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Thread by @AnnaCherryOnTop: "Oh my. This will be a long thread. FACT 1: I spent all day customizing layout and overlays on and am now quite crea […]" #moldova #SGMS

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Oh my. This will be a long thread.
FACT 1: I spent all day customizing layout and overlays on and am now quite creatively drained
FACT 2: I did not anticipate such a robust response to this Q&A gimmick and am now frankly a little worried
FACT/CONFESSION 3: I am recovering narcissist (& histrionic insane person, really. the healer has been healing thyself) so we'll be fine tho
FACT 4: I am a foreigner pinko commie, born before the fall of USSR in a country that Russia *still* hasn't rec'd as independent. #moldova
FACT 5: I immigrated to USA with my immediate family, two semi-standard parental units, when I was 13.5 .. to Los Angeles.


I know.
FACT 6: I really very quite much enjoy cannabis, in moderation (every few hours)
if only I could get a lifetime supply of MediX cartridges..
CONFESSION 7: I have a teeny tiny baby "tit-mouse size" bladder that either has to pee every 15 minutes or other times holds it for hooours.
FACT 8: I started playing piano when I was 6 and almost graduated with a classical musical diploma but we moved to USA instead.
FACT 9: I'm convinced early piano training and "god-given" (aka huge) hands that my sensei raved about, is what makes me a formidable gamer.
CONFESSION 10: I see you lovely fuckers have accepted this challenge and won't let go like a bulldog.. I am getting worried (re: 45 Likes)
CONFESSION 11: I struggle with body image and autism spectrum issues, including social anxiety and obsessive-compulsion.
CONFESSION 12: I am re-dick-cool-us-lee happy, living dream life I never thought possible and Love & Unconditional Acceptance is at its core
CONFESSION 13: Self-Improvement and Self-Acceptance are the two sides of the coin at the base of my intention for myself and everyone else.
FACT 14: I have extremely "conservative" and radically "liberal" political ideas, which probably is why everyone is so confused about it.
CONFESSION 15: I have been steadily marathoning Twilight Zone for a few hours before bedtime and have a smidge of a crush on Rod.
CONFESSION 16: I adore Naruto (watching Shippuden now) and generally get moved to tears by anime & related things (art, music) ALL THE TIME.
CONFESSION 17: I am obsessed with noir & 40s music even though I wasn't exposed to it as a child/growing up. It's weird. Bethesda to blame?
FACT 18: I am an indica girl through and through but I won't say no to a good hybrid.

Pineapple Express. Girlscout Cookies. Jack Herer.
FACT 19: Most beers - Apel Ale, Pilsner, and IPA - taste like warmed over asshole. Acquired taste only through drunkness dopamine.
FACT 20: If you can't find cider, hefeweizen, or amber beer to drink -- try asking for a few wedges of lemon (or lime) and squeeze it in.
CONFESSION 21: I don't like the taste of- and have low tolerance for- alcohol but I will shoot straight Crown Royal or gold tequila. Yum!
CONFESSION 22: I love being outdoors, forests and rivers - mountains and beaches & seas, in particular, are my favorite places I've been.
CONFESSION 23: I am a retardedly huge fan of the Square Enix (!!) Tomb Raider reboot (never played any others) but Jolie will always be bae.
CONFESSION 24: 2017 is the year I officially got grabbed by the pussy and lost my soul to Blizzard. RIP self.
FACT 25: Yes, I really do have degree in Neuroscience-Psychology but pick porn (together with my SO & sexy girls) as more fulfilling career.
FACT 26: I really believe we are one "organism", connected to well-being of others through our actions, and I trust law of attraction (some)
FACT 27: No, I'm not into "watersports" but it's been my job, drive & calling to understand and fetishize others' fetishes

I love water tho
CONFESSION 28: Yes, I have given people foot fetishes. People who did not have them before me. This is true.
CONFESSION 29: Which is even more weird to me than for you because I was "bullied" for my feet when I was younger by a family member.
CONFESSION 30: I have always had odd "fetish" preferences for male body parts like forearms, presence/type of veins, thighs, shoulders/backs
CONFESSION 31: Yes, and feet and hands too. Pretty male hands manipulating objects (esp cooking knives) border on pornography for me.

Double-fetish. You're killin' my ovaries, Smalls.
FACT 33: It is definitely somewhere in our 10-20 year plan to move to Japan and/or New Zealand. Yes, torn between my weeaboo and goth halves
FACT 34: Wit/Intelligence on an attractive man (especially who doesn't realize he is sexy) is like my number one goddamn kryptonite.
FACT 35: Yes, my partner and I have been together for over one decade (officially, in late August).
FACT 36: ...annnd have been doing porn with other women for at least seven of those years.

