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BREAKING: Judge Cannon just granted Trump's motion to pause some deadlines in FLA doc case to consider SCOTUS' immunity opinion and potential impact on the case. Trump's lawyers filed the motion yesterdayImage
As expected, Team Trump notes Justice Thomas' concurring opinion suggesting Smith's appointment is unconstitutional.

Trump already has pending motion to dismiss case based on unlawful appointment of special counsel. It was debated at a hearing last month. Image
Trump again raises Biden's inappropriate remarks after SCOTUS opinion as proof the White House in interfering in the case.

Trump also accuses DOJ of recently leaking info to media--something Judge Cannon admonished special counsel about when she appointed a special master in 9/22. I don't think she will be too happy about this.Image
Pending deadlines that are stayed relate to CIPA litigation and expert disclosures for trial. (Not gag order motion)

Cannon set a briefing schedule on immunity matter thru this month. Very likely she’ll set a hearing sometime in August.

We are still waiting for the hearing on scope of prosecution motion—originally set for last month but delayed due to other more urgent motions.

My guess is that hearing will be indefinitely postponed until immunity question is resolved, which is unfortunate bc it addresses collusion btw Biden WH, NARA, and DOJ to concoct a docs case against Trump dating back to spring 2021.

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Jul 20
I have often said, in covering FBI entrapment operations esp Whitmer, that it is amazing these plots don't actually result in violence.

I'm not saying for certain what happened a week ago involved the FBI but there is reason to at least question whether feds were in contact with Crooks prior to July 13.

For example, 2 days after the assassination attempt, DOJ announced the indictment of a 21-year-old Georgian national for plotting a "mass casualty" event in NYC last year.

For months, the individual was in communication on encrypted chats (ESC) with--you guessed it--an FBI undercover agent (UC-1)Image
The affidavit follows a pattern. Plenty of texts, comms of the defendant but essentially none from the FBI agent.

But even with limited info, it's clear the FBI agent was not simply surveilling or infiltrating a group plotting violence but inciting it.

Similar to Whitmer fednapping hoax, this FBI agent wants to get into the so-called "Maniac Murder Cult," an alleged white supremacist group probably created by the FBI. He then starts to discuss "targets" and how to create explosives.Image
Here the FBI agent tells the individual he made a Molotov cocktail and asks for advice.

Recall in Whitmer--the FBI embedded an FBI undercover agent in the group in Sept 2020 to pose as an "explosives" expert to keep the FBI's plot going as the group started to disband.

"Red," the FBI UCE, brought a video of an exploding SUV to prove his cred to the target group.

The FBI made the video.Image
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Jul 17
NEW: Sources tell me DHS Secretary Mayorkas is stonewalling the release of this DHS IG report, which would include any security failures or perhaps involvement by the Secret Service on January 6.

For 2 years, the Biden White House, Democrats in Congress, and the media have attacked DHS IG Joseph Cuffari, who discovered that all of the texts belonging to roughly two dozen Secret Service officials including the head of USSS related to Jan 6 had been deleted at the end of January 2021--under the Biden regime.

Cuffari sought a criminal investigation into the purge of the messages--which occurred AFTER Democrats notified each federal agency to preserve all records and documents for Jan 6.

Instead, the J6 Committee and Biden White House started to smear Cuffari, claiming he failed to notify Congress about the missing texts--which is not true.

Cuffari today announced an inquiry into the Secret Service for the attempted assassination of Donald Trump.Image
Bennie Thompson--chair of the J6 select committee who pretended his job was to get to the truth about what happened that day--led the smear campaign against Cuffari and it continues to this day.

Thompson at the time was also chair of the House Homeland Security committee.

He apparently ignored Cuffari's warnings that DHS leadership was blocking the IG's investigation into Jan 6. This is from Cuffari's Sept 2021 semi annual report, which presumably Thompson received as committee chairman.

Maybe he didn't read it.Image
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Jul 8
MORE on fallout of Fischer and DOJ's plans to try to make 1512c2 stick to keep J6ers in jail and maintain the charge despite SCOTUS stating evidence impairment element must be present.

DOJ has not made that allegation in any indictment for 3 1/2 years but the crooks at the department are working on it now.

Judge Amit Mehta (I will get to him in a moment) just continued the already delayed sentencing of Oath Keeper Donovan Crowl. Here is what Matthew Graves' office told Mehta--basically, give us a month or so to come up with some garbage excuse to sustain 1512c2 count especially in high profile cases like Proud Boys:Image
When I am asked which judges should first be impeached (in an ideal world), Mehta is often in my top 4.


