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1. I'm afraid this thread may upset many of you. If I weren't crazy I would probably withhold it. Read at my own risk...
2. A leading disclaimer: I always say I don't do predictions, and I'm not. And my wife tells me I am deeply pessimistic, and she's right.
3. And I do in fact have fairly severe brain damage, so this could be an excrescence from the Black Hole. But I can't get it out of my mind.
4. The very best thing that could happen, from here, would be that the Supreme Court declares the 2016 federal election null and void.
5. It is my opinion that they have both the jurisdiction and the precedent to do so. nopackagedeals.com/2017/04/30/the…
6. I have near-total confidence in Robert Mueller III's honor and honesty, and in his competence. What I don't know is whether he will
7. Take his results to .@Scotus or to Congress.
If he goes to Congress I feel strongly that we are doomed.
It is a matter of public record
8. that .@SenateMajLdr knew in advance that our election had been corrupted by Russia. It is also a matter of public record that he used
9. the considerable power of his office to prevent President Obama from giving that information to the voters before the election.
10. He not only knows Russia corrupted our election, he helped them do so. Nothing Mr. Mueller can discover in his investigation will be
11. news to McConnell. He knows it; he's in on it.
There is no solid record that .@SpeakerRyan knew in advance, but there is significant
12. anecdotal evidence, including digital recordings of conversations among his top lieutenants and him. He knows. He's dirty.
13. So if Mr. Mueller takes his evidence to Congress they will either sit on it, or they will grudgingly impeach and remove Trumpov, and
14. maybe even Pence, but there is virtually no possibility that the corruption and the coup will be reversed by Congress. Even if it goes
15. all the way down to President Orrin Hatch, the corruption will remain. I do not believe there is one single individual in the Reoublican
16. leadership who is not complicit.
SCOTUS could reverse the damage, at least mostly, but Congress isn't going to. I feel this strongly.
17. So (here's where it gets grim: hold on to your hat) I have concluded that, lacking a SCOTUS reversal of the entire election, the
18. best possible outcome for the American people writ large would be a military coup.
I know. That is a terrible thing to say.
19. I am not one to believe that a military dictatorship is equal to a Republic. But. Our republic is, for the short term at least, closed.
20. And unless our judicial branch is able to reach out and restore it, our republic is gone for a long time. 2018 ain't gonna fix it.
21. 2020 ain't gonna fix it.
The ideal of Free Speech, coupled with television, social media, and vast wealth, was more than our republic
22. could survive.
I don't believe that Russia snuck in here and did what they did, and nobody knew it. I believe they were invited in.
23. The oligarchs of the world know no allegiance to nations and states. Their allegiance is to the vast pool of wealth, well over 80% of
24. which sloshes around the world as digital 1s and 0s, and which they own. There is functionally no difference between Vladimir Putin and
25. Robert Mercer, no difference between Oleg Deripaska and David Koch. They are brothers. They are citizens of the same nation, Oligarchia.
26. Our innocent, well-meaning, idealistic Constitution had been hacked by the same people who hacked our election. If our Executive and
27. our Legislature choose to work together, there is no Constitutional power which can stop them.
Donald Trump is a dim bulb, a fool, a
28. tool. Bloomberg told you: real billionaires laugh at him. He's not rich. His money is as phoney as everything else about him. Mitch
29. McConnell will have him killed when his usefulness is over, unless Robert Mercer or Vladimir Putin beat him to it. He's a clown, a show.
30. The grim fact is, if I'm going to live under a dictator, I would prefer Mattis or Kelly to Trump or McConnell. They would at least keep
31. the masses fed.
What we have experienced in the years since 1980 has been the total victory of the oligarchs. It wasn't visible until
32. McConnell did his coup when Scalia died. Trumpov's "election" was just the cherry on top. nopackagedeals.com/2016/12/15/cou…
33. I was pretty sure a year ago that McConnell had brought in the Russians. Nothing has changed my mind. nopackagedeals.com/2016/12/16/cou…
34. I don't have a happy punch line for you. I'm just watching. I don't like what I see.
--jeff out
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