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NEW: @FoxNews has obtained an internal Border Patrol memo sent to agents in San Diego sector after President Biden’s executive order took effect, instructing them to release single adults from all but six countries in the eastern hemisphere & classifying them as “hard” or “very hard” to remove.

Specifically, the memo instructs agents to process all single adults from 100+ countries in the eastern hemisphere as NTA/OR, which means “Notice to Appear/Release on Own Recognizance”, except for six countries which are deemed “mandatory referral” countries (Uzbekistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Georgia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan).

President Biden & DHS promised consequences & removal for those who cross illegally between ports of entry after the executive order took effect - but the overwhelming majority of illegal crossers in San Diego sector, including the Chinese, Middle Eastern, & African adults we’ve been showing, are still being released into the U.S. with future court dates, as our coverage has shown repeatedly with Border Patrol mass releases at a trolley station in San Diego.

In a background call with reporters, DHS officials acknowledged the difficulty of removing illegal immigrants from eastern hemisphere countries, as some governments won’t cooperate with U.S. repatriation flights/travel documents & won’t take their citizens back.

DHS officials said they are engaged with these countries and are trying to enhance cooperation.

Bottom line in the short term: Mass catch & release continues for illegal immigrants in San Diego sector, who continue pouring in from all around the globe.

H/T to @Anna_Giaritelli, who was the first reporter to scoop this memo.Image
Mass releases we witnessed just days ago, after the Biden order was in effect.

NEW: Just spoke to senior CBP officials about this memo. I’m told this was localized guidance put out to San Diego sector only because of the unique countries around the world they encounter there, & this is not CBP or DHS’ guidance for the entire border. The CBP officials said even if these migrants are released into the US, they still are not eligible for asylum and cannot request it. They also pointed out that while, yes, San Diego sector is encountering large numbers from the eastern hemisphere who are being released with a court date because their home countries won’t cooperate with deportations (China, for example) two thirds of the encounters in San Diego sector are from easy to remove Western Hemisphere countries, large numbers of which are being placed into expedited removal, including Colombia and Ecuador, and thousands from these western hemisphere countries have already been removed or returned since the order went into effect. The CBP officials added that they’ve been “clear eyed” about the fact that it will take time to ramp up implementation of this executive order, and they will continue to engage with uncooperative countries to start taking their citizens back.

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Feb 23
BREAKING: Another Border Patrol bus full of illegal immigrants, this one all adult men, just pulled up and mass released them onto San Diego streets. Again, men from all over the world going to blue cities. One man from Mauritania told me he is gay and is here to request asylum.
And ANOTHER bus - this one mostly women - just pulled up and mass released more. We’ve now seen several hundred illegal immigrants released to the street here in the last hour and a half.
Some jumping into cabs and off they go!
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Feb 23
BREAKING: Just witnessed a large mass street release of illegal immigrants released from Border Patrol custody at a trolley station in San Diego (San Ysidro).
I talked to some of them, from Peru, Colombia, & India. Some going to Atlanta & Minneapolis wanting to work.
BREAKING: Another bus just pulled up and Border Patrol just mass released more illegal immigrants at the trolley station. Talked to more of them - from Senegal, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, one here from China. Heading to New York, New Jersey, Chicago, etc. All blue cities.
They are now receiving help from what appears to be a NGO/volunteer group and are boarding a new bus - unknown destination.
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Feb 19
NEW: I am in the Jacumba, CA area tonight - an hour east of San Diego, where this group of illegal immigrants from around the world is camped out off I-8 w/ no Border Patrol in sight. People from China, Turkey, Ecuador etc planning to go all over US. Exchanges w/ them below. 👇🏻
This group is from Turkey, wants to go New Jersey & Florida to work & for family reasons.
Group from China, appears to want to go to New York.
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Feb 5
NEW: My initial highlights from the border deal.

- No amnesty/legalization of anyone already in the U.S. illegally.

- Funds an increase in ICE detention capacity to approx. 50,000 from the current 34,000.

