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Scenes in central Belgrade tonight as the pro-NATO, pro-EU "Serbia Against Violence" coalition (who everyone here hates, and lost the election badly fair and square) demonstrate their enduring commitment to peace and democracy by...trying to incite a violent insurrection.
This is despite the US ambassador recognising Vucic's win. If this was happening in Washington DC, everyone involved in the nonsense would be in jail. For a very long time. As it stands, ever-tolerant and respectful Serbia will just let the NED-funded moronicity slide.
Some protesters waved EU flags (30% public support for joining, c/o Western-funded polls). Some waved flags bearing the logo of Otpor!, locally hated CIA assets who helped bring down Milosevic. Serbia Against Violence just made even more people hate them. Genius.
Dragan Bjelogrlić, actor, and one of Serbia Against Violence's most prominent members, recently gave an interview in which he blamed the party's loss on stupid peasants living outside Belgrade refusing to vote for them. Which went down well...

A prominent Serbia Against Violence activist has openly admitted staging video footage of pro-government electoral fraud, which was reported on as authentic by compliant media locally. The party *undoubtedly* engaged in fraud for their own benefit.
Of course some protesters will have legitimate grievances. As Otpor! amply demonstrated, legitimate grievances are evilly exploited by Western powers for malign purposes. Which is precisely why most Serbs completely reject the would-be insurrectionists. They know the score.
Also important to note the Serbian government, contrary to its universal characterisation in the Western media, The country has much, much closer political, economic, military and diplomatic ties with the EU/US than Russia. Image
@jatamanssi @Elkinsianna By contrast, I've been violently assaulted and arrested by UK police for quite literally being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and even not having ID (despite this theoretically not being a crime in the UK).

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Jan 31
You probably haven't heard, but the ICJ today threw out almost all the case brought against Russia by Ukraine over the invasion.

"Clearly a victory for Russia" France 24 reports. Yeah, which is why the Western media is saying *nothing* about it.

This is hugely significant because effectively, Ukraine and its Western backers poured enormous time, energy, and money into proving everything Western media/governments were saying about the Maidan government's brutal Donbas crackdown for eight years was true. And they failed.
Last year, in another eerily unnoticed bombshell, a UN commission specifically set up to prove "genocide" in Ukraine ruled there was none. Ukraine had teams of US and British lawyers and Western-funded orgs trying to unearth evidence of genocide. And they found fuck all. Image
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Jan 28
🧵: As Britain appears to be preparing for World War III, without any ability to fight it whatsoever, worth reflecting on how for years Britain has laboured under the delusion that succeeding at propaganda means conflicts can still be won, even if the "physical contest" can't.
Those grabs are from a 2010 British Ministry of Defence report. The Ministry of Defence regularly publishes little-known projections of “strategic trends” it foresees globally in decades to come. You can find out more in my investigation here:…
Ultimate intended audience for British state propaganda is, of course, British citizens. Many millions - including those who consider themselves dissidents - are convinced Britain is powerful, free, and just. Major victory, because objective reality couldn't be more different.
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Jan 7
🧵: Absolutely astonishing Economist article notes Ukraine's partition "has already happened", and would cost "more blood and treasure" than Washington is willing to provide. Yet admitting this reality would "represent a profound humiliation"...
Article notes "final outcome of war will be determined in Washington." As my posts on recent presence of Kremlin jet in DC suggested, this may have already happened, or is in process of now. First Western admission US ultimately in charge of ending this, not Kiev...

Wow! Economist admits "strong opposition to being liberated by Ukraine’s forces" among Donbas residents. Hints strong local resistance should that be attempted. Notes Zelensky moved to hold referendum on Donbas' "special status" but "violent nationalist protests" sabotaged it. Image
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Dec 22, 2023
Shots fired! Bellingcat has never formally responded to my investigations before, so you know they're in serious shit. I might add I explicitly contacted them seeking comment before publication, and they had nothing to say. It's taken them weeks to come up with an excuse...
Threatening legal action. In 2020, Higgins told barefaced lies about me in an interview with @Eurozine, which were retracted after a strongly worded email to the editor. He has boastfully refused to apologise despite me requesting he do so.

It's interesting that Higgins isn't challenging the veracity of 99% of the article. Or my investigation in April which concluded Bellingcat was almost certainly embroiled in a Ukrainian intelligence plot that backfired and got Kiev's forces killed.…
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Dec 15, 2023
Fascinating details about grenade attack. Individual responsible is Ukrainian lawmaker who fought in the war, got disabled, and struggled to access welfare/psychological support upon his return. There's going to be a lot more of this, soon - not just in Ukraine, but Europe too.
Arestovych notes large number of FPV drone operators will return from frontline. If you watch videos of FPV attacks, they strike silently and so quickly they can't be escaped, and cause enormous destruction. If even a couple go missing they could cause a mass casualty event.
Video of a Ukrainian FPV strike on a Russian vehicle transporting Ukrainian POWs away from the frontline. Imagine these soundlessly flitting around the streets of London, Berlin, Paris...
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Dec 5, 2023
🧵: With Kiev finally being thrown under the bus in spectacular fashion (even I'm stunned by the pace and scale), important to revisit RAND report from January, which laid out a very clear blueprint for Ukraine's betrayal. Which, I'd argue, we've been seeing play out ever since. Image
This got no maintream attention at the time but was *hugely* significant (). RAND is massively influential and its recommendations are routinely adopted as policy, almost immediately after publication. Recommend you read in full, it's only 30 pages.…

RAND concluded costs of keeping the proxy war going massively outweighed the benefits. Warned Kiev won't make territorial gains in a future counteroffensive, inflation and supply chain disruption too much for Europe to bear, and Russia and China being pushed together.

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