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LIVE: Young Thug YSL RICO Trial — GA v. Jeffery Williams et al — Day 88 via…
Kenneth "Lil Woody" Copeland is expected to plead the fifth again this morning after spending the weekend in jail on contempt. Stay tuned for day EIGHTY-EIGHT of this crazy trial. #YSL #YoungThug Image
Prosecutor Hilton has been in another courtroom this morning. The prosecution back row is present as well as all the defendants and defense teams. The judge hasn't taken the bench. Unknown if Hilton in another courtroom is related at all. #YSL #YoungThug
The court reporter has arrived. #YSL #YoungThug
Judge Glanville is on the bench. #YSL #YoungThug
Prosecution Hylton just walked in. #YSL #YoungThug
Prosecutor Love has entered the courtroom. #YSL #YoungThug
Judge Glanville:  It's my understanding that he's (Lil Woody) going to testify. #YSL #YoungThug
Glanville: Mr. Copeland's spoken to his lawyer this morning and my understanding is he's going to testify. That's all I can tell you.
#YSL #YoungThug
Kenneth Copeland "Lil Woody" enters in shackles. He says he does intend to testify. Stay tuned!

#YSL #YoungThug
Hylton: Can you tell the jury how old you are?
Copeland: um................32
Hylton: On July 25?
Copeland: I guess.

#YSL #YoungThug Image
Hylton: What are your three brothers' names?
Copeland: Noto, Trez and Boss (no idea if I'm spelling those correctly)
Copeland said he went to a lot of different schools. When asked the names he said he only remembers the name of one school he intended.
Did you go to middle school?
Copeland: Um, I think...

#YSL #Young
Copeland looks up before every answer. These questions are just background questions but he really doesn't want to answer.

#YSL #YoungThug Image
Copeland doesn't know the ages of his children.

#YSL #YoungThug
Do you have any criminal convictions?
Copeland: Of course.
Do you know how many?
Copeland: I don't keep up with that.

#YSL #YoungThug Image
"I got vision problems." Lil Woody testifies when asked to identify Shannon Stillwell in the courtroom. (You can't make this up)
He looks around for a LONG time, says he's light headed.... Ha!

#YSL #YoungThug
Copeland asks for a drink. Hylton says she can get him some water.
Copeland: I don't drink water.
Copeland: Who am I looking for?
He then proceeds to pretty much identify everyone in the courtroom as Shannon Stillwell except Shannon Stillwell.

#YSL #YoungThug
Is Shannon from Atlanta?
Copeland: I don't know
When you first met him, where did you meet him?
Copeland: Who?

#YSL #YoungThug
Lunch recess until 1:35pm.
#YSL #YoungThug
Back from lunch . Jury not present. Steel says this morning, prosecutors, Woody and Woody's stand in lawyer met with the judge in chambers this morning without the defense knowing.

Judge not happy. Wants to know how Steel found out about it saying that was an ex parte meeting.

Judge asks him how he found out. Steel: I'm not going to answer that question.

Glanville: You and I are going to have some problems.

#YSL #YoungThug
WOW!!!! Judge Glanville just walked out and told Steel he had 5 minutes to tell him who told him about the ex parte meeting/communication or he'll hold him in contempt. Steel says in chambers this morning Woody was told by the judge that he could be in jail for the remainder of the trial. Prosecutor Love allegedly told Woody it could be for the rest of ALL of the defendants' trials in this case. "If true, this is coercion, witness intimidation...."
#YSL #YoungThug
BREAKING: Steel said he was told that Kenneth "Lil Woody" Copeland ADMITTED in chambers this morning that he killed Donovan "Nut" Thomas, with the judge and prosecution present. #YSL #YoungThug
We're about to find out if Judge Glanville is going to hold #YoungThug's attorney Brian Steel in contempt for not revealing how he found out about the details in an ex parte meeting in judge's chambers this morning.
Judge back on the bench insisting Steel tell him who gave him the information about the ex parte meeting.

