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The marvellous @deer_ful with a #Gameboy solo and liberal interpretation of @kingandqueenw1 acoustic club rules.
New to me @theindelicates with magnificent trousers and dogging as a metaphor for brexit. Excellent!
Bringing a fantastic evening to a close the wonderful @emma_kupa. Great night all round. Will be back!
Another afternoon in the beautiful and blissfully cool @UnionChapelUK for @Daylight_Music. @TheChoroes up first.
Followed by @AJHolmes_THE with songs about Robin Hood Gardens. Great stuff!
Bringing DM #255c to a close excellent folk duo @LukasDrinkwater and @TobiasbenJacob. See you all next week for all electronic DM 2**8!
Tremendous set from the mighty @PSB_HQ in @RoughTrade East. Newsreel footage made the songs from superb new album even more vital.
Back in RTE for solo set from and Q&A session with the fab @ezrafurma. Happy anniversary to the excellent @bellaunion! More Ezra tomorrow!
In @BarbicanCentre for more @bellaunion anniversary celebrations. First up the new to me @broenband. Keen to see and hear more!
Followed by the brilliant @ezrafurman being brilliant as always! Great to see most of music twitter there. Too many to tag everyone!
Daylight music 256. Excellent @BitCloudy getting things started. Included a cover of Kate Bush's Deeper Understanding! @Daylight_Music
Beautiful cinematic synths, cello and voice from @davidjulyan & @Heloise_Werner.
Bringing this season of @Daylight_Music to a close the wonderful 8 bit @deer_ful. Thanks to all involved. See you all in September!
Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang at #WalthamstowGardenParty. Beer time now. 🍺
Funky Brazilian hip-hop with BNegão & Seletores de Frequência at #WalthamstowGardenParty.
The absolute legend that is @tootsmaytals at #WalthamstowGardenParty. Superb set! Great crowd singalongs especially to Country Roads.
Great stuff from @TheSkaVengers at #WalthamstowGardenParty. Definitely a must see at @WOMADfestival in a couple of weeks!
The beautiful Orchestra of Syrian Musicians at #WalthamstowGardenParty.
Enjoyed @Heliocentrics_! Want to see them again in a small venue! #WalthamstowGardenParty
Seen them several times and they're always a treat. The mighty @TINARIWEN outstanding as always at #WalthamstowGardenParty.
Brilliant and sweaty party in @RichMixLondon with @lascafeteras! Thanks to @WOMADfestival for the introduction to this fantastic band!
Always a delight! The very marvellous @rachaelsage in @GreenNote basement this evening. Great night!
Goat Girl opening @VisionsFestival. Great start! Quick bite to eat and then hope to get in for @nogaerez!
Made it! @nogaerez was everything I hoped for based on stunning debut album. Need to see a longer show!
Completely new to me @sopharela. Will have to check her album out! #visionsfestival
Another I had been wanting to see since first play of wonderful album and @hollymacve did not disappoint. A must see at @GreenManFest!
The only thing any two @jennyhval shows have in common is how great they are! #visionsfestival
Sebright Arms not a great venue to arrive late to (good otherwise though!) @Happynessmusic sounding good but out of sight! #visionsfestival
Moved back to @OvalSpace for last half of Sophie. Flagging a bit but want to make late rescheduled Moor Mother set. #visionsfestival
Brutal, awesome and slightly terrifying. @moormother well worth staying out and a mad dash for last train for. #visionsfestival
Too long since my last gig at @cafeoto so pleased to be here tonight. First up some poems from Amy Cutler.
Next up the charming Ed Askew.
And finally the tremendous @Trem_Bells who were as great as ever. A band I can see again and again which is handy as I'll see them tomorrow!
Another great night in lovely but hot @cafeoto. Poems from Jeff Hilson first.
Followed by the birthday boy @AliRobertsMusic. Always a treat to see that guitar playing.
And finishing with the legendary @smilingmanheron with the mighty @Trem_Bells! 2 brilliant nights! See you at @GreenManFest Bells!
