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So freaking speechless right now. Seen many @vercel functions stories but first time experiencing such discrepancy vs request logs like, this is cannot be real?? Image

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May 10
I won. I won my appeal.

The Luxembourg court has ruled that Jeff Dieschburg infringed upon my copyright when he used my work without consent.

Using a different medium was irrelevant. My work being 'available online' was irrelevant. Consent was necessary. 1/ Image
This win means a lot—not just for me but also for artists & photographers everywhere.

It’s a reminder that copyright protects individuals from those that try to profit off our work without consent.

It reaffirms that our work being online doesn't mean we give up our rights. 3/
For 2 years I’ve been harassed for fighting this because of my gender, my race, my being a photographer.

My home address was doxxed, I was told they'd put me in jail, that I’d kill myself soon. I lost out on work cuz of how it ate away at me. But I didn't want to give up. 4/

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Mar 20
8 years ago, Google Deepmind created AlphaGo—an AI that defeated the best human Go player in the world & it shaped how I see art & AI.

In a new interview, Lee Sedol says he wouldn't become a pro again if he had known of AI today. This is heartbreaking— 1/ blog.google/around-the-glo…

Go has always been the most beautiful game to me. The sound of a stone on board, the simplicity of its rules and design. A person's playstyle is an expression of themselves—like seeing an artist's style in a painting—it's personal and meaningful. 2/ Image
Today, no human player has a chance of defeating any of the top AI Go programs. AI is used religiously in professional training, and like it or not, our relationship with Go as an art form has been changed forever. 3/

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Jan 25
15,600+ people have been laid off in tech so far, in January 2024.

If you see an artist-hating person making the inevitable “learn to code” comment, you can tell them to fuck off.

A short thread on layoffs: 1/
In a survey of 900 business leaders who were asked about layoffs in 2024, 38% said it’s likely at their companies.

4 out of 10 said using AI is part of the reason: 2/ resumebuilder.com/4-in-10-compan…

A friend’s tech startup has 5 open roles. In the first week of January, they had over 20,000 applicants.

If that’s the case at a small startup, how does it look at bigger companies? More layoffs are estimated to happen throughout 2024. 3/
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Jan 8
As someone who knows what it means to be talented, let me tell you a story:

I was born in the Beijing shooting range, grew up with Olympians, and picked up air rifle after moving to Singapore. Within a few months, I hit the Olympic finals cutoff with no full-time training. 1/
I was called a prodigy, an Olympic medal was expected. And you know what I did with that talent? I didn't win an Olympic gold.

Didn't even make the team.

I got some PTSD, tried to kill myself, & left the sport after 6 years. 2/
I was surrounded by people who weren't born with talent. Yet they won Olympic medals, I didn't.

Even without this so called talent like mine, they practiced, worked hard, and survived till the finishing line. 3/
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Jan 1
Junior portfolios at top studios can fit right in next to your art heroes in a book, or look so bad (subjective) you don’t know why they were hired.

This is because social media inflates good illustration as the goalpost, and for a concept role, that is often the wrong goal. 1/
Good design is what will land you the job. Not godly rendering, and certainly not the average of regurgitated designs from Cyberpunk, Alien, or Final Fantasy.

For concept art, people want to see thoughtful research with execution. 2/
Want to design a dress?

Do: art museums, history books, pics of clothing on real bodies & runway + unexpected elements

Don’t: moodboard of only video games/film screenshots

Regurgitating diluted design is obvious, & ADs can sniff out boring designers a mile away. 3/
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Aug 2, 2023
Indies using AI will impact more jobs than you think. Let’s discuss 3 scenarios:

In illustration, many junior-mid lvl artists make a living freelancing w/ indie authors, publishers, tabletop games, musicians. The pay is limited, but it’s a living. And AI is taking that away: 1/
To simplify, say a picture book pays $100/page x 12pgs. Artist takes 3 days per page, project takes 1.5-2mths. They earn $1.2k & pay some rent. If all indie author/creator decide to generate images, gigs dry up. Tens of thousands of artists in this market go out of work. 2/
You might say, then get new job training for these tens of thousands of ppl—ok, sure, but these aren’t the only people affected.

Let’s look at scenario 2, where even more people are impacted in a project that gets automated—photography. 3/
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