#YSL #YoungThug
Steel won't give him the info.
BREAKING: Judge Glanville's holds #YoungThug's attorney Brian Steel in contempt.
Glanville tells Steel he has until 5pm to think about it.
Glanville to Steel: You'll be in custody until then.
Judge Glanville insinuates it was Lil Woody's stand in counsel that gave Steel the info.

#YSL #YoungThug
Judge ordered Steel to be taken into custody but that's on hold for more arguments right now.

So now we know what was happening this morning with Hylton and Love missing. They were in chambers with Judge, Woody and Woody's counsel.
#YSL #YoungThug
Prosecutor Love is asking that the judge strike everything that Brian Steel said. (It will live forever on Law&Crime YouTube)
Now Max Schardt, Shannon Stillwell's attorney moves for a mistrial.
#YSL #YoungThug
Schardt argues that they were ordered to be here for a 9am start and they sat for 2 hours this morning not knowing that the judge, prosecutors and witness Kenneth Copeland were in judge's chambers having an ex parte meeting.
#YSL #YoungThug
And remember, the judge had the opportunity to at the very least let the defense teams know he held an ex parte meeting this morning without disclosing the details. He did not. He called court into session, called for the jury and Lil Woody took the stand. This is after, allegedly, Woody admitted to Judge Glanville that he killed Donovan Thomas. #YSL #YoungThug
Schardt says having an ex parte meeting with a witness that has already been sworn in and not letting the defense know, is not right.

Judge denies Schardt's motion for mistrial.
#YSL #YoungThug
Huey's attorney, Careton Matthews, also moves for a mistrial.

#YSL #YoungThug
BREAKING: Judge Glanville orders #YoungThug's attorney Brian Steel taken into custody for contempt!
Thug's co-counsel Eric Adams says he will not continue with the trial today. Glanville tells him he will not extort the court.
BREAKING: WATCH - Here is the moment #YoungThug's attorney Brian Steel was taken into custody for contempt. The deputy whispered in his ear (I assume he told him he wouldn't cuff him.) He was held in contempt for not revealing his source that told him what happened in an ex parte hearing this morning with Kenneth "Lil Woody" Copeland.
Judge Glanville allowed Brian Steel back in the courtroom at prosecutor Love's request. He's still in contempt, but will be allowed to be in the courtroom while court is in session.
#YSL #YoungThug Image
The jury has finally been allowed back in the courtroom. Their lunch break was supposed to end over 2 hours ago. Kenneth Copeland is back on the stand.

#YSL #YoungThug
Woody refuses to look at photos the state has put in front of him.
Do I have to look at them?
Hylton: Yes.
#YSL #YoungThug
Steel will go back into custody when court adjourns today if he doesn't reveal his source.

#YSL #YoungThug
Woody back to being vague. When asked to identify people in a picture he says it's blurry, "I been in jail."
Woody identifies himself and the man in the middle but when it comes to the man on the right (Shannon Stillwell), he'll only say, "It looks like him."
#YSL #YoungThug Image
"I can't recall 2014, I've been in jail so much." - Kenneth Copeland.
What does what you're doing with your hands symbolize?

Copeland: A bird.

#YSL #YoungThug Image
Who are you closer to today? Damekion or Shannon?

Copeland: God.

#YSL #YoungThug
Taking a 10 minute break. As everyone stands for the jury to walk out, Copeland says into the mic, "I gotta a headache."

#YSL #YoungThug
BREAKING: There is a "sea of attorneys" in the hallway ready to stand in solidarity with #YoungThug's attorney Brian Steel per our photographer.
FYI - There's a glitch in the YouTube stream of #YoungThug #YSL where it's only allowing you to rewind a little bit. We have this issue with YT from time to time. As soon as the feed is no longer "live", the entire day will be there. Unfortunately when this happens it's out of our hands.
Among the attorneys in the hallway of the courthouse in support of #YoungThug attorney Brian Steel is former YSL attorney Suri Chadha Jimenez & well-known husband/wife attorneys Ashleigh and John Merchant
We are standing by to see what happens at the end of the day with attorney Steel.

