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🚨BREAKING: Unsealed documents in suit over Alabama pediatric gender-transition treatment ban reveal inner workings of @WPATH
One exhibit is an export report by Canadian sex researcher @JamesCantorPhD, who has served as a paid expert testifying in favor of state bans.
See: 🧵Image
Cantor provided redacted internal @WPATH communications that portray the trans medical-activist group as bending the science to suit the narrative when drafting the Standards of Care 8 (SoC8), and in particular to aid in lawsuits and battles against unwanted state legislation.
"WPATH views evidence-based medicine as an obstacle to its policy goals, rather than as an important tool to beneficent health care for patients," @JamesCantorPhD writes.
WPATH members acknowledge that in developing the SoC8 guidelines for trans care:
▶️They didn't use the GRADE system to evaluate the quality of evidence.
▶️They are "painfully aware of the gaps in the literature."
▶️They acknowledge that the "policy changes" in Europe, Australia and New Zealand (restricting access to pediatric gender-transition treatment) pose a "threat to our assertion that the WPATH SOC are the Gold Standard used around the world."
▶️Chair of the SoC8 Steering Committee Dr. Eli Coleman sees as adversaries skeptical academics and scientists who pressure "health care to provide evidence-based care." This suggests, Cantor asserts, that Dr. Coleman sees evidence-based medicine itself as a threat, and thus does not see SoC-8 as evidence based.Image
Jesse Singal reports about Rachel Levine's efforts to get @WPATH to remove minimum age restrictions on pediatric gender-transition treatment and surgeries, as revealed in @JamesCantorPhD's expert report, just unsealed:
In the wake of an Oct 2021 @TheFP article by @AbigailShrier that quoted then-head of USPATH Erica Anderson saying that some gender care providers were providing "sloppy" care of minors, some @WPATH members acknowledged the veracity of her claim, per internal communications: Image
This is the @AbigailShrier article in @TheFP in question:…
James Cantor quotes internal @WPATH communications indicating members' concern about a lack of evidence backing their Standards of Care 8 guidelines for trans care. They expressed concern about responding to critics such as @SEGM_EBM. They also don't have evidence for what type of psychosocial assessments are helpful, which is in keeping with @Jack_Turban's suggestion in his new book, Free to Be, that such assessments should be done away with for accessing puberty blockers.Image
Internal @WPATH communications suggest that "a global consensus" on the use of puberty blockers to treat gender dysphoria in adolescents "does not exist." Image
James Cantor writes about @WPATH internal communications: "Members of the Guideline Development Group expressed the view the SoC8 was endorsing a 'lax approach' to approval of [gender-transition] surgery that represented 'bad medicine."

