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So...let's chat, shall we?
I'm a sex worker, and an atheist. Let's just get those two things out there RIGHT up front. I've no agenda here though. Just honest talk.
Some religions unfortunately have issues with masturbation, for various reasons. I'm not going to address that here, other than to say...
that ALL religious rules come down to one thing: 'The God Says So'.

No pork? Well you can ad hoc reason it all you want, but the REASON?
It's 'God Says So' & since I don't believe in any gods, I can't address those reasons in a manner that the faithful would find meaningful.
What I can and will talk about is everything else with masturbation.

It's normal, natural and healthy. It's your body's way of maintaining
the essential kit of reproduction.

Now the philosophers and sages have discussed since we had words the MEANING OF LIFE

Welp, it's easy.
You exist to reproduce.

That's it. That's your biological function. EVERYTHING ELSE IS GRAVY.
There's zero morality attached to that, zero thought. It's just biology. And every single one of your ancestors by definition managed it.
Don't worry if you can't have kids.

I'm not having any. So that great line of biological success?

So we're purely talking biology, nothing more. Nothing less. That is your function, to make more of sorta yous.

And so your junk?
Once it comes 'online' with puberty, your body pushes masturbation.
Now the degree to which one is driven to do so, is a function of numerous biological factors.

It's abnormal to never masturbate.
Now, if someone has no interest in masturbation post puberty, and yes that happens, then it's something to talk to a doctor about.
In *rare* instances? Some people are just truly asexual. It's normal for *them*. But not one that's a good survival of your genes trait.
And here's the rule of thumb with your sex drive.


Are you happy with it? Then it's FINE.

Are you unhappy? Then seek assistance.
Now me personally? And yes I'm a sex worker and I don't want to contribute to myths and this isn't work puffery.

I have persistent arousal
This isn't as severe as the Daily Mail chicks who have a bazillion orgasms a day. But I have spontaneous orgasms. My arousal level is HIGH.
For me, this isn't a problem. I handle it the same way most teenage boys handle it...I rub one out.

It's not a problem for me, nor did it
create or lead to 'promiscuity' though that is ALSO not a bad thing. My wiring just happens to be monogamous. Be nice if it weren't.

This means that my masturbation frequency is abnormal. But normal for me. So that's okay.
The average masturbation frequency for women is 5x a week, based on most reports. And over 90% of women masturbate.
Masturbation also promotes healthy orgasms, which for women helps with the muscles that are used in childbirth and menstruation.
These strong healthy muscles also help prevent urinary incontinence, and just helps keep everything running well for reproductive health.
Additionally being friendly with your body is VERY good for health screening. You'll notice any changes, cysts, etc. Any discharge or odor.
When you're comfy with masturbation, beyond 'rubbing one out' you can also at times take the time to explore and play with yourself.
You can engage in fantasy or porn, and see how you react to it privately, learning what you like...and what gets your motor revving.
You can also explore various things with your body, and doing so solo can feel safer. You can experiment with anal with a toy first.
ALL OF THIS is utterly healthy, natural and normal. Most mammals masturbate, even when sex is available. Many use objects as toys.
And more than a few use other animals as sex objects. Chimps fucking a frog for days as a sex toy. Seals and penguins. Horrible images, soz
Nature is pretty horrifying.
But masturbation is healthy both physically and mentally. We've ample science on that too.

And pure celibacy isn't healthy.
Choosing to refrain from orgasm, is unhealthy. It increases the risks of certain cancers. It can cause prostate problems in men.
Vaginal wall weakening causes all sorts of problems. And recent studies have shown that women who stimulate their breasts regularly have
lower incident rates of breast cancer.
It's healthy, normal and natural.

But people can and do really dumb stuff masturbating. I often think it's due to shame and stigma.
I'd REALLY like to believe that people wouldn't stick a bottle up their butt and get it stuck if they could easily and w/o shame buy toys.
So having a healthy attitude towards masturbation and your body allows you to THINK about toys and what you'd like while not horny.
This way you're not raiding the 'fridge because you're just dying for penetration. Plan ahead, and this goes for sex even more so. :P
If you're embarrassed, uncomfortable or feel at all 'dirty' about masturbation in negative ways, PLEASE take the time w/ yourself on that.
You need to have a conversation with yourself exploring those feelings and challenging them. Where do they come from? Is that feeling true?
And WHATEVER floats your matter how fine providing you're not harming anyone.

And understanding harm as mature adults
and not dicking around w/ the word or concept. If someone likes being beaten consentually...go them. Doesn't have to be your thing.
You have one life. That's it.

Please for yourself don't spend it being uncomfortable in your own skin.
This is one of our positive biological drives. So many of them are not. It's healthy, normal, and good for you too.

So go fuck yourself! 💋
PS: Masturbation doesn't always mean cumming/orgasm. MANY ppl like to tease and play without orgasm. Discover your joy.

Go fuck yourself!
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