#YSL #YoungThug
More attorneys are filling the hallway.
Court has not been called back into session yet. No one let back into the courtroom yet.

#YSL #YoungThug
50 minutes ago....FIVE ZERO....Judge Glanville told the jury, "Let's take 10 minutes and see where the day leads us.". He should have dismissed them.

#YSL #YoungThug
Getting ready to start.

#YSL #YoungThug
WATCH: Here's what happened an hour ago: Judge calls for a 10 minute recess and Kenneth Copeland says to the prosecutor: "I'm about to take the fifth."

#YSL #YoungThug
Judge Glanville back on the bench. Jurors are being brought in so they can be dismissed for the day. (Should have done that an hour ago) Then he'll take up "other matters".
#YSL #YoungThug
Judge Glanville is not allowing the attorneys in the hallway inside the court. "There's no room". I mean..the jury box is empty right now ......
Glanville allowed Ashleigh Merchant into the courtroom as she is representing Steel in this contempt. #YSL #YoungThug Image
Merchant tells Glanville that Steel has a right to a contempt hearing, call witnesses, etc.. Glanville says for criminal contempt he does not have to have a hearing. Merchant immediately starts rattling off the case law on it.
#YSL #YoungThug Image
Merchant asks that the 20-25 attorneys in the hallway be allowed in. Judge Glanville says there's no room. She looks around and says there's room in the gallery and the jury box. Glanville: I don't want them in my jury box.
#YSL #YoungThug
I actually don't understand the judge not allowing the attorneys to sit in the empty jury box. I've sat in multiple jury boxes as media during hearings.
Judge Glanville doubling down. He says Steel is being held in contempt. Merchant motions for Glanville to recuse himself from this Contempt issue.
#YSL #YoungThug
Merchant says Judge Glanville is a witness in this contempt hearing since he was involved in the ex parte hearing and therefore he can be called as a witness and he must recuse himself.
#YSL #YoungThug
Glanville after a long pause said "I'll let an appellate court decide that.

#YSL #YoungThug
Merchant asks that Judge Glanville grant Steel a bond. Judge: He doesn't get one on this.....
Judge Glanville, after being adamant that he was right, then me think about this for a minute. Court is recess while he thinks.
#YSL #YoungThug
I've eaten entirely too many Jolly Ranchers waiting on Judge Glanville's 5 minutes today.
There are at least 15 attorneys in the gallery now.
#YSL #YoungThug
32 minutes ago, Judge Glanville called for a 5 minute recess.
In the midst of all this, Judge Glanville released Lil Woody from his contempt incarceration as long as he promised to show up tomorrow morning.
#YoungThug #YSL
45 minutes ago Judge Glanville called a 5 minute recess.
15K viewers staring at a seal ....
This is really ridiculous. ONE HOUR ago, Judge Glanville called for a 5 minute break. It's 7:30pm local time.
#YSL #YoungThug
The court's had an opportunity to reflect...

#YSL #YoungThug Image
BREAKING: Judge Glanville sentences Brian Steel to serve TWENTY days in the Fulton County Jail to serve every weekend for criminal contempt.
#YSL #YoungThug
Brian Steel asks if he can spend those weekends with #YoungThug in jail so he can continue to prepare his case. Yes, he wants to share a cell with Thug.
Court is adjourned. This case is a hot mess.

