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Got put down an interesting Diddy rabbit hole by a friend who worked for Warner Music once upon a time.

Apparently Diddy's dad worked for Frank Lucas, running heroin into the US during vietnam. Familiar with the movie American Gangster? That's Frank Lucas. Image
Interestingly enough, Diddy was awfully close to the Bronfmans, the wealthy family that owns Seagrams and got its start bootlegging from Canada during the prohibition. Back then, Edgar Bronfman Sr. was the CEO.

How close to the family was he? Well, he hung out with Edgar Jr quite a bit.. Apparently Jeffrey Epstein got his start
And it shouldn't be surprising that Combs, who was essentially the Jeffrey Epstein of the music world, would be so joined at the hip as the made man of the same family as the sisters who ran the NXIVM sex cult, which engaged in trafficking, Sara and Clare Bronfman. Image
Epstein and the Bronfmans had all the same friends as well. With massive investment in legal human trafficking (immigration) and illegal human trafficking (prostitution). It's good to see the rumors that have been floating around about Diddy finally hit the mainstream.

He was also pals with Naomi Campbell, a known Epstein collaborator according to Virginia Giuffre in her testimony against him.

This video has a good explanation of extra fine details I won't repeat here, as he sums them up pretty well.

And while doing some research, I found this thread which is phenomenal, and stretches in scope way past just Diddy. Check it out.
There's nothing particularly organic about Sean Combs position. His dad was part of a highly organized crime syndicate with adjacent links to the CIA via the French Connection to the heroine trade. He was born into his profession and uplifted further by wealthy crime families.
And in unraveling the current state of the world in my research, it feels like everything keeps coming back to two families. The Pritzkers, who created Obama from cradle to grave, and the Bronfmans. Two chicago mob families of massive influence.
And in turn, Obama studied under weather underground founder Bill Ayers in Chicago, who introduced him to Penny Pritzker at a house party. Penny would go on to become his commerce secretary, and currently she rules Harvard with an iron grip as its senior fellow to push DEI.
The Pritzkers are a real rogues gallery of assholes, but that's probably a story for another thread. Particularly the only "trans billionaire", "Jennifer" Pritzker.

A friend once told me that every taboo being normalized starts as a billionaires fetish and/or blackmail.


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May 18
>play written as a comedy where the women act like men and take over the assembly, turning it into one big joke with serious consequences
>lack of competency and full throttle communism and "sexual equity" ensues

we're living in what our ancestors considered a funny joke
Ofc the men win in the end anyway when the women deem monogamy to be misogynistic and unequal, and the men adapt by engaging in noncommital hypergamy and pilfering the "public property" freely

Completely serious btw, the play holds up very well and is hilarious even today

Don't take my word for it read the cliffnotes. This wasn't even a warning, was considered so ridiculous and stupid that men would ever let this happen that it was a comedy, it was that improbable and was meant to critique the real assembly as effeminateen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assemblyw…
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May 7
Being in Mexico for work has reminded me how there are tradeoffs, good and bad, in low and high trust societies.

Guadalajara is a nice city, and unlike tourist friendly places like cancun, which are designed around being very navigable and accessible to foreigners, it's just a place full of people living and working.

There are reminders that it's not entirely safe everywhere, such as the high amount of police and security, or physical measures like gates and fences and walls.

But on the flip side there is a certain refreshing feeling to the absence of mass regulatory capture. The US feels very fake and inorganic by comparison with its ever present franchise chains.

Closer to the industrial area, the residential neighborhoods have cafes and small lunch restaurants open in residential driveways under canopies. Everyone is out and about, walking or eating or chatting on the phone.

Every car I've seen is a manual, motorbikes are everywhere, and the city just feels a bit more alive yet lazy and relaxed compared to most American ones.

Although depending on where you go, there are symbols of crushing poverty as you head out from the economically viable areas.

But what stands out most to me is the way manpower seems to work at businesses. There are people there to diligently attend to things everywhere. It's very cost inefficient but so much nicer, even at work there is a woman who puts in a full day running a cafeteria in the break room and cooking, while otherwise constantly sweeping up everything.

I kind of get the feeling this is what manpower felt like in America before the 50s, McKinsey and it's consequences have been a disaster for Americans. Tolerable inefficiencies might cost money but they make an atmosphere feel way less pressured.

I feel like in the US we have the worst of both worlds. A focus on squeezing every penny out of everything, total efficiency minmaxxing, and heavy regulatory capture.

