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What is cloud seeding?

How does it work? Is it safe?

Is it chemtrails? Are chemtrails real?

Here’s the deal folks:
What is cloud seeding?

Cloud seeding locally and temporarily enhances precipitation

Dispersing certain minerals into clouds with favorable conditions, condenses or freezes small, naturally occurring water droplets into drops or snowflakes big enough to precipitate
Does it work?

Yeah, was hard to prove for a long time but the SNOWIE project used high resolution radar to measure increased precipitation exclusively in the track of their seeding plane

Each of those lines is millions of gallons of snowmelt!
Types of cloud seeding: Hygroscopic

This involves dispersing small volumes of minerals (often table salt) into clouds to attract small water droplets into heavier ones

It's often used in hotter regions of the globe (i.e. UAE, Philippines)
Types of cloud seeding: Glaciogenic

This involves dispersing small volumes (~1kg/100,000km^2) of minerals that freeze small water droplets into snowflakes large enough to fall

Silver Iodide (AgI) has been used for decades and has a crystal structure like ice
Wait, people have been cloud seeding for decades?

Yes! The technology was invented in the United States in 1946

We used to have large programs, China now spends $100Ms more than us per year (~$300M)

Here's a map of all the active programs in the US and abroad
Is AgI from cloud seeding safe?

Yup, 78 years of data have shown no impacts on environmental or human health in seeded regions

The US drinking water threshold for safe AgI levels is 100mg/L

To be safe, the most sensitive algae are harmed at 1.4mg/L, so let's go w that
AgI doesn't bioaccumulate

In an area downstream of a multiyear seeding campaign, the Salt Springs Reservoir in CA, AgI concentrations were measured at <0.0005 µg/L

This is well within naturally occurring levels. Decades of seeding in Nevada has increased concentrations by parts per trillion in soil, and silver is naturally occurring in PPM

so chronic exposure and build up is not a concern
AgI is also quite safe itself!

I don't endorse eating it ofc

But, if you were to eat AgI, it's 14x less toxic than aspirin (LD50 of 2820mg/kg vs 200mg/kg)

And AgI is insoluble in water and fat, so an adult would need to eat ~0.4lbs in one sitting for a toxic dose
"You're stealing rain from other people!"

Nope! The body of evidence from decades of American universities is seeding is positive sum

Only ~9% of atmospheric water precipitates, and seeding precipitates ~1% more of the non-precipitating ice/liquid

34 years of data from Utah show mild increases in precipitation downwind!
"You're going to block out the sun to cool the planet!"

No, that's solar radiation management (SRM): emitting reflective aerosols into the stratosphere

Cloud seeding and SRM are different, here's my testimony to the TN legislature on the difference
"You're playing God by modifying creation!"

God's first commandment to Adam was to steward the garden, Genesis 1:28 gives man dominion over creation

Dams modify rivers, Jesus was a carpenter who modified forests (cut trees) to build houses

We aim to serve God
"There are risks you're not accounting for! These are complex systems!"

Granted, more research to understand cloud seeding must be done.

But 78 yrs of data show its safe

And our current, known risk is ecological and agricultural collapse due to water scarcity

A calculated risk is better than inevitable demise
"Chem trails!"

1st, you'll never see cloud seeding in open blue skies, only certain "puffy" clouds are seedable (on the left)

2nd, the clouds you see on the right are contrails, frozen water emitted by plane engines

Although I recommend you don't drink jet fuel, the concentrations of toxins dispersed from plane flight is negligibly low

If toxic, government sponsored chem trails (not cloud seeding or SRM) exist, let's see the evidence
Thats a wrap!

