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Token listing strategy playbook

📔 Founders especially, save this if you are planning to launch a token soon.

When discussing portfolio value add, it’s not just making introductions to other VCs/angels to fill up the fundraising round but actually getting hands-on with founders to devise a proper strategy for success. One of it includes a proper token listing strategy on trusted centralised exchanges (CEX).

- - - - - - - - -

Here is a high-level guide I’ve written to help you and your project navigate the murky waters of getting your token listed on a major CEX.

I’ll break it down into 5 sections:
• Token listing documents
• CEX and market maker negotiations
• Community
• Media coverage
• Misc

Before diving deeper, it is imperative to have a good fundraising plan before launching a token strategy.

Make sure you nail the following:
• Carve out a budget to pay for exchange listing fees (gets higher in a bull market) and market making (retainer) fees.
• Strategise on how to fundraise from the venture arm of large CEXes (@BinanceLabs, @cbventures, @OKX_Ventures) as it improves the chances of listing.
• Build relationships with VCs/ angels who have strong connections in the industry.

- - - - - - - - -

1. Token listing documents
In anticipation of a token launch, projects will need to prepare a few documents beforehand and they are the main requirements for a CEX listing.

This includes:
• A well written whitepaper (detailing the project’s vision and mission, explaining the protocol mechanism, team, roadmap).
• Tokenomics (token details, utility, vesting schedule, sustainable distribution).
• Protocol security and token audit from a trusted audit provider.
• Legal documents (entity documents, legal opinion from a lawyer).
• Investment and fundraising documents (last valuation raised at, cap table).
• Completed CEX listing forms (each CEX will have its own unique token listing form to fill up —> generally includes company incorporation, financial data, team, tokenomics, protocol mechanism, community and traction, legal documents).

- - - - - - - - -

2. CEX and market maker negotiations
(a) CEX
These days, every CEX listing involves a listing fee and these varies from paying in stablecoin USD terms to giving out a % of the token total supply. From our discussions, expect to pay a fee between $200k - $500k (sometimes more) or give out 5-20% of total token supply.

Apart from listing fees, projects can also be expected to pay for technical fees (audit, token integration), marketing fees and security deposits.

There is a backlog on every CEX now as more and more projects vie for a token listing. Building relationships + connections with the right people can expedite your success.

It is also crucial for founders to apply for listings on multiple CEXes to increase the chances of securing a token listing + use it for negotiations. Good to have a collaboration + marketing campaign with DeFi wallets of various CEXes for more eyeballs.

(b) Market Makers (MM)
Onboarding MMs is a necessary part of the listing process to maintain price stability and ensure healthy liquidity for the token.

MMs typically fall into 2 categories:
• Loan + option model: MM borrow tokens from the project to provide liquidity and are granted call options (the right to purchase the token at a cheaper price)
• Retainer + profit share model: project pay the MM monthly fees to maintain liquidity

@0xLouisT and @minjung_eth did some good research on MMs:

- - - - - - - - -

3. Community and socials
Form a strong (almost cult-like) and engaged community who will serve as your first set of users and word of mouth marketers.

Some tips:
• Discord <> Telegram/WeChat <> Twitter —> nail the trifecta of social media.
• Hire good community managers to manage Discord and Telegram groups, ecosystem/ BD leads to secure partnerships and localisation strategies (e.g. APAC lead/ head of marketing in Korea).
• Be active on Twitter from the main account + founder’s account to keep users informed with project updates + evangelise the product. Bonus if the project has a dedicated intern account/shitposter to get maximum mindshare (@intern <> @monad_xyz, @HugoMartingale <> @Polymarket).
• Integrate with major questing platforms for another source of GTM (e.g. @Galxe, @zealy_io and @layer3xyz) and building communities.
• Founders need to be constantly evangelising their project and be excited about what they are building. (Study @keoneHD <> @monad_xyz, @Punk9277 <> @_kaitoai, @SmokeyTheBera <> @berachain, @Taran_ss <> @stix_co).
• Airdrops to power users + making them rich is one of the best ways to form a loyal set of users (albeit a bit hard these days with industrial farms and sybils).

- - - - - - - - -

4. Media coverage
Crypto Twitter (CT) is inundated daily with memes, shitposts, charts, project updates, threads. Projects need a well-designed + comprehensive marketing plan to ensure all angles are adequately covered.

High level strats:
• Publishing on major crypto news portals to get maximum coverage from publications like @TheBlock__, @Foresight_News, @BlockBeatsAsia and @PANewsCN.
• KOL marketing which usually involves paid promotion or letting them invest at a lower valuation in exchange for marketing content (threads, articles, videos, channel shoutout).
• Outsourcing to top tier marketing agencies. Some of the good ones I have had the pleasure of working with includes @snow949494, @cryptofreedman <> @hypepartners, @JiraiyaReal <> @TailoredWeb3, @ciaobelindazhou <> @ShardDXB.
• Publishing deep research articles: apart from the big bois like @Delphi_Digital, @MessariCrypto, @blockworksres, there are many high quality firms that can be used like @Ian_Unsworth <> @kairos_res, @Steve_4P <> @FourPillarsFP, @blocmatesdotcom, @asxn_r and @Shoalresearch.

