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Start of tweet-thread about Karen Straughan's thoughts about her interview with Chris Cantwell

Yes, establishment press are disingenuous, lying scumbags. Something @Cassie_Jaye leaned when she told truth that didn't fit narrative.
Yep, Canada has much stricter rules regarding immigration than the USA does, something that the left doesn't want you to know.
I personally don't think the rules in either the USA or Canada are hard enough. Still too many bad people are let in.
Karen is wrong when she thinks heritability is unimportant when it comes to nationalism.
Environmental factors within the West have almost no effect on the IQ gaps. We know this though twin & adoption studies.
There is also the issue of regression towards the mean, which means that as a group children of higher IQ people from lower IQ races...
... are more likely to have lower IQs than then children of higher IQ people from higher IQ races. (Is more to it, but simple version).
Poverty is NOT A CAUSE of lower IQ within the West. 'Poor' people in the West have more than enough to eat...
... and have access to education, libraries, & many have smart phones that can access internet just about anywhere.
In fact, the children of richer blacks often score lower than the children of poorer whites on IQ and other tests such as the SAT.
How is 'stress' preventing people from reaching their potential? Doesn't fully reaching one's potential REQUIRE stress?
Those who stay in their comfort zone will never reach full potential.
Exposure to chemicals? Well, sure, but with some fairly rare exceptions, that isn't really an issue in the West.
Even if most people, of any race, don't 'max-out' their potential, doesn't change the fact there is a gap, & it isn't closing. #RealWorld
The Flynn effect has stopped in the West, among ALL races, which suggests we have rung out most of the 'environmental' improvements already.
And Flynn effect didn't really seem to affect "g" much at all. People did not become genetically smarter, just got better at test-taking.
The lower IQ of blacks is a MAJOR reason why they are filling up our prisons, Karen.
We can know this because most WHITE inmates have lower IQs than average.
Study: Prison Inmate Intelligence Influences Misconduct

"... concluded that IQ was a powerful individual-level
predictor of criminal behavior"

"White males who had been sentenced
to a correctional facility had an average IQ of 93,"
And Karen's idea that high IQ people might be just a criminal as lower IQ people but are just better at getting away with it is wrong.
" there is a wealth of research linking
macro-level IQ scores with local crime rates"

Countries made up of a populations of higher IQ races have less crime than those with lower IQ races.
Brazil, which may be the most diverse nation in the world, has an out-of-control murder rate.
Brazil has more murders per year than the USA, Russia, China, plus a whole bunch of other countries combined:

The average IQ of Brazil is only 87. The average IQ of American blacks is 85.
How is it that China, average IQ 105, has less murders than Brazil, even though China has a population many times larger than Brazil?
There is NO anti-black racial bias within the US justice system. The different outcomes are due to bad black behavior.
Is the Criminal-Justice System Racist?


The Myth of Criminal-Justice Racism

The 'War on Drugs' did NOT single out blacks.
Blacks do more drugs, lie about it more, & are stupider about how they use them.

"Blacks are more likely than whites to lie and claim that they have not used a drug when they actually have"
“African Americans are nearly twice as likely to buy outdoors (0.31 versus 0.14), ...
... three times more likely to buy from a stranger (0.30 versus 0.09), ...
... and significantly more likely to buy away from their homes (0.61 versus 0.48).”
"African American drug users use drugs more often than White drug users, use more dangerous drugs than White drug users, ...
... and are more likely to use drugs in areas with high crime rates"
You really aren't going to like hearing this, but fatherlessness does not cause crime.
The same thing that is causing the fatherlessness is what is also causing the crime. Shitty genes.
What kind of men abandon their children? Shitty ones. What kind of women have children with such men? Shitty ones.
Higher IQ people are much less likely to be deadbeat dads and single moms. Lower IQ people are more likely.
So the shitty mom & dads pass on their shitty genes to their shitty children, which leads to their shitty behavior.
In fact, considering just how shitty the men are who abandon their children, the kids are most likely better off with them not being around.
We have a natural experiment about whether fatherlessness causes crime.
After WWII, there was no major uptick in crime in the UK despite many children losing their fathers in the war.
Karen, please read these articles, they disprove all your reasons regarding crime:

Or if you are feeling lazy, just watch this video, as it covers much of the information:

Here is a link to a thread I did a while back on blacks & crime:

Oh, and going back to the 'stress' thing:

You know who are more stressed? Asians. Yet they get better grades, earn more money, & are less likely to end up in jail.
Regarding crime recidivism rates, race, & 'racist' robots:

Again, fatherlessness does not cause crime. In fact, if dad is a violent criminal, best place for him is behind bars & away from the kids.
Poverty does NOT cause crime!
It is more accurate to say that crime causes poverty.
Oh, now we are into culture. Well, where does culture come from, Karen?
Just what kind of culture do you think a population with an average IQ of only 85 is going to create and embrace?
Haiti is a black-run nation that has been independent for over 200 years, yet it still can't get its shit together. Why not?
Those who raised you "likely imprinted almost nothing on your personality that has persisted into adulthood."