• • •

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Melanie Gibb secret recorded phone call with #ChadDaybell and #LoriVallow on 12/8/19. I transcribed the call a few years ago. Here it is:
Melanie: Oh, ok. Um, I just wanted to ask you a question if you don't mind, Lori?
Lori: Yeah (unintelligible)
Melanie: I want to know how we talked about JJ going to Kay's house and you told me they went there and now he's not there, I was wondering what happened.
Lori: (pause) Well, I had to move him somewhere else because of her actions so.
Melanie: Was she doing something? I guess she was trying to come get him or something, like trying to kidnap him?
Lori: Well it's just, yeah, it's just she said multiple times before that um..
Melanie: Ok, well you know I asked Chad the other day, hey um you know where is JJ and he said for my security he didn't want me to know so is there a reason I should be in danger to know where he is?
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Melanie: K
Chad: If you knew that puts you in a danger
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Chad: Yeah, bad position
Lori: Everybody if they don't know anything then they don't have to say they know.
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Melanie: I appreciate that. I was wondering why you told the police that he was with me?
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Melanie: Oh, so do you think it's like your family or like your family, your dad or those people
Lori: Well my family, well not my whole family, but as you know most of my family is working against me and with her basically.
Melanie: Yeah. Is JJ safe?
Lori: He is safe and happy.
Melanie: Ok, well that's good to hear. Um, are you afraid of anything like are you just afraid that he um that I could be in danger like I don' if I knew how could that hurt me? I don't understand how it could hurt me if I knew where he was?
Lori: Well I'm just not telling anybody so no one has to say where he is or get questioned about where he is so I can keep him as safe as possible.
Melanie: Yeah, um. Well, I hope that he's ok and I hope you guys are ok. I did have a question. I asked Al at one point, your brother, um if I wanted to know, you know like where he was and he said I did not want to know and that he could not be found, so what does that mean?
Lori: I don't know why he would say that but it's the same story like I didn't even want Al to know, I didn't want anyone to know so that anyone has to be worried about it I mean that nobody needs to be questioned about it so he could be safe.
Melanie: Yeah, so how long are you gonna be away for like how, I mean are you ever gonna be able to come out and come back to society again or are you gonna keep, you know, like come back? I mean like what does that look like?
Lori: I will do whatever the Lord needs me to do every day so..
Melanie: Ok, I just wondered about if we're ever going to see you again.
Lori: Absolutely you will.
Melanie: Ok, so maybe when they're done chasing you you'll be able to come out of'll come out again? Or..
Lori: Yeah, I mean it's a ridiculous thing for them to be working with Kay to find me. There's nothing that's gone on that' know what I'm saying? Like they're working with her in some dark capacity. There's no reason for them to be after me...
Melanie: Uh huh
Lori: In the first place
Melanie: Yeah, has she threatened you at all?
Lori: Yes! Lots of times.
Melanie: Oh boy. What did she say?
Lori: Well, it’s in emails and everything.
Melanie: So like she said she’s going to come take him? or she was ….

Lori: There’s a lot of things Melanie

Melanie: Yeah, it sounds like it. I’m just worried for you guys because you know he’s missing and you know…

Lori: (chuckles) I know exactly where he is. He’s perfectly fine and safe.
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Mar 23
PHOTOS THREAD: (I won't post the most graphic). #RubyFranke #JodiHildebrandt
PHOTOS THREAD: (I won't post the most graphic).
Jodi's kitchen....a lot of food in the pantry
#RubyFranke #JodiHildebrandt
PHOTOS THREAD: (I won't post the most graphic). DUCT TAPE rolls in cabinet.
#RubyFranke #JodiHildebrandt Image
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Mar 22
JOURNAL ENTRIES Part 2 🧵: Reminder R is 12 turning 13 yr old son. E is 9 yr old daughter. #RubyFranke is the author of these journals. R escaped #JodiHildebrandt's home in Ivins, UT on 08/30/23. These journal entries happen in the weeks leading up to that.