Still in love with @respektor after nearly 2 hours of her wonderful songs and playing at @EventimApollo.
Lovely evening in the magnificent @Bushhallmusic. First up @JGhedi with some folk songs and exceptional playing.
Followed by the star @HelloNadiaReid. Current album 'Preservation' is one of the best of the year so check it out if you don't know it.
Back in the beautiful @Bushhallmusic for a very different scene and with a different crowd. First up @WotGorillaBand.
Followed by @deltasleep.Will look out for these guys again!
And the headline and with seemingly boundless energy the immense @tricot_band! Added to the "must see if they're in town" list! #tricot
Barely recovered from @eotr but made it to barrier of @villunderlondon for @Deerhoof. First up @IamRSotelo.
Next up @letonmite with some strange but intriguing music played on a great selection of instruments.
The mighty @deerhoof up close and personal is life changing but think I sweated out half my body weight. 😂
Back in one of my favourite venues @thelexington for @mglaspy but first up @leifvollebekk. Love that old Wurlitzer sound!
The very wonderful @mglaspy with a typically generous set. Exciting news of new album in the works. Back tomorrow for more!
Back for night 2 in a different spot. @leifvollebekk opening again.
Another wonderful set from @mglaspy with plenty of difference to last night. Loving the new songs. Looking forward to they're recorded!
Back in @villunderlondon for @girlpoolband but first and playing her second ever UK gig @IANSWEETWEET. Will be checking album out!
Great fun set from @girlpoolband who were cleary having a blast as were we!
Another hot footing from work to make doors for a @KOKOLondon early Friday gig. First up new to me @AlaskalaskaBand.
And celebrating today's release of their wonderful new album the delightful @alvvaysband.
In @SebrightArms with their fantastic beer for the return of Peggy Sue. First up Martha Rose. Enjoyed that!
Thrilled to witness the return of @peggysueband. New songs sounded great. Looking forward to hearing them on an album.
New to me as of this morning and thanks to @RoughTrade mailing list now a fan of #Myrkur and her "weird folkie instrument".
Support band in @jamboreevenue last night. Didn't catch their name but keen to track them down.
The fabulous @donkipper with their wonderful multicultural sound.
Wonderful Sunday evening celebrating London's diversity through poetry and prose and music from @AnaSilveraMusic and @Mayaqanun. #hhlitfest
The extraordinary @JoQuailCello opening for @gabbyyoung at @thelexington. No broken strings this time! 😂
The fabulous @gabbyyoung channeling Kate Bush's hands to celebrate her single launch.
Handy having @RoughTrade East a few minutes walk from work. Just caught @LA_WITCH play an in-store in my lunch break. 😃
In @WindmillBrixton to say a sad goodbye to the mighty @evansthedeath. Nice surprise getting @FeverDreamBand as support.
Sad that this is the end of @evansthedeath but they left us in the style to which we've become accustomed. Great gig! Set list tombola!
First visit to @StrongroomBar last night. First up @YvonneMcdmusic.
Next an act I had been wanting to catch for a while and now see why the buzz is building. Wonderful story telling from @HazelIrisMusic!
Lastly the enchanting @FearoftheForest with their hurdy-gurdy and hammered dulcimer! #hurdygurdy #dulcimercore
It's back! Opening the very welcome new season of @Daylight_Music it's @duhsaxophones from Portland with some relaxing and cinematic songs.
Followed by sad songs and excellent guitaring from the brilliant @rmhubbert from Glasgow.
Finally for today the always delightful @kathwilliamsuk. What a treat! See you all next week DM gang!
A brisk walk and at @thelexington for @loudwomenclub. First up @argonautband. Lots of kids having a blast!
Followed by proper raucous 3 piece Rabies Babies. Glorious!
Next up The Dinner Ladies. Doing well for bands that I don't know but would see again so far!
Closing the afternoon @MilitantGF minus a drummer but still great! Loving the bass and guitar swaps!