- - - - - - - - -

5. Misc
• @coingecko / @CoinMarketCap token listing.
• @dexscreener enhanced token information.
• @DefiLlama project listing.
• @DuneAnalytics dashboards to showcase relevant on-chain metrics and user analysis.
• @DeBankDeFi supported protocol.
• @tokenterminal data partnership.

- - - - - - - - - -

I'll caveat this by saying that every token launch is unique and a cookie-cutter approach is usually NGMI.

A successful launch obviously involves way more than what I’ve covered here - this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re working on a new project and want to learn more about the ins and outs of launching a token, feel free to reach out to @signum_capital or myself as we’re always looking to back bullish founders. Can’t leak too much alpha here :)…

• • •

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May 25
1/ With over $700m in TVL, @sanctumso is poised to capture a large share of the @solana liquid staking token (LST) market share by building a unified liquidity layer.

They envision a future where all staked $SOL can be used across Solana dApps - solving the liquidity fragmentation problem.

In this thread, I cover:
• History and problems of staking, introduction of liquid staking tokens (LST)
• Sanctum’s products (LSTs, stake accounts, reserve pool, trade router and Infinity)
• How to get started + Wonderland campaign
• Personal thoughts with relevant data

Join me in LST Wonderland 🧵Image
2/ TLDR of Staking + LSTs
(a) History
• Solana is a proof-of-stake (PoS) network where $SOL is staked to participate in the consensus of the network (block validation).
• The higher the amount is staked = the more secure the chain is. In return for staking, users get rewarded in more $SOL tokens.
• How to natively stake $SOL: Use @phantom to stake —> Phantom creates a stake account —> this account will be delegated to the validator of choice —> receive rewards.

(b) Problem
• Holding just plain $SOL alone causes users to lose out to inflation (rewards go to the stakers).
• However, staking $SOL with validators = capital opportunity cost as the staked $SOL cannot be used in other dApps (i.e. unable to generate yield on the staked $SOL).

(c) Solana LSTs
• In 2020, Lido was created on Ethereum which revolutionised the staking ecosystem. Users could now stake with Lido and receive a LST (stETH) which represents their staked ETH on a 1:1 ratio. The liquid stETH could now be used across multiple DeFi dApps and earn yield.
• Probably the best PMF crypto product, the model was replicated on Solana. Solana liquid staking protocols like @jito_sol and @MarinadeFinance have over $1.7 and $1.4b TVL respectively.
• How an LST on Solana is issued: Deposit $SOL into a LST pool —> stake account is created for the user which will be delegated to a group of validators —> user receives the staked $SOL that is liquid and can be used in other dApps + validator rewards.
• The total market cap of staked $SOL is $69b, while the total market cap for Solana LST is only $4b (6% liquid staking ratio) —> increasing the amount of LSTs will therefore unlock huge liquidity on-chain.

(d) Validator LSTs
• Liquid version of a stake account —> $SOL that is deposited into the validator LST pool creates a stake account that is delegated —> the staker receives the validator LST which represents their stake with the validator.
• Sanctum lets validators create their own LST where the staking revenue can be shared with holders.

But alas, tons of liquid staking protocols with different LSTs & liquidity pools lead to liquidity fragmentation - this is where Sanctum comes in.Image
3/ Sanctum Product Offering
Sanctum is a platform that allow validators to create their own LST (infinite number of LSTs) and they act as the unified liquidity layer. This helps to deepen liquidity for LSTs and consists of 3 working parts: Infinity, router and a reserve pool.

(a) Infinity
• Sanctum’s flagship product: a giant pool containing all types of LSTs (multi-LST pool) to ensure users can easily swap LSTs between each other. A close analogy is in the form of @CurveFinance's 3pool (DAI-USDC-USDT).
• Users can deposit any types of LST or $SOL into Infinity to get $INF, an LST which is yield bearing and can be used across multiple DeFi dApps (such as @KaminoFinance, @solendprotocol, @MeteoraAG, @ArmadaFi, @orca_so and @RaydiumProtocol).
• Why deposit? —> $INF earns the average staking return of all LSTs in Infinity + trading swap fees.

(b) Router
• This part explains how swaps between LSTs are carried out.
• As we have previously mentioned, LST is a liquid version of a stake account. But problems arise if liquidity pools for LSTs on DEXes are too thin which causes high slippage.
• Instead of swapping LSTs for one another in liquidity pools, Sanctum’s router uses the stake account and convert it to liquid wrappers.
• ELI5: the router just shifts your stake account from one LST provider to another —> liquidity is now no longer an issue for LSTs (especially new and smaller ones) since a liquidity pool for 2 LSTs (to facilitate trade) is not needed anymore.

