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🇬🇧💶 The UK is a poor country with a lot of very rich people. The average person in the UK will soon be worse off than the average Pole or Slovenian.

Britain has actually been in a state of decline since the 80s, how did this happen?

1/13 🧵 Image
2/13 Since the election of Margaret Thatcher in 1979, successive Conservative and New Labour governments have embraced neoliberalism.

The UK transitioned from entrepreneurial capitalism to rentier capitalism.Image
3/13 In rentier capitalism, the economy is organised around income-generating assets.

Ownership of sought-after scarce assets becomes the source of a large portion of economic activity, and the regime is dominated by vastly wealthy rentiers. Image
4/13 The effect of Thatcherite-era reforms were to open up new income streams to rentiers that had little or no productive effects.

The share of UK GDP coming from manufacturing was 32% in 1973, today it is under 9%.

The UK today is producing a lot of money, but not much else. Image
5/13 The UK has pioneered a lot of reforms to empower rentiers:

privatisation, tax breaks, financialisation and deregulation, expansion of consumer credit (household debt increased from 37% to 70% of GDP under Thatcher), and the disaster that is public private partnerships: Image
6/13 London has exploded as a center of international finance capital.

In fact, without London, the UK's average living standard would be poorer than EVERY STATE in America Image
7/13 Foreign buyers now account for 41% of activity on the London property market.

Financialisation centered in London has become a huge drag on the rest of the British economy, costing the UK economy an estimated £4.5 TRILLION in unrealised growth in a 20 year period. Image
8/13 Deregulation has also allowed the UK to become a global centre for financial fraud.

A 2016 report estimated that financial fraud costs the UK £193bn per year. Image
9/13 The City of London is also at the centre of the world’s “shadow banking” economy, which is now estimated to account for half the world’s assets.

Britain has created a deeply complex web of "offshoring" to allow the world’s super rich to hide their wealth in tax havens. Image
10/13 Britain has also chosen to keep an overvalued pound to favour financialisation, which has helped crush their native industry by making their exports unaffordable. Image
11/13 Now, millionaires are fleeing the UK faster than any country in the world.

Only China will have more millionaires emigrate in 2024, but Britain outpaces them per capita by a factor of 14! Image
12/13 It's becoming more common for big US firms like Blackrock to acquire British companies.

The UK economy is becoming more subservient to Wall Street, while the new financialised economy engages in a great asset-stripping of the rest of the country. How long can this last? Image
13/13 All of this is taken from my latest essay.

If you want to read more about how Britain has become a postnational state, subservient to international finance, here it is in full:…

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🇮🇱🇵🇸💣 Jewish Terrorism & The Foundation of Israel

I've recently observed many Zionists say recognising a Palestinian state is "rewarding terrorism"

Ironic, considering Israel was founded on and created by terrorists. Let's take a look at early Zionist terrorism

1/15 🧵Image
2/15 After WWII a paramilitary group of 50 Jews nicknamed "the avengers" had a failed plot to kill 6 million German civilians by poisoning the German water supplies

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Who was behind the TikTok ban? 🇺🇸🇮🇱

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1/12 Image
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The issue was dropped until last year. What changed? Image
3/12 If you search for news items on the banning of TikTok, they do not surface again until October 2023

All the major politicians calling for the ban justified its urgency by claiming the app was promoting anti-Israel sentiment

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🧵The end of race in the Twentieth Century

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☢️💣 If you watched Oppenheimer, you'll recognise this as Lewis Strauss, the film's antagonist.

Strauss is depicted as a fierce Cold Warrior who casts suspicion on Oppenheimer for sympathy to the Soviet Union.

But Strauss held a dual loyalty of his own. 🇮🇱

1/11 🧵 Image
2/11 Strauss was the architect of American nuclear policies in the 1950s.

Strauss left a career as an investment banker on Wall Street to lead the Atomic Energy Commission – an agency set up to be custodian of America’s nuclear materials. ☢️ Image
3/11 Strauss was a conservative and a staunch anti-communist. 🇺🇸

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🚨 Major scandal - Gardai caught supporting Antifa - Political Policing in Ireland 🇮🇪

Earlier today, two official X pages for the Garda Síochána - the Irish police service - were caught liking posts by Antifa accounts.

Proof the Gardaí are now political police👇🧵1/6
2/6 The posts in question were calling for X to reinstate Ireland Against Fascism, an account which has spent years doxxing and harassing nationalists, conservatives and critics of mass-immigration.

The Gardaí lent their support to have these left-wing extremists reinstated.
3/6 For those familiar with the Gardaí, this extreme left-wing bias is not surprising.

Earlier this year, the Garda commissioner said he was liaising with other police forces on how to quell peaceful anti-immigration protests, which he found "sinister". Political policing. Image
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🧵 Asking us not to connect crime to immigration is asking us to ignore reality.

Across Europe, Algerian immigrants commit crime at a vastly disproportionate rate to other ethnic groups, and Ireland has more asylum applications from Algeria than any country in EU.

1/10 👇
🇫🇷 In France, Africans commit over half of violent crimes on public transport despite being 3.2 percent of the population.

2/10 Image
🇬🇧 In London, despite being 13% of the population, black residents account for 61% of knife murderers.

3/10 Image
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