Back in @thelexington (my second home!). First up Honey Birch with some great songs. One to watch!
Next up a long term favourite @katycarrmusic with her bilingual tales of Poland.
Finally @McCookerybook who I previously did not know and was seemingly missing out. Seen here with The Horns.
Back in @UnionChapelUK (my other second home!). @petr_aleksander opening with a relaxing instrumental set.
Absolutely spellbinding set from the incredible voiced @susannesundfor playing to a silent and enchanted audience. New album is a gem!
The fabulous sounding and great beer serving last night @OsloHackney . First up dark electro from the highly entertaining Dubais.
A brilliant, powerful and intense set from @the_EMA_ playing songs from one of the most vital albums of the year and some oldies too!
In the stunning @RoyalAlbertHall in the best seats I've ever had for @toriamos. First up @BellX1 who I'd see again for sure! #ToriAmos
WOW! #ToriAmos
In @Montague_Arms (New venue for me! Decent beer!) for @MadonnatronBand . First up No Friendz making an enjoyable racket.
Next up the all together more sedate Pregoblin. Sounding good!
Fucking Madonnatron! Been wanting to see them again since Green Man! See them in a small venue while you still can folks!
Back in the usual spot at @Daylight_Music. @KeevaMusic getting today's edition to a soulful start.
A folky middle from @DipperMalkin.
And a synthy finish from Danalogue ending another very varied @Daylight_Music.
Ages since I was last in @CamdenAssembly! Do Nothing up first.
A band I'd been wanting to see since release of excellent debut More Nothing and @babyinvain did not disappoint! Hope they're back soon!
Back in my beloved @GreenNote. Always great when the support is a favourite! Here's the wonderful @MiriamJones with her lovely songs.
Funny, charming and engaging as always @erinmckeown with excellent guitaring and songs. The queen of audience participation got us singing!
Nice surprise to catch Flat Worms making a ferocious racket at yesterday's lunchtime visit to @RoughTrade East. Album sounding good!
It's Saturday afternoon so @Daylight_Music! @YazzAhmed1, @jbradymusic & Alcyona Mick opening with a stunning improv for brass and organ.
Next up Martin White with songs, accordion and organ. #organunframed
Paul Carter with @CHatherley79 with some soundscapes. #organreframed
Closing today @seamusfog and @eddowie with some old and new songs. #organreframed #eddowieframed
Made it to Norwich in time to get a spot on the barrier. Indie rockers @WeArePalace opening.
Tremendous set from the mighty @PSB_HQ in Norwich last night. Perfect selection of songs from throughout their career and stunning visuals!
Love a quick lunchtime gig! Here's the fab @phoebe_bridgers at @RoughTrade East.
St. Vincent doing her thing in Brixton on Tuesday!
The super cool and extremely talented @kellyleeowens in @OsloHackney last night. Stunning modern electronic music!
On the barrier in @KOKOLondon for a Friday evening early one. @sorrybanduk up first.
Next up @GetInuit. Pretty solid!
It's impossible to leave a @commoonicate gig without a big grin on your face even after losing great spot due to work problems!
Saturday and back in usual spot for @Daylight_Music. @neilcampbell8 opening with mesmerising solo guitar instrumentals.
Next up experimental 4 piece @SpindleEnsemble with magical instrumentals.
Closing today @michael__price with @iskrastrings and @petergregson. Outstanding! See you all next week DM gang!
The excellent @gavin_osborn with his mix of sad and funny songs. Thanks @deborahfinding for the intro!
Back in @thelexington with the usual suspects. First up @willlstratton with some charming songs and guitar.
And headline @TheWeatherStn who I came to late through latest album but am fast becoming a fan of.
Back in a packed @Moth_Club for @dietcig. A favourite for support! @spookschool opening with a typically electric set!
All the good things I'd heard about @dietcig's live show are true! What a tremendously energetic and fun gig that was!
The legendary @100clubLondon tonight. First up @theleegriffiths. Enjoyed that!