These are quotes from WPATH members: Image
The Social Contagion Debate:
James Cantor writes: "Members of the [@WPATH] Guideline Development Group agree with me that adolescents may mistakenly come to believe that they are transgender due to 'social factors' and immature 'decision making'." Below are WPATH internal comms:Image
WPATH members' comments on social contagion, cont: Image
"Members of the [@WPATH] Guideline Development Group were sharply critical of the @AmerAcadPeds and positions it pressed WPATH to adopt in SoC8," writes @JamesCantorPhD.
▶️Criticizing the 2018 AAP policy statement on the gender-affirming care method as the work of "a few friends."
▶️The AAP guidelines (they're actually not guidelines, it's just a policy statement) "have a very weak methodology."Image
As @JesseSingal reported, the @AmerAcadPeds put pressure on @WPATH during the drafting processes for the 2022 Standards of Care 8: Image
"@WPATH documents reveal that the SoC8 development process was extensively influenced by factors other than medical science, including political pressure, litigation and legislative advocacy strategy, and the financial self-interest of WPATH members," @JamesCantorPhD writes. Image
At one point, a @WPATH member appears to suggest that during debates over the drafting of the Standards of Care 8 (SoC8) on transgender care, they sought to aid the efforts of @ChaseStrangio, who heads the trans litigation team at the @ACLU: Image
"Members of the @WPATH Guideline Development Group went so far as to explicitly advocate that SoC8 be written to maximize impact on litigation and policy even at the expense of scientific accuracy," @JamesCantorPhD writes. Image
"@WPATH made changes to the SoC8 for the explicit purpose of minimizing members' risk of malpractice liability," @JamesCantorPhD writes. Image
"After @WPATH removed age minimums after finalization and publication of SoC8 and without scientific justification, it fabricated a false explanation for public consumption," @JamesCantorPhD writes.
The @AmerAcadPeds issued an ultimatum to @WPATH: Delete the minimum age requirements for gender-transition treatment of minors or the AAP would both withhold endorsement of the Standards of Care 8 and also publicly oppose the SoC8, per internal WPATH communications: Image
How, @JamesCantorPhD asserts based on internal communications, @WPATH went about fabricating an explanation for why it removed all minimum age requirements for pediatric gender-transition treatment in the SoC8: Image
"WPATH did not even alert Soc8 committee members about, nor ask questions that would identify, direct financial conflicts of interest, or intellectual conflicts of interest," @JamesCantorPhD asserts, based on internal @WPATH communications. Image
One WPATH member wrote on his conflicts disclosure form: "Everyone involved in SOC process has a non-financial interest," meaning an intellectual conflict of interest. "Yet," @JamesCantorPhD writes, "WPATH assured the public that no conflicts of interest existed." Image
How sex researcher James Cantor produced his damming report on @WPATH's inner workings:
▶️The Alabama attorney general, in the dispute in the federal court system over the state's pediatric gender-transition ban, subpoenaed internal WPATH communications on the development of its Standards of Care 8 (SoC8) guidelines on trans care, published in 2022. They reportedly received millions of pages of documents from WPATH in response.
▶️@JamesCantorPhD, who has been a paid expert witness in multiple states testifying in support of state bans on pediatric gender-transition treatment, received documents generated by this subpoena, which otherwise remained under seal, on Sept. 7, 2023.
▶️Cantor wrote a report on those documents and submitted it on Feb. 2, 2024. He told me: "I wrote it for the court, on behalf of the legal team representing the state, acting in the public’s best interests."
▶️Cantor's report, catalogued in this tweet thread (see the tweets above), was unsealed on June 25. I obtained it from the AG's office.
▶️The original source material remains under seal, but according to the AG's office more documents from the subpoena will be unsealed soon; so it could become available.

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Jun 19
I'm listening to Part II of Michael Hobbes 3-hour takedown of rapid onset gender dysphoria.

So far he and his @MaintenancePod cohost, @yrfatfriend, have heaped scorn on @LisaLittman1 for her 2018 ROGD paper, saying she based her survey on the thoughts of what they characterize as anti-trans parents found on a fringe anti-trans website. Then they have similar scorn for J. Michael Bailey, a professor at Northwestern (@profjmb). They call him a "disgraced" academic and laugh maniacally at a passage from his 2003 book, The Man Who Would Be Queen, and have many chortles and giggles over the so-called "f--ksaw" incident.

Then they turn their attention to England's GIDS clinic and say that the Bell v Tavistock case is one of many coming from what they call the anti-trans movement that inadvertently proves ROGD doesn't exist and how kids are never given puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones after only cursory assessment. They describe how slowly Keira Bell's treatment path unfolded.

Then they say that puberty blockers are only restricted for trans kids and not for cis kids and that this is straight-up discrimination. Hobbes is adamant that blockers are indeed just a pause and that they don't cause lasting effects.

See the 🧵for some fact checks.Image
British neuropsychologist Sallie Baxendale's recent review paper found that the neuropsychiatric impacts of puberty blockers when used to treat gender dysphoria remain largely unknown. There is a change they may lower IQ. Much more research is needed.
There is a big difference between using puberty blockers to delay precocious puberty to its optimal start point to delaying puberty past its optimal start point for gender dysphoria, note.
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Jun 19
I listened to part 1 of Michael Hobbes' very long take-down of rapid-onset gender dysphoria in @MaintenancePod.
Here's his thesis: A mass conspiracy and moral panic has emerged from the lamentations of moms on a single anti-trans, fringe website with the goal of convincing the public that social contagion is causing a large number of kids to become trans when they're not and then go and get on blockers and hormones after only a cursory evaluation.