- At 7 day rolling average of 5,000 encounters per day, or 8,500 encounters in a single day, DHS is *required* to shut the border down, and turn away anyone who crosses. No new asylum claims will be allowed and anybody crossing will be removed. Would end the whole idea of "I made it to U.S. soil, you have to process me." That would be over, Border Patrol would not process the illegal crosser and they would be removed - no asylum claim permitted, unless its made at a port of entry.

- This does not mean 5,000 are "allowed in" before this authority kicks in. Single adults would be detained, families would be released via ATD (alternatives to detention), and asylum cases would be fast tracked to months rather than years under a new rapid/expedited expulsion system. Those who fail would be quickly removed from the US. Those who initially pass would be released with work authorization and 90 day supervision until final asylum claim is determined.

- The shut down authority doesn't drop until crossings decrease significantly in the days following the shut down.

- Significantly tougher asylum requirements, and a higher credible fear standard, including three bars to eligibility. 1) Criminal history, 2) Could they have resettled in another country on the way to the US? 3) Could they have resettled somewhere else in their own country? Just saying you're scared to return home will no longer be enough in initial interview.

- It *appears* that the legislation would move asylum claim decisions away from immigration judges, and instead have them be handled by USCIS.

- $1.4 billion in FEMA funding available for disbursement to NGOs/municipalities, but some of that money doesn't unlock until key border security metrics are hit with ICE detention beds, ICE & Border Patrol new hires, and at least 1,500 deportation flights.

- Ends use of parole releases via CBP One app, and ends parole for illegal crossers between ports of entry.

- Keeps humanitarian parole as it was originally intended (medical procedures, court cases, etc), and keeps the current Biden admin parole program in place for Cubans, Haitians, Venezuelans, and Nicaraguans.

- 50,000 new visas over 5 years.

- Fuding to hire hundreds more ICE deportation officers, Border Patrol agents, and USCIS asylum officers, and greatly increases number of deportation flights.

- No unaccompanied minors can be removed, and some of these minors will receive attorneys, either pro bono or taxpayer funded.

- Ends some catch and release, but not all (families and unaccompanied minors not detained).

- DHS will have 90 days to set this new system up before it takes effect.

- There is a provision in the bill that would allow the President to suspend the "shut down" authority.
It says: "Authorizes the President to suspend the border emergency on an emergency basis for up to 45 days if it is in the national interest."

Context: The border has seen at least 5,000 encounters almost every single day the last couple years under Biden. If this bill were signed into law, the border would likely be shut down on the first day it takes effect.

FOX is told by the architects of this legislation the status quo right now is when the border is overwhelmed, "release everyone". They say this bill switches that to, when the border is overwhelmed "remove everyone."

This legislation has provisions in it that will upset border hawks and immigration activists at the same time.

Now we wait to see how both Democrats & Republicans respond. So far, many House GOP members have expressed displeasure, and at least one Democrat Senator (Padilla) has as well.
More details on the FEMA funding for NGOs/municpalities.

More: Unaccompanied minors will not be released into the interior, they'll be transferred to Office of Refugee Resettlement.
Families released w/ ATD will be under supervision and immediately removed if they don't qualify for asylum.
State Department will be required to report recalcitrant countries (countries who don't accept their citizens back for deportation).
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Jan 29
BREAKING: Our photographer in Jacumba, CA just witnessed two human smuggling SUVs drop off groups of illegal immigrants who then trot around the border wall and enter the US. People from China, Turkey, & India in this group. This is in eastern San Diego County, and there was only one single Border Patrol agent in the area, per our photographer @BudKnapp.
NEW: Our photographer says volunteer groups are visiting camps of illegal immigrants in the area who are waiting to be picked up by Border Patrol & are handing out these “Welcome to the USA” fliers, which advise them of next steps & claim BP agents lie & “manipulate” people.
For those asking about why this is in English, our photographer says the NGO volunteer told him they have this template in every language and had actually ran out of fliers in Hindi for the day. The volunteer had folders with Spanish, Hindi, Turkish, Mandarin etc & English.
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Jan 25
Updated list of states announcing they stand w/ Texas in border dispute w/ federal government.

North Dakota
South Dakota
West Virginia

Several of these states have also previously sent physical help. State troopers, etc.

House Speaker @MikeJohnson has also announced he will support TX.
Update: Arkansas now added to the list.
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