And everyone still assumes we are newlyweds. ^-^
CONFESSION 37: I am a binar.
(brush up on your Star Trek species, pleb)
CONFESSION 38: On that note, I absolutely had a crush on Data and would waifu him in a second.
CONFESSION 39: (On also the same note, I sorta did)

On the second note re:binar - We both wished to synch with the other & are inseparable!
CONFESSION 40: A lot of my personality traits and preferences grew because of- & were nourished by Daddy. I am his work of art (in progress)
FACT 41: The first games I ever played (in Soviet Russia!) were Prince of Persia and Lion King on pre-Pentium PC. Oh, and Microsoft Paint.
FACT 42: I played Neverhood in my teens and dabbled in PS2 Crash Bandicoot before beginning gaming "for reals" in 2006.
CONFESSION 43: My life could have continued down a sad and lonely path when I started college but I was rescued instead by Love & born anew.
CONFESSION 44: That is the biggest reason why I champion Love & Compassion and acceptance of other humans -- it was what saved me.
FACT 45: I cannot stress enough how much education and self-reflection (through cognitive behavioral therapy and supplements) plays a role.
CONFESSION 46: I haven't birthed children ..BUT I have been involved w/ an organization to assist in-vitro fertilization, successfully once.
FACT 47: I do have a single sibling, a sister. She is roughly 18 years younger than me so...I babysat a literal baby for a few months.
CONFESSION 48: I wish we could go back to D&D 3.5 and pretend none of this happened to the realms.
CONFESSION 49: I like round (grab-able!) male butts and I cannot lie.
CONFESSION 50: Yes, in case you are wondering -- before I was rescued into a good & loving home -- myself until 19 relates with Tina 100%
FACT 51: I don't "identify as otherkin" but I pretended to be other animals my entire life & I'm definitely a furry (like, drawings n stuff)
CONFESSION 52: I had awkward event of creepy copykat attempting to call me out for "copying her tweets" (2 words similar) with this history:
FACT 53: Daddy and I have been to many EXXXOTICA and one AVN AEE trade shows. First one was in 2010 at MFC booth in Chicago.
FACT 54: I went to my first Dragon*Con in 2008 with Daddy and discovered cosplaying. Been doing it at conventions and in porn since then!
CONFESSION 55: I always wanted to be a redhead with green eyes since I was a little girl. Why? No idea.
CONFESSION 56: I am, what they call, a 9/11 Truther in that it is impossible to take the official report by the 9/11 council as fact.
FACT 57: Guys proudly displaying their fan-ism of StarWars as a proxy for personality make my mind gag just like the Starbucks & uggs girls.
CONFESSION 58: I do a lot of weird shit in my job, mostly in dirty talk/roleplay department. And I am going to talk about it! (on YouTube)
CONFESSION 59: I find that wit/intelligent sense of humor & what I would name confidence -- a relaxed surety of oneself -- are aphrodisiacs.
CONFESSION 60: I got a full blown "whore fetish" - men spending money on mine & their sexual gratification -- before I ever knew of camming!
CONFESSION 61: I blame the film "Biloxi Blues".

On that note, I also have a slight fetish for innocence.
CONFESSION 62: Such as corruption of shy Christian male youth. I also have a thing for naughty nuns and blasphemy, in general, is kinda hot.
FACT 63: As a child of the CCCP proletariat/intelligentsia -- religion was a bit of a old world thing that I vaguely participated in.
CONFESSION 64: However, this whole Western Catholic/Baptist sex shaming and chastity vow thing gave me a fetish. Thanks, America.
CONFESSION 65: I detest femdom (on men, but I will happily do it with women) and kinda grew to hate dominas, who invariably suck as people.
CONFESSION 66: I do adore the living fuck out of findom (that's the whore fetish again) especially since I trust my clients to truly want it
CONFESSION 67: I do a lot of taboo roleplay/talk with camming clients & strive to provide a playground for all fantasies, esp fucked up ones
That was an insane experience. Brief and overwhelming, just like your dad's dick.
Wait, what.

Thanks, Twitter. I shall treasure it forever!
RIP everyone who unfollowed and *@&$ ^)$! to everyone who muted me.

I was assuming that has likely happened as a result of the insane fact/confession thread.

I got MORE followers!
CONFESSION 68: My happy place consists of gaming, anime, sci-fi, and Daddy cuddles. I could live in a box and eat ants and still be joyous.
CONFESSION 69: Giving oral sex is my absolute favorite thing.
Better performed on men, as they tend to know what they like.
CONFESSION 70: It took me close to one year of near-daily practice between the ages of 18 and 19 to learn how to orgasm.
FACT 71: I have been in USA since 2001 and have lived in SoCal, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Las Vegas, and NorCal. In that order.
CONFESSION 72: My "worst" physical flaw is my skin. The biggest organ of the body!
CONFESSION 73: GT's organic kombucha and coconut oil are my secret weapons of hair & skin care.
CONFESSION 74: Club soda (mineral water) and unsweetened green tea are the only drinks I need to be satisfied.
CONFESSION 75: French fries are highly addictive to me but are useless without a "kosher dill" Russian pickle to go with it.
FACT 75: I was against postmodernism before it was cool.
FACT 76: I was anti-feminist before it was cool.
FACT 77: I will continue to be a transhumanist and meritocrat until it becomes cool again.
FACT 78: My genetic background is 50% Russian, 25% Moldovan-Romanian, 25% Ukranian-Jewish.
FACT 79: I think atheism is the highest level of arrogance, rivaling most organized religions.
CONFESSION 80: I identify as gnostic.

More specifically, Scientific Gnostic Memetic Shamanism. #SGMS
CONFESSION 81: Greek yogurt strawberry chocolate cheesecake is my personal Jesus.
FACT 82: Hot Coffee and Monster Rehab (or Ultra Sunrise & Citron) are my guilty pleasures and absolute 100% go-go juice.
FACT 83: My personal health and weight management regimen includes a diet of no refined sugar, no meat, and no processed products.
FACT 85: I use stevia (and Sweet&Low( as an artificial sweetener and never get anything "low fat" if at all possible.
FACT 86: I started growing my hair when it was at chin length in 2006.
FACT 87: Daffodils are my favorite flowers. Lilac trees are a close second.
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