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(1) The rodeo clown desecrates the four fallen in Niger and the four fallen in Benghazi.
(2) Let me tell you the differences between Benghazi and Niger.
(3) In Niger, a 12-man Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha or A Team was ambushed by 50+ terrorists.
(4) Them men who were ambushed were professional warriors, in Niger to train and assist the locals in fighting terrorism.
(5) The Green Berets were ambushed at 11:00 am after they had a meeting with local tribal elders.
(6) The ambush took place "out in the middle of nowhere," on a battlefield.
(7) The A Team in question had conducted 29 patrols in the same area and had NEVER MADE CONTACT WITH ARMED OPPOSITION.
(8) Special Forces are professionals. They decide for themselves whether or not they're in danger. They aren't helpless toddlers.
(9) When the attack began, the Special Forces and their Niger counterparts returned fire.
(10) Nearby French commandos were contacted, as were French Air Force attack jets.
(11) The firefight lasted 30 minutes.

French army helicopters evacuated the wounded and dead.
(12) French, American, and Niger troops remained on the ground until they found the body of La David Johnson 48 hours later.
(13) "Catastrophic intelligence failure"?

(14) If a Special Forces A Team conducts 29 patrols in the same area and never has contact with terrorists, what failed?
(15) The rodeo clown and the ghoul John McCain are AS USUAL treating our troops as helpless victims.
(16) What about Benghazi?

Well, there's an answer to THAT too.
(17) The diplomatic staff had itself warned for days of an impending attack.

These warnings were ignored.
(18) Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith were not professional warriors.

Benghazi was not a battlefield.
(19) The Benghazi attack lasted five hours, not 30 minutes.

The terrorists KNEW THE LOCATION of the safe house.
(20) Again, professional warriors in Niger reported no threat.

NON-WARRIORS in Benghazi reported a threat but were ignored.
(21) American military assets were NOT SENT TO BENGHAZI even though they COULD HAVE BEEN SENT.
(22) A Special Forces Combatant Commander's In-extremis Force (CIF) Company was in Slunj Training Range in Croatia.
(23) The unit was C 1/10: Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group.
(24) C 1/10 could have been flown by Chinook to Zagreb International Airport in 15 minutes.
(25) A CIF keeps its weapons and equipment on its transport, which is a C-17 Globemaster.
(26) The CIF could have made it to Benghazi in about 90 minutes, maybe even less.
(27) However, the CIF was put on a C-130 Hercules transport and flown to Signorella Air Base in Italy.
(28) We're told that Signorella served as a "staging area."

In other words, everyone had to gather there.
(29) In reality, a CIF is used when the situation is a dire emergency.

That's why they're called "In-extremis Force" Companies.
(30) The US military is divided into Unified Combatant Commands.

CIF C 1/10 belong to EUCOM.
(31) On the night of the attack, control of CIF C 1/10 was transferred to AFRICOM.

No explanation was ever given.
(32) General Carter Ham--head of AFRICOM--never gave a rational explanation for why C 1/10 was not sent to Benghazi.
(33) It took C 1/10 almost 22 hours to arrive at Signorella.

Far too late to help anyone in Benghazi.
(34) Everything about Benghazi can be rationalized except for one thing:
(35) In order to send American troops into a foreign country, the president must give cross-border authority (CBA).
(36) Only the president can grant CBA to our troops.
(37) On the night of the attack in Benghazi, Obama never granted cross-border authority.
(38) There's no document anywhere in any branch of service showing that cross-border authority was given.
(39) In order to undertake a hostile mission into a foreign country, the armed forces needs CBA.

It was never granted.
(4) That means that there was never any intention to launch a rescue.

And THAT is fact...
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