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Meghan Markle is incredibly important for the British Royal Family. Because it is only in contrast with a third rate American social climber that the royal family looks at all respectable, while they abdicate every serious responsibility to save their country from being raped and pillaged and their religion desecrated and their people impoverished and third class citizens in their own country. The British Royal Family dgaf about Britain, its history, economy, religion or the dignity of their own people.
“Haha Meghan Markle is so stupid” headlines distract from
“Haha Prince William will allow his government to restrict all forms of entrepreneurship in his country and tank his country’s economy”
Cutting ribbons at charity events isn’t being royal. Preventing the gays from desecrating the religion of your ancestors on your own homeland is being royal.

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Jan 4
To help me post partum, my husband never: woke up to tend to baby at night (he tried at first but quit when he realized he was useless at it), changed a nappy, gave her a bath, changed her clothes, washed a bottle. No baby care, no cooking me food, didn’t wash one dish or ever do the cleaning…but he was the BEST SUPPORT I could have hoped for post partum.

Do you know why?

Because he stuck to his STRENGTHS instead of LARPing as a woman. He made sure I could stay with my mom and sisters post partum so they could baby me while I recovered. He got me the best healthcare support money could buy. He took me to beautiful and sunny places to relax. He bought us amazing dinners so I wouldn’t have to cook all the time. He made sure we could afford the healthiest food. He got me a maid to help clean the house. He made sure we lived in a building and pool so that it would be easy for me to make my body stronger without having to worry about childcare or driving to a gym every day. He works hard so that I don’t have to be separated from my baby 9 hours a day to work.

A man doesn’t have to become a woman to look after you.

So many of these shrew women, yes many who call themselves “conservative” HATE their husbands so they lash out at them by forcing them to behave like women, and then yelling at them when it’s not intuitive or easy for him to do. Men and women are different. We have different strengths and weaknesses. Expecting woman behaviour from a man is a recipe for disappointment. And vice versa.
TV Women when it comes to domestic chores: “we have to make it 50/50

TV Women when it comes to literally any other responsibility: “it’s the man’s job”
TV woman: a woman whose ideas about culture, relationships, history, politics are all downloaded from the mainstream propaganda. She is vile and narcissistic only insofar as the culture she has downloaded has made her this way.

A better description than “leftist woman” or “modern woman” etc
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Jul 23, 2023
How your “virtual community” reinforces your isolation

It was thought that long distance relationships become easier because of the wonders of modern technology. Friends, family can stay in touch oceans away. But there is a sinister, hidden consequence behind this convenience.
Because people believe that they can “stay in touch” no matter how far away they move, they do not prioritize efforts to move closer together and become strangers from the people who live next-door. Why bother when you can talk to more interesting people by opening your phone?
Staying in touch is an ironic phrase because you are not “in touch” at all

Without physical presence you can only have counterfeit relationships that satisfy you short-term but longterm, contribute to the suffocating isolation that plagues modern man, despite instant access to……
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Jun 26, 2023
In 2 years, surrogacy will be “normalized” by the mainstream and every celebrity who denied using it will come out. And the impoverished women who are bought and sold for this process will be forgotten like sweat shop workers in China.
Surrogacy is already a status symbol among wealthy Chinese families for example. They don’t use it because they have a “health issue”. They just don’t want to “ruin their bodies” with the process. Like an evil witch chasing perpetual maidenhood by devouring it from other girls.
Pregnancy and childbirth are inalienable parts of preparing a woman for motherhood. Women are naturally more narcissistic and vain than men. This is a form of self preservation. But pregnancy & childbirth kills that. The self preservation extends instead to her baby.
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Jun 16, 2023
There’s a trend, and I think I’ve only seen it in the last 5-6 years, of grown men crying when they see their bride walking down the aisle.

I have to say it is extremely gay.

Men shouldn’t cry at such things. It should be reserved for extreme moments of pain eg death.
Even I as a *woman* would be embarrassed and would not cry in public. I’d rather excuse myself and go somewhere else, do anything, but put my tears on display. So the groom crying at his wedding is even more GAY because it’s definitely done for vanity/show.
Consider why the bride never cries when she sees her groom during modern weddings? Surely she feels the same emotion? It’s because showing the man cry is part of the feminist ritual. “Look how you’ve already started to emasculate this man!” It’s like a triumph of role reversal
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Jun 15, 2023
People have a false perception that the population is too large because of big corporations and predatory bureaucracy that makes it nearly impossible for the ordinary man to succeed as an entrepreneur. Every congregates in big cities. Crime ⬆️ family values ⬇️
The idea that North America or the modern west is a free market is laughable. Big corporations are insulated from failures and are beholden to different laws than the average man who wants to become an entrepreneur. The game is rigged against him in every way.
This is why so many people live near or in big cities so that they can become cogs in the system of these big corporations, and become completely beholden to the caprices of their hegemony. This is a big effect on the demographics of cities
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Jun 15, 2023
A lot of “sane gay people” are mad about how the “extremists” of the lgbt movement are turning so many people vehemently anti gay/trans. They don’t realize that the “sane gays” are also extremists but they had the good sense to hide so you’d forget about them
The argument “homosexuality is wrong because it’s unnatural” is met with the criticism that technology is unnatural and yet we embrace it.

However technology actually is NOT unnatural. As building a dam is natural for a beaver, building technology is natural for humans.
The difference between natural and unnatural technology can be described quite easily: does it help us to LIVE or does it help us to DIE?
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