Followed by the legendary @freshnet with a full play through of #PowerInTheDarkness with his tremendous band. Outstanding gig!
The plush surroundings of @PalladiumLondon last night. First up @jonathancoulton with songs about sci-fi and comic books.
And headlining the truley marvellous @aimeemann. My 9th time seeing her and as brilliant always with a career spanning set-list.
Spectacular lighting at @LittleDragon's multicoloured dance party in @RoundhouseLDN. Fantastic tunes and sound too! #littledragon
Where else is there to be on a Saturday afternoon but @Daylight_Music? @musicalbliss up first with Nepalese fusion!
Next up singer-songwriter @hanamusic123.
Closing today community choir @FellowsBellow.
In lovely @OmearaLondon for Holly Macve. New to me @thehoneyants opening. Love a bit of pedal steel!
The fabulous @hollymacve playing songs from her stunning debut album 'Golden Eagle' and some new ones. Looking forward to next album now!
Always a treat to be in @GreenNote! Tonight we are celebrating @WildSoundRecs' birthday with a full line-up. @WIDE_SKIES opening.
Next up @danwildemusic with some top notch songs and bonus @pollypaulusma!
And now @stylusboy with more great songs and stories.
Headlining, curating and record label owning marvellous @pollypaulusma with a set list including my favourite songs! What a wonderful gig!
The super cool and funny @baxterdury in @RoughTrade East. New album is a gem. Looking forward to that @KOKOLondon show!
In beautiful @ShoreditchTH for @FirstAidKitBand. @vanwilliammusic opening. Will check that forthcoming album out for sure!
What a treat to see the phenomenal @FirstAidKitBand from front row of a small venue now! New songs! Save a spot on the 2018 best of lists!
A very different scene from last night tonight! Solid indie rock from @paraalta opening in the excellent @SebrightArms.
Followed by one of the biggest surprises of @EOTR the astonishing @thestarcrawler! Catch them in a small venue while you can! #starcrawler
A special @UnionChapelUK birthday celebration edition of @Daylight_Music. First up enchanting Lithuanian folk instrumentals from Lietava.
Fascinating part lecture and part performance as @DominicMurcott introduces us to the incredible player piano and Conlon Nancarrow's music.
Slightly creepy ventriloquist's dummy automaton, theremin, bell thing and wonderful music from @sarah_angliss.
First time in @TheJazzCafe since the refurbishment! @EdProsek playing the support slot.
And "pop sensation" @nova_says playing all of her classic album Oyster with her incredible band! Absolutely stunning! #popsensation
In the magical @UnionChapelUK. Folk duo @HannahBenMusic opening.
Too long since I last saw @gretchenpeters so tonight was a treat. Perfect mix of old and new songs. Another 2018 release to look forward to!
Great evening in @DomeTufnellPark. First up @doveandwolf who I'm sure we'll be seeing more of!
Absolutely electrifying set from @torreslovesyou. Sensational guitaring!
Quick lunchtime gig! The excellent @NicoleAtkins in @RoughTrade East followed by a curry. Lunchtime well spent!
It must have been days since I was last in @UnionChapelUK. ☺ @KatieMalco here opening for Julien Baker.
A packed Union Chapel was held in reverential silence by a solo @julienrbaker.
Should have probably just slept on a pew. Back in gorgeous @UnionChapelUK for @Daylight_Music being enchanted by Claudia Barton.
Followed by @ElizaMcCarthy_1 with spellbinding compositions by John Luther Adams & Mica Levi.
Closing today Angèle David-Guillou with the Guildhall Saxaphone Ensemble. Another brilliant and eclectic Daylight Music!
Becoming part of the furniture at @UnionChapelUK! Seeing @JGhedi play support is becoming a habbit but that can only be a good thing!
Michael Chapman up next with extraordinary guitar playing. Gotta love a song about The Mallard! 🚂
Another gig where you could hear a pin drop. The audience bewitched by Julie Byrne's beautiful voice, songs and playing. #juliebyrne
Very excited to be seeing Anna Meredith in @OvalSpace tonight! @sir_Was_SE up first.