There are days & nights that reveal God's most poignant mercies & miracles. Last night God gave me a miracle I absolutely will never ever forget. I know when God gives you an errand. You do the best you can to fulfill it, He will protect you.
I went to bed around 12:10 am. E on the floor next to my bed. R on the patio outside my sliding glass window.
Oh man...just writing this I am shaking. Shaking if Pam (Ruby's friend) hadn't volunteered to take A (different daughter) to American Fork (city in Utah) for her LCT test then I would not have been here. And my life & Jodi's & my families would forever be different.Image
JOURNAL ENTRIES Part 2 🧵: Reminder R is 12 turning 13 yr old son. E is 9 yr old daughter. #RubyFranke is the author of these journals. R escaped #JodiHildebrandt's home in Ivins, UT on 08/30/23. These journal entries happen in the weeks leading up to that.
At 2:45 am I woke straight up out of bed. I couldn't see R. He was gone. I opened the sliding glass door & there was no sign of him. He left an arrangement of rocks in letters & words. He wrote me a message. Too scared.. I forgot how to read. I ran to Jodi's room & woke her up. The message said, "JAIL I Will Call When I get there." J (another daughter) and I scoured the house & yard. Jodi got flashlights. Jodi & J took her car & I got E up & went in mine. Oh God! Oh Father! We need a miracle. We need your help now! Send the hosts of heaven. Show us where R is.Image
JOURNAL ENTRIES Part 2 🧵: Reminder R is 12 turning 13 yr old son. E is 9 yr old daughter. #RubyFranke is the author of these journals. R escaped #JodiHildebrandt's home in Ivins, UT on 08/30/23. These journal entries happen in the weeks leading up to that.
I'll summarize what Ruby wrote.....she prays asking for guidance on where R is, she eventually finds him.
"Get in the car. You shocked to see me?" R nods his head and gets in.Image
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Mar 22
06/30/23 - R refuses to do wall sites. He says he is done.
07/01/23 - R to stay outside. Sleep outside. Only come in to use the bathroom & shower.
07/14/23 - E refuses to work. Screams. Has hair shaved off.
07/15/23 - R runs away around 1:15 am. Ruby finds him at 3:14 am. Jodi, E, J drive to Arizona to find propetry. Land!

#RubyFranke #JodiHildebrandtImage
07/09/23: R turns 12 tomorrow. I never envisioned him being 12 & still pooping/peeing himself. Satanic choices lead one to becoming destitute - even in the most affluential homes.

#RubyFranke #JodiHildebrandt Image
It's R birthday & he doesn't even known what month it is. E & R have been in so much deviant behavior they won't control their bodily functions. They are both furious their selfish sinful lifestyle is being intervened upon.
I never would have suspected the cold, dead heart R has.
R is in and out of possession. The only consistent thing about R is that he lies.
E is better behaved w/Jodi. She likes to think she can still manipulate me. I gave her a pixie hair cut. All her long hair is gone. No more distracting w/hair.

#RubyFranke #JodiHildebrandtImage
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Mar 22

Hold on, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Reminder, I'm tweeting shorter clips today. Our YouTube channel will have full videos.

I'll keep all of Kevin's police interview clips in this thread.

#RubyFranke #JodiHildebrandt
Kevin Franke is read his Miranda rights.
Kevin Franke tells police he hasn't seen his kids in over a year.

#RubyFranke #JodiHildebrandt
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Feb 8
WATCH LIVE: Opening statements in Missing Daughter Murder Trial – NH v. Adam Montgomery – Day 2 via…
In their opening today the defense will admit that #AdamMontgomery is guilty of Abuse of a Corpse and Falsifying Evidence which included "conceal or remove the body of.." #HarmonyMontgomery. I expect we'll here details on that during their opening. Remember, Harmony's body has never been found.Image
Adam Montgomery has again refused to attend court today.
The judge is giving him the option each morning. Yesterday and today he has waived his appearance. He was in person on day 1 of jury selection.
Think he doesn't want to hear the details his attorney is about to lay out?
#AdamMontgomery #HarmonyMontgomeryImage
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