When we got to 1st floor, he was there taking pictures. When we told guard, he finally made the man leave. Then she spoke to media outside where she was again heckled and harassed.
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Oct 3
NEW: Thread on Samuel Lazar, subject of sealed court proceedings related to his plea, sentencing, and release from custody for his involvement in Jan 6. Coalition of major news corps asking Judge Berman Jackson to unseal the case; DOJ admits he cooperated with govt:
Matthew Graves filed a heavily redacted motion objecting to unsealing the case. As others have noted, this is highly unusual. Lazar was arrested on numerous serious charges and denied release in July 2021.

Some background here. Of course his presence at GOP events, especially Doug Mastriano, created lots of explosive headlines especially for Mastriano as he prepared to run for U.S. Senate
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Sep 26
NEW RAY EPPS: Surveillance video shows Epps involved in the second breach of Capitol grounds after participating in 1st breach moments before. This incident creates opening for protesters on west terrace, which coincides with start of joint session of Congress at 1pm.

Epps touches part of a metal fence as police attempt to pull it up. Contrary to his testimony and DOJ report, Epps was not helping police. It appears that Epps stays behind 2 individuals standing on the fallen fence.

I am told mishandling a fence is an act of terror.
So the only individual who appears to be involved in orchestrating two key breach points is Ray Epps.

Epps text to nephew at 2:12p.m on Jan 6: "I also orchestrated it."

1st breach at 12:53pm:
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Sep 25
NEW: Attorneys for Ryan Samsel, the man who Ray Epps whispered to right before Samsel breached 1st set of bike racks, waives jury trial in favor of bench trial before Judge Jia Cobb, a Biden appointee

Samsel has been in jail for 34 months awaiting trial, now set for next month:
Samsel has been denied medical care and access to counsel & evidence while being moved to several prisons. DOJ has delayed his trial for almost 3 years by adding new charges and co-defendants. Defense notes how DOJ, as one judge said, "charged first, collected evidence later."
Samsel's lawyers asked judge to finally release Samsel so he can get needed medical care and prepare for trial. If she grants motion, it's unlikely the October trial date stands.

Photos in motion of Samsel's living conditions. He has not been convicted of a crime re Jan 6. Image
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Sep 21
NEW: Statement of offense for Ray Epps finally on docket. It's amazing, after reading so many of these, that Epps faces a single misdemeanor. Based on allegations, he should face multiple felony counts including obstruction of an official proceeding:

So Epps is a key figure in 2 breach points--key moments DOJ has emphasized in trial as initiation of the "attack on the Capitol"---but he gets one misdemeanor? Ryan Samsel has been in prison since Jan 2021 awaiting trial. Epps, not so much. Image
This sort of conduct routinely has been described as assaulting, or at least interfering, with law enforcement. Major charges resulting in extended prison time or even pretrial detention. Makes no sense he doesn't face similar charges. Image
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