Absolutely tremendous set from @AnnaHMeredith and her sensational band. Everyone clearly having a blast! Tuba! Tuba! Tuba!
Back home in @UnionChapelUK for Jazz Festival @Daylight_Music. @TheHExperiment up first with an idiosyncratic arrangement of Big Yellow Taxi and more.
The incredible Nik Bärtsch up next with sublime playing.
Closing today spellbinding organ and piano work from @MatthewBourne_ and @KitDownes.
The delightful @lauraveirs being an absolute delight in @DingwallsLive. New songs! New album coming! Tour in the spring! Go see her!
Installed on the barrier in @Islington_AH. The excellent @H_HAWKLINE opening.
I've seen @AldousHarding many times now and yet still find her performances astonishing. IAH enchanted into silence this evening by her powers.
Dalston's @ServantJazz tonight. First up Colonial Sun with some quality songs.
Delighted to finally catch @MallyHarpaz performing her own beautiful compositions.
Storyteller @HazelIrisMusic with her wonderful voice and folky tales. Busiest artist of the night @MallyHarpaz in the background there.
Awesome and menacing industrial sounds from the mighty @Laibach at @O2Islington this evening. A never seen before for me but sure to see again!
A @HaikuSalut curated @Daylight_Music was sure to be a treat. Off to a great start with @lilithaimusic's wonderful voice and songs.
Lots of beautiful voices now from @deepthroatchoir!
Closing today yet more beauty from @kathrynjoseph_. Thanks to @HaikuSalut for the top picks! Looking forward to Xmas lamp show!
Good afternoon in @IndieLabelMkt with records and beer. Now installed in @OmearaLondon for @lowlyband. @HCauson opening.
Next up @hilangchild.
Outstanding set from @lowlyband playing tracks from one of the best albums of the year.
Brighton tonight in the never before visited @PatternsBTN. Rokurokubi up first with some sweet psych.
Followed by Vïsta and his plant.
And playing tracks from my album of the year the mighty @pumarosamusic! Absolutely brilliant!
Back in @KOKOLondon for Baxter Dury. Up first Crewel Intentions with some good old fashioned rowdy and sleazy rock and roll.
Next up the tremendous Goat Girl.
Excellent set from the cool and funny @baxterdury, superb band and a couple of special guests.
Back in the lovely @UnionChapelUK for the delightful @JescaHoop. The charming @MrLucasOswald up first playing some great songs solo.
Gravelly voiced misery from @danmumbleson. Love it!
The delightful @JescaHoop being a delight as always. Seen her many times although not quite "old guard" and will always go back for more.
My seat was still warm! @Jenn1fer_a presenting a history of the foghorn because @Daylight_Music!
Next up @thesefeathers with intriguing soundscapes.
A spoken word piece by @Jenn1fer_a and Luke Turner next.
Experimental violin duo @laurarecorder and André Bosman. Lovely stuff. Dig the tiny Marshall amp!
Closing today a 30 minute snare drum roll from Charles Hayward. There had better be a good trick at the end.
Installed on the barrier in @o2sbe for the very exciting return of @Sleepertweeting. First up the exuberant @yassassinmusic.
Next up Silver Sun who I last saw supporting Sleeper in 1996! Enjoyed them then. Enjoyed them now!
FUCKING SLEEPER!!! The longest gap between seeing I band I've had (21 years!) and @ReaLouisewener still cool as fuck and full of attitude! #sleeper
Beautiful harmonies from Sunderland's finest folkies the @Cornsheds in @thsndslnd this evening. They're a bit like Metalica!
Back in @UnionChapelUK for @LostMap's @Daylight_Music. @PictishTrail with @Monoganon kicking things off.
The always entertaining @a_deplume up next.
Manuela up next with some sweet songs.
Closing today the marvellous @serafinasteer and her Bas Jan friends.
Back over on @o2sbe for Saint Etienne. @theclientele opening the stage with some laid back indie-pop.
