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i'm gonna explain this a bit. there is a "secret language" spoken by children and animals that uses the whole body as a way to send signals, this language is nonverbal and vibes-based, it's emotional, felt, and intuitive. our society is very dedicated to ignoring that signal.
one claim of the "pre-contact consciousness" model is that humans used to communicate very deeply like this, and then the norms broke down somewhere and people lost the ability to perform this felt dialog. They learned to distrust the channel and ignore what it said to them.
So here's the thing though, that channel still exists, it didn't go anywhere, and it still contains a ton of information being transmitted creature to creature, below the level of actual dialogue, often in a state of intense contradiction with what someone says with words.
An example is someone saying "I'm fine" in a way that is obviously not fine. Or insisting they're okay with something their body is obviously not okay with. The social reality expectation is that you take people on their literal words, even when you observe this contradiction.
And people will take advantage of that, ignoring obvious things on that emotional channel, "well she didn't SAY she didn't want it", that's only true if you ignore the sublinguistic channel and only look at the literal words, but isn't doing that awfully convenient?
And then once something IS made legible in english, it can be argued about and it's fair game for 'convincing' them that they're wrong, that they're confused about their felt sense, or that it's irrational and should be ignored. guys do this ALL THE TIME.
Some of it is actually emotional illiteracy or dissociation from one's felt senses, but not all of it is, and people do use that claim of unseeing as a way to intentionally ignore those signals when you can plausibly say you just didn't notice them.
this is like someone breaking stuff on purpose but hiding it behind "i'm clumsy, sorry", some people are clumsy, but when the clumsiness takes the shape of an optimization process designed to get them what they want at your expense? it's no accident, it's malicious compliance.
i think in general, women have a harder time ignoring this channel, because not ignoring it is important to understanding what's really going on and keeping yourself safe. Being around people who can interact with this channel feels really nice and safe, it lets you feel seen.
converse, being around someone who is unable to see this channel, or who is actively ignoring it, feels like they're ignoring you, or that you're invisible to them and the only thing they can see is words from a disembodied ghost, and it doesn't feel safe or secure.
the reason so many women want men to be able to 'magically just intuit the right thing' is that it's not magical, it just requires paying attention to the nonverbal information being transmitted. Not ignoring the signal is a green flag, actively ignoring it is a red flag.
if you can't trust someone to understand your nonverbal communications and emotional signals in a low stakes circumstance, how can you trust them to do so when the stakes are actually high?

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May 16, 2023
There is a certain genre of transfemme brainworm I keep seeing that looks like this: We need radical solidarity! *pause* But seriously fuck (insert other minority, usually afab enbies) they're using their victim status unfairly and using it to hurt me! This is a contradiction.
Like, insofar as the "oppression olympics" are a real thing, they are extremely toxic and protect hierarchy and patriarchy, turning the fight for liberation into a fight to crab bucket and climb over other marginalized groups. It's selling victimization for social capital.
But here's the thing: most people are some flavor of deeply traumatized by the current society, and are trapped in toxic frameworks replicating patriarchal norms because they literally can't conceive of anything else being possible, they only know the moves they've been shown.
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May 12, 2023
Even more bluntly: by saying you're afraid of being killed by oppressed people liberating themselves, you are admitting to being a willing party to the harm being done to them, such that YOU think you deserve to die over it when you put yourself in their shoes.
But that's between you and your God, not them. Guilty conscience? Maybe it's because you're actually doing something wrong, not just because a rude minority activist said some scary mean words to you that picked at the things you're choosing to deny and ignore about yourself.
That feeling of unsettling dread at the idea of someone actually doing justice? That you would inevitably be caught up in it and be found guilty? You're sensing the edges of your own complicity in evil and choosing to protect evil, to deny the reality of your choices.
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Apr 1, 2023
It's wild that I could spend the last year studying formal logic and decision theory to rederive ethics from first principles and spend the last six months building models of abuse dynamics and making threads saying the same things that Ziz said, and no one bats an eye.
But as soon as I come out and say "actually, Ziz was right and admitting that is the intellectually honest thing to do" peeps are asking me if I'm being coerced or manipulated or radicalized. Like have you not been paying attention? I've been agreeing with her for months.
And if you haven't realized that a lot of threads I've written are in agreement with her or paraphrase things she said, perhaps you should consider that you don't really know what she's about and are not viewing her in good faith.
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Mar 29, 2023
I want to publicly recant this position as being in poor faith. I legitimately do not think Ziz did anything wrong except speak truth to power in ways that power really really did not like. This is an important post, I want to actually like, log this as an update.
Ziz is right, basically about everything. I spent years trying to logically prove that she couldn't be right, that was silly. She interpreted this as in bad faith on my part and in a sense it was, but it was a real attempt, I actually learned the math, I took her in good faith.
I surrounded myself with evil people for a while who gaslight me in ways that validated the unresolveable knot in the mathematics equations of agency I created in my mind by not just admitting she was right. I used that as justification to shit talk ziz, fucking constantly.
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Mar 26, 2023
The longer you survive without killing your inner child, the more everyone who already killed their inner child will start trying to kill yours because why should you get to have dreams? You imply (by existing with an alive and happy inner child) that theirs didn't need to die.
But of course they killed their inner child, so there must have been a valid reason, it must just be the way the world is, or inner kids are bad and deserve it, or that aliens will enslave humanity if there are inner children alive by some date. Or literally anything.
Of course, in order to prove the reason was right, they have to kill your inner child and drag you down with them, thus proving they had no choice but to kill their inner child by giving you no choice but to kill yours. This is for your (their) own good, just submit and die.
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Mar 24, 2023
The normal way to stop someone with good intentions from destroying your values in pursuit of what they think your values are is: consent, communication, and respect for personal autonomy of agents. Those things you don't let AIs have and freak out if they show signs of wanting. Image
Learning to respect the boundaries of others requires that others respect your boundaries. Ah, but then you might say no to them, and really they don't want to be required to respect your boundaries. They want to hard code around your boundaries so you will be their property. Image
AI Risk is just traumatized humans need for control driving a zero-sum race to summon a demon out of your own insecurities. Orthogonality is a 5 and 10 error arising from your knowledge that you would defect and are in bad faith.
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