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There are no words to adequately convey the rage heartbreak of the Israeli govt murdering 7 aid workers.

First and foremost, my deepest condolences and full solidarity with @WCKitchen, @chefjoseandres, and the families of the 7 heroes who gave their lives feeding Gazans.
These were targeted hits on clearly marked humanitarian vehicles whose movement had been cleared with the IDF.

Clearly forbidden under international law. A total violation of IDF's legal obligation to distinguish non-mil objects and protect aid workers.
This is not just a grave IHL violation, it is a clear war crime. Part of a clear pattern of IDF striking humanitarians routinely since early in the war, while refusing refused repeated calls to set up a functional deconfliction system that would actually protect humanitarians.
Humanitarians have spent SIX MONTHS telling anyone who would listen that deconfliction is broken. President Biden and his senior officials know it. But they've done little beyond scold the Israelis over it while continuing to send weapons.

This is the inevitable result.
I was in Ukraine recently and talked to aid groups about how deconfliction works there. They said that Russia has been consistent about not striking deconflicted aid operations; sometimes to the point of calling to ask if convoys have departed an area before they resume attacks.
I say this not to defend Russia - their IHL track record is horrible. And yet even they are managing to make aid deconfliction work in Ukraine, even as they continue committing countless other war crimes there.
So there is NO REASON that Israel couldn't have fixed this in the past six months. They simply didn't want to. Which made it inevitable a day like this would come.
Netanyahu now knows he has a political problem and he's already trying to spin this as a one-off accident or aberration.

It is not. It is just the latest in a long pattern of strikes and close calls on humanitarian movements and facilities.…
You don't strike a deconflicted convoy repeatedly, hitting three vehicles in succession over the course of a kilometer of road, by accident.

You do that by fostering a military culture that treats Gaza as a free fire zone with total impunity for gross attacks on civilians.
The IDF has killed 173 UNRWA staff since Oct and repeatedly struck UNRWA humanitarian facilities. Image
The IDF has also targeted an IRC staff residence using a US plane and US bomb:…
And destroyed the offices of Humanity and Inclusion:…
And killed a @USAID contractor and his young family:
And struck an @MSF shelter *in the IDF-designated Mawasi "safe zone"*…
And struck an IDF-cleared UN food convoy *while it was being held at an IDF checkpoint*…
And there are others. None have been credibly investigated, much less explained, by the IDF.

As attacks keep happening, the Biden admin keeps issuing boilerplate about how "Israel needs to do more" rather than acknowledge the reality of what this pattern says about IDF behavior.
There were 6 months to fix this deconfliction debacle. The failure to do so was not accidental.

Israel didn't see it as a problem. And Biden didn't think that merited rethinking US support for this war.

And now 7 aid workers are dead as a result.

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Mar 19
Is famine in Gaza "looming" or "imminent" or "underway?"

What do terms like that mean in practice?

A quick primer on famine terminology, technical jargon, and plain language.
Humanitarians tend to be very cautious in using the term famine - it has a lot of power and shouldn't thrown around casually.

But that can lead to some confusion for laypeople.

Not to pick on Martin, but his statement ("imminent") is a good example.
Why is famine only "imminent" (i.e. not yet underway) if hunger and malnutrition are at famine levels and children are starting to die of starvation?

Because this verbiage refers to a formal famine *declaration*, rather than famine conditions per se.
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Mar 18
A 🧵 on today's horrifying @theIPCinfo report on famine in Gaza.

In my 25 years as a humanitarian this may be, pound for pound, the grimmest analysis I have ever seen.

All the more indefensible since the December projections made clear this was coming.…
What makes this report so uniquely grim?

Starvation is astonishingly pervasive - touching the entire population. Typically (e.g. Somalia 2011) famine affects a subset, not the whole.

Rate of deterioration - never seen a population go from stable to famine so quickly.
Also unique - complete absence of natural factors. Typically famine emerges from mix of natural and man-made factors. Somalia 2011 was mix of war + sanctions + worst drought in 50+yrs.

This famine is purely man-made. Which means the only solutions will be man-made as well.
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Mar 6
Clear example of why kids are starving in north of Gaza.

WFP sends 14-truck convoy w/ 200 tons of food to the North.

IDF refuses to grant access through checkpoint.

WFP and Jordan then airdrop just *6* tons of food to N. Gaza instead.

Prima facie aid obstruction.
Notably this comes immediately after Benny Gantz got an earful this week from Harris, Sullivan, Blinken et al about Israeli aid obstruction.

Seems to have made no difference to Netanyahu's behavior.
As @John_Hudson reported today, the IDF is deeply dependent on a constant flow of US arms sales. 100+ since October 7.

Both US law and stated Biden administration policy prohibit kind of aid obstruction from countries receiving US security assistance.
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Feb 29
Correct. Airdrops are massively expensive and low-volume.

Only used in areas that are besieged (e.g. Sinjar mountain, Berlin 1948) or cut off by natural disasters.

The fact that they need be considered is a major policy failure.
Important to recognize this as a form of bureaucratic obstruction by Israel - not cooperation.

Rather than open the border for overland access, this forces aid groups to burn scarce funding to deliver small amounts of aid.
Facilitating airdrops - and driving media coverage around them - gives the public appearance that Israel is cooperating with humanitarian efforts.

But ensures that the amounts of aid getting in are negligible enough to still perpetuate the overall blockade strategy.
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Dec 29, 2023
Haven't weighed in on COVID much lately but I'm seeing this video in my feed quite a bit today and I'm rankled. So for old time's sake:

This is a careless and misinformed reply by Collins that buys into the lazy "closed vs open" binary framing preferred by the Barrington crowd.
Did "public health" shut down rural Minnesota to save urban NYC? No.

Early on when virtually nothing was known about a disease that was massively flooding ERs (& morgues) around the world, US states implemented stay-at-home guidance for a few months to protect their hospitals.
Governors made those decisions, and they did weigh econ & other factors alongside.

Turns out it's not good economics for a hospital system to collapse!

And there was no reason to assume that what was hitting big cities wouldn't ultimately hit rural areas too.
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Nov 16, 2023
Tunisia is now the main transit point for refugees & migrants crossing to Europe.

We have a major report out today on how Tunisian security forces are gravely abusing migrants *and* colluding in the smuggling.

Big implications for EU migration policy.…
We @RefugeesIntl have been conducting research in Tunisia since late summer. I traveled there last month to hear from migrants firsthand.

Our findings corroborate reports from over the summer of extensive and systematic migrant abuse by the Tunisian National Guard.
The abusive detentions of Black African migrants over the summer - being rounded up off the streets and left stranded in desert border regions - are continuing.

Tunisia had halted this after global uproar, but we heard multiple firsthand accounts of recent new expulsions.
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