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(Thread) Let's talk about Russian hacking and some of the people involved. #TrumpRussia #RussiaGate #WakeUpGOP
2. In March 99, Russians were probing the internet and trying to uncover secrets. #TrumpRussia edition.cnn.com/WORLD/europe/9…
3. Congressman Curt Weldon - at that point - not compromised basically said we were having a Cyberwar with Russia #TrumpRussia
4. In April 99, Weldon spoke with the Clinton administration about him brokering a peace deal in Yugoslavia through his #Russian contacts.
5. Strobe Talbott laughed at him and not to try - but he did anyways. He took a CODEL with Kucinich, Sanders and a few others to Belgrade
6. When he returned, the Clinton admin denounced his effort as “uncoordinated free-lance” diplomacy. This definitely pissed him off bc
7. Within weeks, he had joined the ranks of Edward Lozansky and co. #TrumpRussia c-span.org/video/?123088-…
8. The Summer was quiet, but then a bombshell broke in September - as the Russians were hacking D.O.D. #TrumpRussia #RussiaGate
9. It was coming from the Russian Academy of Sciences! #TrumpRussia #RussiaGate
10. A few weeks after that, Weldon was giving speeches in Congress (with Rohrabacher) about how great Russia was #TrumpRussia #RussiaGate
12. This was just the beginnings of an alliance, but the cards were in play. Lozansky had met Weldon. It had begun. #TrumpRussia
13. In December 99, Lozansky hosted a "High Tech Networking event hosted by the Russian Academy of Sciences - In DC washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/article…
14. Lozansky's American University in Moscow tax forms listed Yuri Ossipyan - then the VP of the RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES #TrumpRussia
15. As well as Gennady Osipov - also a member of R.A.S. #TrumpRussia
16. My question #TrumpRussia folks is this: y would a US Congressman align himself to the group he declared cyberwar on? #RussiaGate
17. Could it be, #TrumpRussia people, that he was turned? #WakeUpGOP
18. #Breaking 3 years after ppl from the RAS hacked us and he declared cyberwar, he then joined the enemy? #Resist 2005-09.newenglishreview.org/blog_direct_li…
19. @LouiseMensch reported in April that Wikileaks servers were located that Russian Acad of Sciences #TrumpRussia patribotics.blog/2017/04/23/did…
20. In Mid-June, Politico reported that Russia's Active Measures originate from the Russian Academy of Sciences politico.com/magazine/story…
21. At the end of June, Duma gave Putin unprecedented control over the RAS. #RussiaGate #Theyarentdone #TrumpRussia sciencemag.org/news/2017/06/p…
22. They have been hacking us for 20 years slate.com/articles/news_…
22. This is why, when I see that an email security company hired Curt Weldon in 2011, it scares me. #RussiaGate prnewswire.com/news-releases/…
23. And then when he joins the board of cybersecurity company, Nicor Global, it also looks terrible #TrumpRussia investing.businessweek.wallst.com/research/stock…
24. And then when I see he joined a Medical Cyber Security Company - right after the Spectrum Health RNC payment debacle, I am distrustful.
25. But let's be clear here. We are talking about a guy - who along with Dana Rohrabacher, Dennis Hastert, and Jim Inhofe went to the 02 WRF
26. #Breaking praised Putin for hrs. Here's 25 minute doc of them all doing it! #TrumpRussia #RussiaGate #WakeupGop transterramedia.com/media/55-world…
27. Lozansky named Flynn and Rohrabacher as Trump advisors before anyone else had! #FullCircle #TrumpRussia thesternfacts.com/last-year-puti…
28. Curt Weldon wrote this #TrumpRussia report and physically handed it to Putin (with Lozansky) in November 2000 #Resist
29. #Trumprussia #Resist Lozansky interview about Weldon giving it to Putin
23. Russians partnered with Senate to announce the creation of the Lozansky World Russia Forum in 4/3/2000 #TrumpRussia
24. A few days Later, Lozansky unleashed this gem, paving the way for Putin #TrumpRussia
25. In early May 2000, Lozansky held his forum with almost all Republicans #TrumpRussia #TheResistance
26. June 2000 - Weldon and Lozansky are out trashing Clinton together. #TrumpRussia
27. Aug 2000: Weldon and GOP release a 300 page rpt trashing Clintons handling of Russia and blaming them for all the crime issues
28. Weldon then releases his plan for to create an alliance with Russia and a forum is planned to discuss it in September 2000 #TrumpRussia
29: It is around this time that Jack Abramoff is off separately having Tom Delay and Russians meet for similar reasons #TrumpRussia
30. The Forum Itself (9/8/00) had this gem - discussing how the Russians and Republicans have a special relationship #TrumpRussia #Resist
31. Later, it is revealed the Weldon was seeking the Russian Ambassdorship. #TrumpRussia
32. In November 2001, Weldon met with Putin and Lozansky to hand Putin a copy of his plan #TrumpRussia
33. March 2002, Lozansky is praising Weldon to foxnews #TrumpRussia
34. In April 2002, the World Russia Forum happened, with Weldon, Hastert, and co #TrumpRussia transterramedia.com/media/55-world…
35. Jan 2003, Weldon was initiated into the Russian Academy of Sciences - 3 years after he declared war on them for hacking us #TrumpRussia
36. In April 2003, Weldon praised Russia - again - at the WRF #TrumpRussia
37. Later that year, Weyrich of the CNP praises Russia and Lozansky #TrumpRussia acuf.org/issues/issue7/…
38. Here's Paul Weyrich in early 04 saying we need an alliance with Russia to fight the Muslims #TrumpRussia rferl.org/a/1094714.html
39. A month later, Pravda calls Lozansky one of the most influential Russians in the country #TrumpRussia
40. And then Lozansky publishes a book that year on Lobbying the Americans for Russias behalf - forward by Osipov from R.A.S.
41. Afterword by CURT F'N WELDON - while he was a sitting US Congressman. #TrumpRussia #Resist #TheResistance
42. Lozansky formed Russian Americans for Bush in 04 (and 00, and for Dole in 96) #TRumpRussia
43. Weldon wrote own book whining about how we ruined our relationship w/ Putin - thought he would get in trouble if published #TrumpRussia
44. If you have been paying attention, all Abramoff stuff happened during this time too. #TrumpRussia Read thread
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