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this is arguably the best application of crypto I've seen yet — everyone needs to talk about it more

traditional mapping is a monopoly, expensive, and inefficient

how it works is that Google has cars that drive around and gather data periodically and charge super high fees since this data is very hard to get

with crypto, you can give people all around the world the ability to earn by adding dashcams to their cars and map the world in real-time

the result is that you get:

i) much fresher mapping data (Google Maps might take months to re-map something!!)

ii) much better economics

iii) much better composability and network effects

the end result is a much better real-time world map than any centralized institution can provide

the team behind it is @Hivemapper and they're building on SolanaImage
this is so sick — crypto enabling better real world systems Image
and of course

we had on @aseidman, one of the most based founders I've ever seen, on Lightspeed

one of our most popular episodes:

@aseidman can also see a case study here:

this thing fires me up…

• • •

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Mar 9
the situation is escalating fast Image
i am confident this will change her mind on crypto
bro stop buying these whenever I tweet lol, I am **not** trading these

I don't hold anything but almost all SOL and some BONK, JTO, WEN lol
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Dec 28, 2022
hot take

OG ETH crowd (who genuinely care about the future of crypto, not just their own bags or twitter engagement) will actually come around to appreciate SOL

now that tourists & predators have been washed out — only the real ones who want a better future will be left
ETH & SOL approach scaling much differently —but I don't see why that has to be a fighting point

the *real* problem is that crypto apps barely have PMF

it doesn't matter who can scale to handle the next billion users...if there's not a billion users who even want to use this
that is to say — EVM & SOL, while having some overlap — do ultimately enable different design spaces

we need to explore these design spaces relentlessly to maximize the number of possible applications with mass PMF
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Jun 13, 2022
There's a lot of noise / negativity out there due to the market - it's easy to ignore some of the positive signs and signals behind the scenes.

Let's take a quick look at some promising SOL charts 📈

Even though the price of SOL (and all crypto assets) have tanked - it's promising this hasn't resulted in a drastic loss of users.

With over a million active wallets - we're much better positioned for the next cycle.

- New NFTs are still being minted (and trending upwards)
- More money is being moved around using Solana rails
- Users still keep transacting with no massive downturns

Usage & activity are much more important than price
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Apr 29, 2022
There have been some problems with Solana lately.

In actuality, it's almost always the *same* recurring problem.

Here is a short & simple explanation of what's happening (for non-technical people) and what it means for the future 🧵
1. SOL's software makes it easy for bots to spam/flood SOL validators.

2. When validators are spammed, they become overwhelmed and do their job (producing & verifying valid blocks) less effectively.

As a result, they're less likely to include your txns when producing new blocks
Since they're less likely to include your transactions - you can try to mint that NFT all you want, but the chances of it getting through to the chain are very low.

Bots send transactions much faster than you can manually click "mint" & "approve". It's a numbers game.
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Apr 9, 2022
The Solana NFT ecosystem has grown by an insane amount in a short amount of time.

As a result, it's hard to keep up.

Here is an overview of the land for analytics, tools & infrastructure for Solana NFTs, whether you're a builder or a trader 🧵
First, the obvious - marketplaces:

- @MagicEden (best marketplace on Sol imo)
- @opensea (dominant ETH marketplace coming over to Sol)
- @SolanartNFT (OG marketplace)
- @fractalwagmi (gaming focused)
- @solportio (community focused by @SolportTom)
- @SolSeaNFT (OG marketplace)

- @formfunction (great 1/1 NFT marketplace, super clean UI)
- @exchgART (another great 1/1 NFT marketplace, has collections too)
- @holaplex (Shopify for NFT storefronts)
- @BurntFinance (decentralized NFT platform, *very* underrated)
- @Blockassetco (sports focused)
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Jan 30, 2022
There are a lot of misconceptions about #Solana and its performance / decentralization.

This is made worse by people not knowing where to check for stats regarding the network.

Here are some sites you can check out to view some data & insights about SOL 🧵
- Solana Explorer (

Probably the most well known explorer for Solana, you can check out the current TPS of the network, the live transaction count, the current block height and more.
- Validator Dashboards

If you want to get *a lot* more granular, you can check out a validator's Grafana dashboard ( for example)

This includes very detailed TPS data, slot confirmation times, traffic, replay times, CPU/mem util and more.
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