Cloud seeding is a necessary technology to avert worsening drought, and the CCP is using it regardless. We must steward it well

Attached are some relevant papers referenced for your diligence

Did I miss any questions? LMK and I'll respond in this thread!………

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Dec 21, 2023

Air pollution kills millions of people annually, and it's gross

People need clean air

Nations around the world are beginning to give clean air to back to their people w cloud seeding

Here’s why it's needed, how it works, and where its happening🧵 Image
Small particles in the air cause asthma, bronchitis, and cancer

Particles <2.5µm, which are emitted from vehicles and industrial processes, can penetrate dangerously deep into the lung

~12 μg per m^3 is a safe concentration of 2.5µm
Delhi is >800 Image
How can cloud seeding help?

The “washout effect” is the process by which large water droplets collide with and scavenge pollutants out of the air as they fall

Cloud seeding agents condense water in clouds into larger droplets or freeze the water into larger ice crystals

Thus, cloud seeding can facilitate the washout effect

Here's an artistic diagramImage
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Apr 20, 2023
How many nuclear bombs would it take to build a mountain in Kansas?

When people discuss terraforming or geoengineering, they're usually referring to atmospheric interventions – but what would it take to create new earthen formations?

Can we engineer geography?

I'm not the first to think of terraforming w nukes

In the 60s the United States had Project Plowshare: an initiative to investigate using nuclear explosives for construction purposes

There was a proposal to build a new deep water harbor in Alaska with 5 hydrogen bombs

2/ Image
The USSR had the Nuclear Explosions for the National Economy program

A fine example of their work is Atomic Lake, also known as Lake Chagan

They built this beautiful reservoir with a single 140 kiloton bomb

Full of fish too

Future 🧵how many nukes to end water scarcity? 🤔
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Mar 15, 2023
GPT4 is bringing clean water to East Palestine, Ohio

Manually managing the logistics of installing 1,900 water filters is extremely labor intensive

Here's how GPT is expediting the process and helping manage priorities

Pictured: GenAI image of @sama holding a water filter

The first constraint is time

1 plumber can install a filter in 45 min

If he has to drive 45 min between installations, he can install 6 filters in a 10hr workday

But, if his route takes him only 5 min between locations, he can install 12/day

That will save weeks of time

We collected East Palestine residents' addresses, and compiled them in a CSV

Then we asked GPT4 to produce batches of the shortest routes between addresses

Rather than manually coordinating routes, we got batches of 10 addresses with an avg drive time of 7 minutes btwn

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Feb 20, 2023
You heard about the train derailment and chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio

The local water table is wrecked, despite what the EPA and authorities have said

They’re committing a lie by omission

Thankfully, we can fix this

Here’s how

Multiple endocrine disruptors and genotoxins were released

Vinyl chloride breaks down chromosomes

Butyl acrylate causes nerve damage and miscarriages

The polluted area is large enough that acute exposure (immediate illness) is unlikely

But chronic exposure is guaranteed

Therein lies the nature of the EPA coverup

They tested the utility’s source water and declared it safe

But we’ve all seen the videos of contaminated creeks and ponds

How could this be?

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Feb 18, 2023
Californian aquifers are being drawn down

There are three varieties of “solutions” to groundwater depletion

They are, for the most part, silly

“Solution” 1: Reduce groundwater consumption

The glue-eater’s solution

41-58% of the state’s supply is from groundwater

85% of utilities rely primarily on groundwater

Said utilities don’t have an alternative to replace groundwater. We just tell all them to kick rocks?

I’ve said it before:

There is a role for efficiency-measures to play here

Transitioning to drip irrigation will be capital intensive and a pain in the butt, but could reduce irrigation demand 50%

That’ll help

But, should we require farmers to reduce their demand?

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Jan 30, 2023
Los Angeles’ water infrastructure is from the 22nd century

Want to take a peek at how it works?

Here are some of the highlights

Los Angeles City Sanitation (LASAN) operates the HYPERION WATER RECLAMATION PLANT

This behemoth has the capacity to treat 450MM gallons of wastewater daily

It is the biggest sewage treatment facility west of the Mississippi

Surely, such a titanic machine strains the electric grid?

Not at all! And herein lies another amazing feat of engineering

HYPERION is electrically self-sufficient. But how could this be??

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