Heaps of fun as always with @bobpetesarah's big party. Matt Berry guesting on 'I Was Born On Christmas Day' there. #SaintEtienne
Made it through the snow to @StrongroomBar for @LostMap's Christmas do. @PictishTrail and @Monoganon getting the party started.
Funny and charn (Christmas) Present up next.
Next up @Monoganon doing his own great stuff with @PictishTrail helping him out for a bit. #strangeinvitation
The fabulous Manuela up next. Very full sound and great vocals. #strangeinvitations
Bringing a great day of music to a close the mighty @fire_stations! Love a bit of e-bow action! Indie-rock cover of Stay Another Day to finish. 👍 #strangeinvitation
Beautiful evening of modern folk songs in lovely new venue to me @stpeters_ips from @AnaSilveraMusic. @jasperhoiby on double bass there.
In @thesociallondon for @huwstephens' picks. First up @treeboyandarc making a good old racket in not a lot of light!
3 piece @exitkidband up next.
The only band on tonight I'd seen before. Excellent set from @brydeofficial. @cajitamusic on bass there!
Lively and thoroughly enjoyable @SuperGlu_band bringing a great evening to a close!
Too long since my last @shemakeswar gig so good to catch up in intimate @ServantJazz this evening. New songs sounded great! PledgeMusic project to get them recorded here: pledgemusic.com/projects/shema…
In a busy @TheIslington tonight. New to me singer-songwriter @MrAdamBeattie opening. Great songs. Would be happy to see again.
Spreading the seasonal cheer it's @josienneclarke with her extraordinary voice. Outstanding guitaring from @benwwalker as always!
In the legendary @WindmillBrixton for @trashmouthrecs Christmas party. Peter Harris opening. Love a bit of trumpet and trombone action!
No Friendz. Not sure I see the Whigfield influences 😂 but they make a mighty racket. 👍
Next up @CHVPACABRA. Solid garage punk.
Swagger, melody and great lyrics from @PitPonyRecords.
Back in spectacular @UnionChapelUK for last @Daylight_Music. @FakeLaughMusic opening with a solo piano set of covers, instrumentals and his own great songs.
That has to be an all time DM highlight. Ted Barnes and a fantastic set of musicians including @gillsandell soundtracking The Selfish Giant. Just wonderful!
Bringing @Daylight_Music to a close today, and this year, the wonderful voices of The Downsmen.
Nice walk down to St. John on Bethnal Green for Haiku Salut. New tp me @GrawlixBand opening.
Spectacular lamp show from the supremely talented trio that are @HaikuSalut. So many instruments per song!
Last visit of the year to my beloved @GreenNote for another dose of @AnaSilveraMusic and @jasperhoiby's winter show. Enchanting as always!
Last visit of the year to @thelexington. @HHoldenMusic opening with some tropical vibes making December in London feel less cold and damp.
Always a treat to see @TheWavePictures! One of my favourite live bands for sure. Franic in a Herman Dune t-shirt there for fans of bands wearing band t's.
Ventured down to @TootingTram for @theagilmore's Christmas bash. First up the excellent @NigelStonier playing a few of his own songs.
The fabulous @theagilmore and her superb band playing a selection of her own songs as well as some covers of Christmas classics. Great to see Fluff again!
One more last gig of the year in @thelexington. Thoroughly enjoyed @HurtlingBand opening @loudwomenclub Christmas party!
Next up the tremendous @GUTTFULL! My new favourite band! EP bought! Must be seen again! #NotAllMen
Talk about ending 2017 gigging on a high! What a fantastic and fun set from @JoanneJoanneUK with a packed Lex grinning and dancing throughout.
Pleasing that the first gig of this year and the last is at @thelexington and the first of 2018 is too when I return for #WinterSprinter!
Not going to do this ridiculous thread thing again as I never expected it to stay unbroken and it got completely out of hand! The numbers on that @G1RLRAY tweet that kept reappearing though! 😂
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