Maybe we don't enjoy things, we just consume them.
In the US , we used to be a high trust society but rapidly no longer are. In most cases we are much safer, but our food is poisonous and prepackaged, the cost of operation to strike out on your own is prohibitive, and the govt has an edict for everything that is only enforced selectively.
The kind of minmaxxing efficiency plus regulatory prohibitions are features of a high trust society but with none of the benefits you get to reap in, say, Norway.
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May 3
AIPAC needs to be forced to register as a foreign agent (something JFK wanted to do IIRC, imagine that) and Israel has a parasitic one way relationship with the US.

But don't expect me to side with natural domestic enemies like obese black DEI administrators and marxist uggos with pronouns out of spite for Israel. It's not a binary choice.

The only side I'm on is the American side. From that POV, both the protesters and israel are enemies because both of them are trying to extract an American commitment to a foreign conflict in a foreign country.

Which is why I will continue to rightly point out that the same crowd pushing these palestine protests are the same crowd that ran BLM and burned down and destroyed parts of American cities with impunity.

While *also* pointing out that the markedly less tepid response of law enforcement to these same lefties protesting Palestine instead shows how much power the Jewish lobby in the US has. Which is a problem, a problem that is made easier when it's pointed out like this.

When BLM was tearing down statues and hating whitey, did we get a hate speech bill for whites? Nope. Did the police fuck their shit up aggressively? Nope. This is illustrative of who's got the capture of so many of our elected representatives in congress, and putting it on display in such a vulgar fashion is the best thing that can happen when it comes to spreading awareness of the issue so that it cannot be denied.

But simultaneously, the same crowd that ran BLM is the same crowd making smelly encampments for palestine and they are also natural enemies of ours. The apolitical frat kids heckling them and protecting the American flag? That's the party in all this that is closest to my "side" and who I care about the most. I'm happy they are getting their day in the sun.

I shouldn't even need to say this, but any commentary I leave on the frat boys messing around seems to elicit stupid replies like "White guys supporting Israel isnt based. Wtf is wrong with you?" When the frat boys have a much more simple and pro American frame than Gaza vs Israel or what have you, it's simply "ugly freaks are messing with our flag and invading our space, lets go hassle them"
The more I learn about politics over these last few years, the more I learn how few people are operating from a dominant frame of being an advocate for normal Americans.

Everything always seems to end up being foreign influence or racial resentments or greedy grifts. It's sad.
Zionism has no future in the long term in the USA. It is running out of runway. Just look at the polling by generation. Can you honestly imagine a future where millennials and zoomers in charge have the same sentiment towards Israel that fox news boomers do? Doubt it.
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Apr 10
Mocking your own ancestors for shitlib good boy points is pretty disgusting sellout behavior.
The average bloodthirsty detractor here generally has two things in common. One is that their ancestors didn't even fight in the civil war, and the other is that they don't actually care about the civil war beyond using it to signal their shitlib bonafides.
Up until very recently, formal education taught to our children was that the war was dreadful, slavery was one of a few major factors, and that by the time it was all over both sides were tired and damaged by it and tried to patch things together amicably.
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Apr 7
Siding with muslims to shit talk American war dead, disgusting. And to think you LARP as being something remotely resembling "Western" you fucking snake.
You do not shit talk our dead in war, even if you don't like the war, the reasons it was started, etc. You can hate the Vietnam war for example, or say it never should have happened, but you don't make fun of those KIA. Period.

This just shows IB doesn't identify as American.
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Apr 4
My mom is kind of a limousine liberal, but despite all her signaling and kvetching about trump etc, the only things she actually seems to have strong opinions about are abortion and being upset when people say mean things to women.

Everything else is just signaling that she likes the tribe that doesn't care about female accountability and doesn't like the one that does. It's just noise.

I feel like most women, including the majority of vocal women on the right, essentially just boil down to this. I know plenty of exceptions, but by and large the only thing women seem to care about is if people say mean things about them and policy or impact takes a backseat. It's stupid.
It's bizarre because in any context that doesn't involve political signaling, my mom is an extremely intelligent, rational, diplomatic woman. But any chance she gets to casually signal against the red tribe with a snarl of resentment towards white christian america, she takes.
She's moved a lot over the last several years, always to the reddest and whitest place in the area she wants to live. She was considering moving to Houston near us, and immediately asks about The Woodlands and Katy, which are red, white, and affluent.
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