(c) Reserve Pool
• This pool allows LST holders to insantly convert their LST back to $SOL pool is available for any LSTs on Solana.
• If a user swaps staked $SOL for $SOL, on the backend the pool will unstake the staked $SOL to replenish its reserve.
• It also serves as an important backstop for emergency unstaking.
• Instantly unstake here:
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May 18
1/ “Hope is a Fantom that makes a man run a long way."

In comes the spooky revival arc for @fantom with the Sonic-fication of its chain + new token migration into $S.

We discuss the Sonic upgrades + parallelized virtual machine + how to position yourself and get ready 🧵 Image
2/ Introduction
Fantom is a layer-1 blockchain platform aiming to address the limitations of scalability and transaction
costs faced by established networks like Ethereum.

Launched in December 2019, Fantom positions itself as a high-speed, low-cost alternative for developers building dApps and users seeking to interact with DeFi protocols.
3/ Sonic Network Reveal

Just yesterday, @FantomFDN revealed more details about the Sonic network.

In short:
• New layer 1 blockchain (Sonic Network) with a significant performance improvement + layer 2 bridge to Ethereum (unlock more liquidity)
• Parallelised EVM (Sei + Monad hype)
• New native token ($S) where people will have the option to migrate $FTM at a 1:1 convertion ratio (bridge for bi-directional swaps available)
• At least $100m $FTM earmarked by Fantom Foundation for ecosystem development
• Airdrop campign (farmers wya)

The above is subjected to a governance vote:…Image
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Apr 25
1/ Crpto natives mention the term "multisig" a lot, but most don't realize the true behemoth powering all the multisig infra is @safe.

Sharing some thoughts on why we at @Signum_Capital decided to back this protocol that secures more assets than @RobinhoodApp. Image
2/ Intro
Safe is both the most secure smart contract wallet infra and platform (Safe WALLET) + account abstraction leader (Safe CORE) on Ethereum and the entire EVM space.

It is trusted by some of the largest projects in crypto such as @1inch, @aave and @chainlink + running on 14 networks including Ethereum, @base, @arbitrum and @0xPolygon ().

We view Safe to be an integral foundation for the entire ecosystem due to the gargantuan value they…Image
a) Safe WALLET (Smart Contract Wallet)
Safe is an omega critical infrastructure for crypto users and developers, as it safeguards digital assets for projects/DAOs, institutions, individuals.

As of April 2024, the following stats show strong traction for Safe:
• Over 8m Safes created.
• Manages over $103B worth of assets.
• Conducted over 48m total transactions.

See the stats for yourself here:

Safe’s PMF cannot be denied as the stats show strong smart contract account adoption.

Safe’s Wallet ensures:
• Top grade security and audited contracts.
• Wallets controlled by many private keys (multi-sig).
• Decentralised co-ownership of assets.
• Self custodial wallets.
• Mobile access, Safe wallet is available on both the App Store and Google
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Jan 20
1/ @MetisDAO has grown considerably since I covered it way back in 2021. From just being a "Vitalik mother" coin, it has slowly made its way into a top 5 L2 contender.

The token had an incredible past 3 months with a ~10x surge in price since October due to a slew of narratives which led to an increase mindshare on the ecosystem.

This thread aims to outline the different narratives for Metis as well as dApp growth both on the DeFi and consumer apps side.
2/ Pampementals
• $400m ecosystem development fund at current price ()
• First L2 with decentralized sequencer ()
• Speculation on a potential Binance/ UpBit listing
• @nuvosphere inscriptions causing a spike in transactions
• And of course, Vitalik mom……Image
3/ Metis ecosystem
Metis has a plethora of dApps ranging from DeFi, gaming and NFT marketplaces.

Chads like @2lambro, @CryptMoose_, @crypthoem already covered the basics of Metis in their threads. In this thread we take a deeper dive into the three verticals below:
• DeFi
• Gaming/social
• NFTs + inscriptionsImage
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Dec 5, 2023
1/ Mega compilation of Bitcoin ecosystem resources.

Helpful for anyone needing to get up to speed with the latests developments especially pertaining to Ordinals and BRC-20. Image
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Aug 21, 2023
1/ The opportunity cost of being away from the screen gets higher as more chains and dApps launch.

Crypto ETFs + Bitcoin halving are some pumpemental narratives for a bull market resumption.

It is imperative to establish your foundations to quickly ape into new ponzis:

a) Getting started
• Leave capital/ dust money on different chains in case you need to bridge over to ape a new project/ shitcoin
• Bookmark faucet websites to get gas on new chains ( and are good examples)

• Install all types of wallets (for different chains) in your Chrome extension and have dust money on it
• Have a hot wallet on your phone in case you are AFK and need to ape something quickly
• Automating it through @TeamUnibot or @lootbot_xyz can be quite beneficial too
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