Among other reasons, he permitted the 1512c2 charge to go forward among the greatest number of J6 defendants.

This is from Dec 2021--he admits none of the indictments against the Oath Keepers involved evidence impairment, the new standard established by SCOTUS.

Nonetheless, Mehta denied motions to dismiss based on DOJ's intentional misreading of 1512c2Image
More from Judge Mehta (Obama appointee).

What he wrote here in Dec 2021 is in direct conflict with how SCOTUS just ruled in Fischer.

So what does Mehta--and 14 of his DC district court judges who also consented to DOJ's now unlawful use of 1512c2--do now?

Apologize to defendants? Vacate their convictions and sentences? Give them back years that some lost languishing in prison as innocent men and women? Remove the terror enhancement he applied in 1512c2 convictions?Image
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Jun 27
NEW: Judge Cannon just filed another banger of an order related to FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago and the former chief judge of DC court, the wretched Beryl Howell, decision to pierce attorney-client privilege that forced Trump's lawyer to turn over his records to Jack Smith in the documents case.

First, Cannon will hold a hearing into whether the search warrant was overly vague and whether agents were properly instructed as to the records they were authorized to seize.

This came up during the hearing on Tuesday. At issue are the general terms in the "property to be seized" attachment B. (On the right)

Also, were FBI agents fully briefed before the raid as to the different category of records involved?

Part of her order on the left.Image
Second--and this is huge and an issue I've covered in the past but haven't been able to update yet--Cannon is taking on Howell's clearly political ruling to pierce atty-client privilege amid alleged proof that Trump's lawyer, Evan Corcoran, was used to advance a crime committed by his client.

Jack Smith sought the piercing of privilege just weeks after being appointed special counsel.

Howell, an Obama appointee who makes her contempt for Trump well known, was only too happy to oblige. Corcoran then had to testify before the DC grand jury and produce all of his notes including recordings.

Cannon wants the full record behind Howell's decision and to hold a hearing related to the process. She has made several public comments expressing her frustration that most of the DOJ's investigation in the docs case occurred in DC rather than southern Florida.

Getting favorable rulings by Howell is why.

And the DC court is still concealing the records including GJ transcripts.Image
Cannon held a sealed hearing Tuesday morning on Trump's motion to suppress evidence obtained via Howell's order. Apparently it did not go well.

It appears Smith's team--Jay Bratt and David Harbach--vehemently opposed a public hearing on the crime-fraud exception ruling.

One reason? Smith doesn't want his witnesses in the matter (everything conducted behind closed doors and the docket sealed) to endure cross examination and potentially perjure themselves before trial.Image
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Jun 22
In advance of Monday’s hearing on Jack Smith’s latest proposed partial gag order on Trump, the special counsel last night filed another hyperbolic brief filled with unsubstantiated claims of bodily threats to law enforcement in docs case.

Note how Smith says “this Court.” He thinks Cannon won’t know about the similar gag order he sought (and received) from Judge Chutkan in DC.

In that proposal, he asked Chutkan to ban Trump from publicly criticizing HIM and others in special counsel’s office.

Chutkan granted—DC appellate court later reversed the part of her order covering Jack Smith, basically saying he’s a public official and should be able to take some criticism lolImage
Jack Smith used this same incident—fatal shooting of an Ohio man who allegedly tried to “attack” an FBI office a few days after MAL raid—in his gag order request in DC.

Like then, Smith now overlooks the fact that Ricky Shiffer was under FBI investigation for Jan 6:
As I explain here, Smith’s gag order is an attempt to cover up the reckless, sloppy, dirty FBI docs investigation and dangerous raid of MAL.

Can’t wait to hear what Judge Cannon has to say on Monday…

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Jun 19
Hey guys remember this story from several days ago.

Well....you'll never guess what happened!

Or actually...you probably will guess.Image
Another fed trap. This time, a man who appears to be a loner in Arizona who takes care of an 82-year-old man and goes to gun shows.

Set up by another seasoned FBI informant (CHS) Image
It's hard to think in this day and age that anyone would be set up by the feds at a gun show but in covering some of these entrapment stories you see how lonely, gullible, and occasionally unstable people (not saying this individual is) fall for their tricks:
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