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“We’ll just cut & paste EU trade deals with Rest of World” says May. But SHE CAN’T. That’s NOT HOW IT WORKS.… /1
Existing EU deals can only be copied if the other party agrees. Why would they? What’s in it for them? /2
EU trade deals are bespoke, tailored to fit both the EU & its partners. The EU is able to use its leverage as the world’s biggest market /3
to secure concessions from partners. Why should those partners agree to offer the same concessions to the smaller & weaker UK? /4
Naturally trade partners will want to renegotiate. That will (a) take time & (b) lead to outcomes for UK that are worse than status quo. /5
Also, why should a deal negotiated for the EU as a whole be the right deal for the UK acting alone? Very unlikely it would be. /6
If there’s going to be any point to Brexit, it’ll be about sacrificing heavyweight leverage to secure deals that are more tailored to UK. /7
To leave the EU & then simply replicate EU deals is (a) impossible & (b) really really stupid. [ends] /8
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