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Bill Gates: "Digital ID Must Be Accepted by US Citizens by 2028" Otherwise, risk "exclusion from society"

Globalist billionaire Bill Gates has threatened to "exclude" US residents from society if they do not comply with mandatory new Digital ID technology by 2028 at the latest.

Under the framework of digital public infrastructure (DPI), the United Nations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and partners of the Rockefeller Foundation have announced the launch of the "50-in-5" initiative, which aims to accelerate the rollout of digital ID, digital payments, and data sharing in 50 "first mover" countries by 2028.Image
With Bill Gates and the UN, 50 nations have signed a pact committing them to putting in place a social credit score system within the next four years.

Under the auspices of digital public infrastructure (DPI), the United Nations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation are initiating the "50-in-5" campaign, which aims to expedite the introduction of required digital IDs, database-driven cloud computing, and data sharing in 50 nations by 2028.

If Gates' Digital ID platform is effective, it will give globalist governments and businesses the power to create social credit score systems that decide on things like permissible travel, consumption limits, and the ability to deal with programmable money.Image
Individual carbon footprint tracking, Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ), and CBDC programming that aims to limit purchases of "less desirable" items are a few examples of this. These programs match with the objectives of the Great Reset, which is supported by its globalist supporters.

The 50-in-5 agenda is being introduced virtually on November 8th as a "country-led advocacy campaign." According to the official statement, the campaign's goal is to help 50 countries conceptualize, build, and extend parts of their digital public infrastructure by 2028.

DPI, which is the cornerstone of an impending technocratic governance system, includes digital ID, digital payments like Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and widespread data sharing. It is promoted as a way to improve healthcare, financial inclusion, convenience, and the environment.

Similar to the introduction of vaccine passports, but on a larger scale, proponents contend that DPI is essential for participation in markets and society.

The stated goal of the 50-in-5 campaign is for 50 countries to have developed, implemented, and expanded at least one element of their digital public infrastructure stack in a way that is safe, inclusive, and interoperable over the next five years.Image
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the United Nations Development Program, the Digital Public Goods Alliance, and Co-Develop are partners in the 50-in-5 initiative.

The Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Nilekani Philanthropies, and the Omidyar Network established Co-Develop.

The Gates and Rockefeller foundations are included, along with other organizations and a number of governments, in the Digital Public Goods Alliance's roadmap that highlights "activities that advance digital public goods."…
‘People-centered smart cities need accessible, secure, and fair digital public infrastructure that powers digital services, and ensures everyone has equal opportunity to fully participate in civic life,’ reads the United Nations, Building & Securing Digital Public Infrastructure Playbook, June 2022.
Sociable report: According to the UN handbook on digital public infrastructure, "digital identity, digital payments, and data exchange are the three major types of protocols that facilitate digital public infrastructure," and are therefore fundamental to DPI.

“These three protocols are typically required for most digital service transactions such as permitting, issuing licenses, or providing records that often require validating a user’s identity, enabling exchange of data across agencies and users, and finally authorizing payments online.”

“By prioritizing these three protocols,” the UN says that “local governments can set the stage for the successful development of an entire ecosystem of digital services in alignment with their community’s unique needs.”Image
India's digital identity architect, Nandan Nilekani, boasted during his speech at the B20 India Summit in August about how his country had implemented Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) on a large scale and how other countries could do the same.

DPI could be used for anything from vaccination passports, tax collection, and toll payments to climate adaptation and the transition to a circular economy.…
Many DPI initiatives are aimed at achieving the net-zero carbon emissions policies that the G20 nations have committed to by around 2050. This means that limits will be placed on our ability to consume, buy, and travel due to the widespread use of digital ID and CBDC to track, trace, and control our every move in our people-centered, 15-minute smart cities.

The people's will did not give rise to the 50-in-5 initiative, which aims to expedite the development of Digital Public Infrastructure.

Rather, the 50-in-5 campaign is a plan hatched by a group of unelected globalists from the UN, the Gates Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation who are all cooperating to hasten the implementation of a technocratic control system through digital payments, digital identification, and extensive data sharing.Image
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Learn more about the Agenda21 plan here #Agenda2030 #agenda21 The new world begins in 2030‼️

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