For most part, in the West, your upbringing doesn't really affect how you turn out in the long run, so long as you weren't severely abused.
Their was a time when black kids had fathers. Do you want to go back to when whites forced their culture upon blacks?
The black family today has just gone back to West African mating patterns,: one guy knocks up lots of women & doesn't help with the kids.
Isn't it strange that, after hundreds of years, blacks in America just went back to the behaviors they had in Africa once they were free to?
Ghanaian Man With Over 100 Children Still Wants More

"Some of his children cannot confirm their placements in the family due to their numbers, ...
... likewise Asilenu’s inability to track all his children and mention their names."
He doesn't even know his children's names, yet these women who mother his children don't care.
"His inability to know all his children and recognize them led to Asilenu proposing marriage to one of his daughters who he met in town."
Now, Africans in America:

World's Worst Deadbeat Dad Now Has 26 Kids
Tennessee man has added three more dependents

So this black American man fathered 26 children with 20 different women. Why do they keep opening their legs for him? He is a deadbeat.
(Black) Man With 30 Kids Requests Child-Support Break

Black women in America keep opening their legs to get fucked by men they know will not help them with kids, just like in West Africa.
If single motherhood causes crime how come the murder rate has gone down while rate of single motherhood has gone up?
If locking up dad causes sons to commit crimes, how come locking more men up has lead to lower crime?
Crime is caused by genes, not locking up dad. Locking up criminal dads lowers crime by getting criminals off the streets.
Regarding personality traits: blacks score worse on those very same traits that you think would lead to more criminal behavior.
Even black children who are raised by middle class white people have scores indicating higher rates of impulsivity, outgoingness, ...
... aggressiveness, rebelliousness, and hedonism than whites & Asians.

Ethnic Differences in Temperament

In fact, we see different temperaments across races even in day-old newborn babies.
Race and Psychopathic Personality

The idea that conservatives have lower IQs than liberals is untrue

Wow, at 16:55 Karen brings up confounds. Well, genes are a HUGE confound to all the reasons you gave in your video.
"can't be assumed to be causal unless someone is going to show me evidence of that"

- Karen Straughan
All the reasons Karen gave were ones without causal evidence, just associations. But genes have been proven to be causal regarding behavior
Regarding 'IQ nationalism', like I said before, their is an issue regarding regression towards the mean in the next generation.
Oh, again regarding 'culture'

Getting back to IQ. A high IQ population is necessary but not sufficient to create the kind of society I would like to live in.
Just high IQ alone doesn't lead to innovation, but it has to reach a threshold.
There is a reason Europeans have made most of the major advances in the world despite North East Asians having slightly higher IQs.
Learn about the magic that went on within the Hajnal Line & why:

“Core Europe” and human accomplishment:

Really isn't a white thing, it's a North Western European thing. But other whites can integrate into those societies better than non-whites
Is anyone even saying that crimes shouldn't be adjudicated on a case-by-case basis? I've never heard any race realist say that.
From 20:00 to 23:00 I agree with everything she said.
But those differences are not irrelevant. They affect us everyday.
23:45 to 25:12 is all really good. Something should be added to that, though.
In West Africa, the women did the farming. In Europe, the men did due to much thicker soil requiring more work.
So in Europe, women needed men to provide for their children. West Africa? Not so much.
In fact, the men in West Africa lived off the work of women & didn't help with kids... like blacks in America today.
So European men needed to invest in their children to pass on their genes successfully. West African men did not. That selects for traits.
At 25:16, Karen brings up ADHD. Guess what? East Asia has almost NO ADHD. They don't have the genes for it.
DRD4 7R allele exists in 9%-25% of European study samples & none of Asian samples, is strongly associated with ADHD

Maybe there was a reason it was Europeans and not Asians who explored and mapped the world despite Asians having the ability.
Getting back to 'why don't we just let in a bunch of high IQ non-whites'?