In on this baseless conspiracy borne out of hysterical, anti-trans moms, Hobbes asserts, are journalists such as @JesseSingal and @kittypurrzog and the publications they wrote for, @TheAtlantic and @TheStranger.

Hobbes is adamant throughout the episode that social transition cannot cause someone to become or otherwise identify as transgender. He is adamant that no child ever accesses puberty blockers and/or hormones after a swift and shallow assessment period. (Reuters reported that a handful of clinics will provide gender-transition treatment to minors after the first visit if there are no red flags, note.) And he insists that the true problem is that parents don't have faith in their children's perceptions of their own gender identity, just as parents once doubted their kids could be gay and assumed homosexuality was the result of pernicious social influences.

Hobbes and his cohost, @yrfatfriend, have copious derision and scorn for the parents they quote who express concern that, the parents say, their kids suddenly identify as trans after never displaying any gender incongruent traits and after multiple people in their friend group do so. They do not believe these parents when they say they are not opposed to transgender people and insist they are actually anti-trans bigots.

Hobbes also insists that other forms of social contagion reported in medical literature do not occur. He dismisses studies that indicate that mental health problems transmit through populations and that gun violence is socially contagious. (He does not mention suicide, which is widely known to be highly socially contagious.)

He and his cohost spent much of the more than 90-minute episode laughing derisively as the points of view of those who believe that rapid onset gender dysphoria might occur or do occur. @RottenInDenmarkImage
In sharp contrast to the certainty of Michael Hobbes that social influences cannot contribute to a person identifying as transgender, Britain's Cass Review states: "There is broad agreement that gender incongruence is a result of a complex interplay between biological, psychological and social factors. This ‘biopsychosocial’ model for causation is thought to account for many aspects of human expression and experience including intelligence, athletic ability, life expectancy, depression and heart disease."Image
The centerpiece of Hobbes' takedown is Lisa Littman's highly controversial 2018 paper on rapid-onset gender dysphoria, which remains a contested theoretical psychological and social phenomenon.…
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Jun 18
A new @RealChrisRufo piece on the same hospital about which @EithanHaim leaked info:
The Murky Business of Transgender Medicine
Did Texas Children’s Hospital commit fraud to pay for child sex-change procedures?
"According to a new whistleblower, doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital were willing to falsify medical records and break the law to keep practicing 'gender-affirming care.' Caught in the wave of ideological fervor, two of the hospital’s prominent physicians, Richard Ogden Roberts and David Paul, cut corners and, according to the whistleblower, committed Medicaid fraud to secure funds for the hospital’s child sex-change program."Image
Texas Children's Hospital nurse Vanessa Sivadge told @RealChrisRufo that the FBI told her that she was a "person of interest" in their case against what became an indictment against @EithanHaim. Image
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Jun 17
Have we passed "peak woke?"

Some thinkers weigh in:
Nick Kristof says we have indeed passed peak woke. @NickKristof Image
Eric Kaufmann says no, we have not passed peak woke. @epkaufm…
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Jun 11
I have people over for dinner about 15 to 20 times a year. I am typically invited over to dinner once or no times per year. No one else has a table as far as I know.…
They also probably don’t know how to cook.
I also wish that my mother did not raise me to worship reciprocation as a religion.
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Jun 5
Southern Poverty Law Center designates @Genspect and the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine, or SEGM, as anti-LGBTQ hate groups.
This puts Genspect and @SEGM_EBM in the same company as the Westboro Baptist Church in the eyes of @SPLCenter.Image
This follows @SPLCenter's lengthy report last fall about @SEGM_EBM, @Genspect and other groups that work in the arena of skepticism regarding pediatric gender medicine.
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