kemono friends's director got taken out by kadokawa; kadokawa is fucking insane for doing that when the director made the show happen
the franchise is basically finished now because the director helped contribute to the fandom and lmao no one can replace him
speculation on japanese twitter suggests that kadokawa saw the success and thought they could replicate it without the director's help lol
on better news, index s3 is announced
you can read the news as kadokawa sacrificing the integrity of kemono friends s2 for an index s3 :-)
since there's already hot takes and "consider the reasons why he might get fired" bullshit, consider the production of kemono friends
the reason it's a Big Story is because kemono friends is mostly made by a few people and the director has a lot of input to the anime
people who try to have these hot takes (kadokawa might be right) definitely have not watched the anime and understood the production details
and if anime industry people have literally come out and said, "wtf is going on", and you're the one saying "everything's alright", uh...
i'm sure there will be calls for "nuance" but if you're going to do that, at least know wtf you're trying to say
there's also tweets about how 26th september is the director's birthday but that information is not sourced…
do be careful sharing tweets and stuff, there's some clearly working off no source...
the twitter description for kemofure s2 hashtag reads smth like: the foreigner friends also have #NoTatsukiNoTanoshi
it is a reference to this twitter moment btw but i will read it as twitter japan getting pissed too
even if you don't care much about kemono friends, this is a miserable day for anyone who likes japanese media...
a well-loved director of a show he made by himself getting axed? what does it mean for creators and fanbases against companies...
if kadokawa just goes the konami approach, it will set the precedence for many industries; that's how big the news is...
i know a lot of the grief over what looked like furry shit might look funny but this is a grave moment for japanese media... it's fucked up
if you're on jp twitter, you may have noticed the #たつき監督 trend has disappeared; you may have also noticed #へたつき監督 surfacing for a while
へた(下手)basically means "bad" and some people took it as badmouthing the director
funny story: it's a twitter bug
へ is a particle that means "to" and there are tweets directing people to sign a petition; unforch, it gave us へたつき
now it got replaced with 人気アニメの監督降板 (famous anime's director taken off)
and as expected, nikkei is reporting on this…
some people are currently boycotting by taking off their niconicodouga premium subscriptions in protest (nico is owned by kadokawa dwango)
the dwango ceo is also concerned about the resignation but he still doesn't have the details much, so he claims
i don't want to be the bringer of bad news but the whole staff has resigned and the show will be under kadokawa
the post is pretending to be all nice and mediative with the studio but this is an obvious cruel takeover of kemono friends...
the post talks about how it's a new season and they're bringing it with an "Animal First" philosophy whatever that means
however, tatsuki and others may have created materials like episode 12.1 without permission from kadokawa and this caused issues
and so, communication broke down and kadokawa demanded they be told about it before any more material is made; supposedly, staff resigned
that's the kadokawa side of things so far; there's nothing from the other people and it's easily PR bullshit for more control
if you look around japanese twitter, you can see it's more complicated than that thanks to the wording
some misconceptions around the english web and i'm probably to blame to that: a "film" project is not in the works, it's 映像化 referring to s2
there have been some charts about the production of kemono friends floating about that explain the relationships
that's as much as i know for now, p sorry over the misinformation and kneejerk reactions, it's p bad...
sometimes i wonder if i know japanese, heh......
if you want to see kemono friends voice actors try to defend kadokawa and die in the inside, here it is…
japanese people are dubbing it as a 声優の盾 (seiyuu shield) for a reason...…
if you'd like a summary of what has happened in kemono friends so far in japanese, you can read all about it here…
don't think you need to know japanese for this extremely easy explanation
small vague update on kemono friends: the CEO of kadokawa shoten has recognized the incident and been investigating
much like dwango's ceo, he doesn't have any idea why tatsuki sent that tweet so he's met with the team for the second time last week
if the higher-ups have legit no clue what is happening, then the middleman -- the production committee -- must have messed up somewhere
the producer of kemono friends has chimed in as well, p much saying everyone's getting to the matter of this asap
for better or worse, it's up to other people in kadokawa to figure this out; enjoy corporate politics shenanigans because kadokawa is huge
oh yeah, forgot to add: shoten ceo also recognized tatsuki's efforts to bringing the show to life (私としても「けものフレンズ」におけるたつき監督の功績は大いに認めております。)
so at least the people investigating might be earnest...? iunno, we'll see
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