Diversity fucks up trust & social capital
And not just due to low IQ non-Whites. It even breaks down with high IQ non-whites:

"Trustworthiness declines when partners are of different races or nationalities."


So if even those who got into HARVARD UNIVERSITY can't make diversity work, what makes you think society as a whole can?
North Western Europeans are more honest & less corrupt than everyone else in the world.
Importing a bunch of high-IQ Chinese people would increase corruption levels & open us up to even more spying against us.
Babies aren't just racist, newborns of different races react differently from each other to the same stimuli:

At 29:30 Karen suggests exposing babies to other races so they don't become racist.
Well, non-whites have different ideas about how to treat babies...

Video shows nurse allegedly abusing 2-year-old with special needs

Nanny caught throwing baby into cot on hidden camera leaving child 'broken'

Why don't you read about what Africans do to punish their children, Karen?

They had him sewn up inside a goat skin that was full of shit and piss and bile. That was normal.

Why not introduce your kids to that?
At 31:30 Karen starts talking about black conservatives, & lists from the same handful of smart black guys that ALWAYS get named.
There are SO FEW smart black conservatives (SBC), whenever anti-racists try to make point about there being SBC, they always name same ones.
How the foreign-born vote in the United States

Of course, importing a new people has just done wonders for white Democrats!

Karen says the idea of an ethno-state is ludicrous. She should tell the Jews of Israel that. I wonder how that would go over.
Or how about Japan? Or South Korea?
Or the US founding fathers?
"This law limited naturalization to immigrants who were free white persons of good character."

But I guess George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, & James Madison only had "a baby's understanding of the world & people" huh Karen?
"A baby's understanding of who I should trust & who should I not trust"

Okay, Karen...

The top 15 countries are all white except for Singapore, which has an authoritarian government. All the top white nations are republics.
Again, where do things like culture and values come from?
So Karen goes over a list a leftist white people as if that proves ethno-nationalists wrong.
Well, Sweden & the Swedes were doing just fine as a leftist country before they let in tons of non-whites.
America could afford to pay for lots of leftist money-wasting programs if America were 100% white.
A 100% White America would be running a huge budget surplus

It would be a lot harder for white leftists to race-bait if the country didn't have non-whites in it.
And you have to think about not just this generation, but how people in generations to follow will turn out.
Even if the non-whites you import today are all good people who are thankful for being here doesn't mean their kids & grand kids will be.
There is a major issue with second and third generation non-whites in Europe and America being much shittier than the first generation.
It is a big problem with Muslims, but it is also a problem with Hispanics and others as well.
American-born children of immigrants proving fruitful recruiting ground for jihad in U.S.

What to do about second-generation terrorists?

"We really need to look at where we are now"

Like the Jews did in Palestine in 1948?
If argument is white people were responsible for brings blacks to America, wouldn't we have responsibility to take them back to Africa?
The blacks brought to America got a good deal, they just would have been slaves somewhere worse otherwise

They were slaves in Africa, & could have stayed there as slaves, or they could have ended up in Brazil or Caribbean.
Heck, most white nationalists are fine with giving them a few states in the south somewhere to run as they see fit.

Yeah, we Jews don't want you here, pack your shit & get out

- Jews to Arabs in Palestine
How just is it to run people out of a city, Karen? Why don't you ask the whites who had to flee Detroit when it became unlivable for them?
Oak Park v. Chicago's Austin Neighborhood

Having more white babies isn't going to matter if we open borders to 3rd world. There are billions of 3rd worlders who want to come here.
Non-whites come into white countries, pop out babies, & expect us to pay for them forever.
That has to stop. I'm not even a 100% white nationalist personally. I was just taking a hard tack for this thread.
I do think that there has to be policies that enforce a white super-majority though. We need to cut off most non-white immigration.
I don't want the USA to turn into the colder version of Brazil, because that is where we are headed now.
Policy should be deport all illegals & non-citizen Muslims. Import whites from South Africa & Zimbabwe(they speak English & are productive)
Have a law that gov't must maintain the white population at maybe 80% to 90% of total population.
Stop paying stupid people to have babies they can't pay for. Offer to pay low-IQ young people to get tubes tied or snipped.
Anyone who wants to go on welfare for more than 6 months must get tubes tied or snipped.
Those policies would fix lots of the problems & still protect the rights of citizens. Tax-funded welfare isn't a right.
Anyway, that's it for now. Let me know what you think, Karen.
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