1/ Guyana is about to lose 60% of its territory, and there is nothing we can do about it, but it certainly will affect us.

First, there was a huge offshore oil discovery in Guyana's Essequibo region. That's the entire western half of the country. Image
2/ In September, China upgraded its relationship with Venezuela. Venezuela has long had Russian and Iranian military advisors embedded in its military.
One month ago, the United States started rolling back sanctions imposed on Venezuela by Trump.
3/This opened the money spigot into Venezuela. What did we get in exchange? A promise that there would be democratic elections at some point in the future -- as if Maduro would give up power.
4/Not six weeks after the USA eased its sanctions, Venezuela is making noise that 60% of Guyana belongs to them, including this new oil discovery. Guyana has no military to speak of. And the American government is preparing you to accept this upcoming invasion.
5/The graphics below: On the left, you have Google Maps, which all of a sudden is dutifully drawing new borders. On the right, Bing maps, which does not seem to have gotten the regime memo.
So what's this all mean?
6/We're now bogged down financially in Ukraine and Israel, and now we find Russia, China, and Iran supporting a hostile nation gearing up to invade a friendly one. And it isn't just a symbolic invasion, it will put all these oil reserves under Maduro control.
7/Google, which may as well be a fully owned subsidiary of the US intelligence services, has started conditioning us to see the border where, apparently, the regime has either decided it wants it moved, or where it has at least conceded that it will go.
8/Start watching "news" from regime media - you'll start seeing more conditioning of what they want you to think about this. My guess would be that there will be a newly-discovered "indigenous movement" in Guyana, which will claim that 60% of the country should be "independent."
9/Venezuela will back that "indigenous movement" and then de-facto annex the region.
10/Do I think the Biden regime is pleased with this? Unlikely. I suspect more that they simply realize that we're going to collapse if we try and get involved in another conflict.
11/This one would need to be direct military involvement, since Guyana doesn't have a real military that we can simply dump money into. Our military is anemic right now and in no way prepared to get involved in a jungle war in South America.

Wouldn't wanna chip a nail... Image
12/x So what's there to do? Start moving money around and lay back and let this happen. Convince the American people that this is what they want, rather than this being a disastrous result of the United States' loss of ability to project power even in its own back yard.

• • •

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Nov 3
Trans Rights are human rights. A thread and some sanity, i hope.

For most of my life, transsexuals were mocked, bullied, and hurt for just being themselves.

My instinct is that if someone is being treated that way, i have a responsibility to help.

I proudly handled multiple matters sticking up for transsexuals who i felt were being mistreated.

The below sums up how i feel about mistreatment of someone who is trans. Image
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Nov 1
I have to admit that I’ve been troubled by what seems to be a glitch in the programming of the first amendment.

Because of our 1st Am, we cannot easily prohibit the Qataris, Russians,Chinese from buying off journalists, or doing mass psyops on our population (eg TikTok) 1/
Every solution I try to come up with ends up corrupting the first amendment in a way that makes me uncomfortable. 2/
They are literally using our greatest strength to destroy us.

And I’m not smart enough to come up with a solution that doesn’t simply require us to choose a form of authoritarianism to combat their authoritarianism
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Mar 28
In a country of 350m people, your statistical probability of a school shooting is just over "nonexistent." Therefore, there is a greater than 99% chance that ANYTHING you change to prevent one is wasted effort.

What will the effect be? Nothing. No lives will be saved by making our schools into armed camps, making our kids drill for this, or other preventative measures that just scare the shit out of kids and make schools less accessible.

Guns and ammo are harder to get your hands on than ever before. A generation ago, kids left hunting rifles in their cars outside. Even in my high school in Mass., we had a gun range in the basement. It ain't the guns.

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Dec 11, 2022
Harvard's Berkman Center was a metaphorical ammunition supplier in the metaphorical war FOR free speech... back when the conservatives had their hands on the levers. And it was a glorious thing.

Now, it hosts the "Dangerous Speech Project" - clearly having largely switched sides, like most academic institutions.

Got me thinking, what is "dangerous speech?" is there such a thing?

I must accept that there is.

Rwanda, 1994, "Cut down the tall trees" was "dangerous speech"

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Nov 6, 2022
In all fairness, one time a homeless guy came up to me at a gas station in Pahokee, FL. He was talking like Eddie Murphy imitating James Brown.

I thought he was asking me for money to pump my gas.

I handed him $5 and said "sure you can pump my gas for $5"

He looked at me like I was out of my fucking mind.

Like he looked like he was about to hit me. Then, he repeated what he said (which I still didn't fuckin understand)

And I said "I'm sorry sir, I only have five dollars in cash." 2/x
He then took a deep breath, and you could tell he was being patient with me. Then he said "I said, do you wanna FUCK THIS BITCH MOUTH FOR FIVE DOLLARS?"

... and he pointed at a woman leaning on the trash can, who was wearing one flip flop.

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Nov 3, 2022
I want to give a shout out to some people who aren't getting much of one -- Prisoner 0893407's public defense team.

And to recognize more of the damage that 0893407 did.

1/x Image
I call him by his prisoner number because that's what Tony Montalto, father of one of the victims, called him - I prefer that. 0893407 does not deserve to have his name remembered. Montalto had it right.

2/x Image
And if you want to cry, watch the victim statements. I was particularly hit in the gut by Manuel Oliver's statement.

Mostly because of the justifiable hate he had in his heart. All of the victims' families have it. 3/x
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