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Two former lawmakers, two suspended lawmakers, and the man known as a kingmaker in South Carolina politics will face a bond court judge Tuesday after their indictments last week.

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•Richard Quinn, Sr.
•Richard Quinn, Jr.
•John Courson
•Tracy Edge
•James Harrison

-will all appear at the Richland County Judicial Center to face Judge Jocelyn Newman.

All have been indicted in connection with a probe into corruption at the State House.

Quinn, Sr. is the proprietor of Richard Quinn and Associates, a political consulting firm connected to several dozen high-profile government officials such as:

•Gov. Henry McMaster
•Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin
•Sen. Lindsey Graham

Both Courson and Rick Quinn, who already had been charged with misconduct in office, were hit last week with new indictments of criminal conspiracy.

The illegal lobbying indictment against Richard Quinn Sr. says he “did attempt to influence the action or vote of members of the S.C. General Assembly by direct communication on behalf of entities..

..which employed, retained or appointed defendant’s businesses and defendant did not register as a lobbyist.”

“Tony Podesta” problems.

Quinn’s clients have included institutions, trade groups and companies, including:

•University of South Carolina
•S.C. Ports Authority
•Palmetto Health
•S.C. Trial Lawyers Association
•BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina.

▪ Former S.C. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Harrison, indicted on charges of criminal conspiracy, common law misconduct in office and statutory misconduct in office.

While he was in the Legislature, Harrison worked for Quinn’s consulting firm.

▪ Former S.C. House Rep. Tracy Edge, indicted on criminal conspiracy, common law misconduct in office, statutory misconduct in office and perjury charges.

While in the Legislature, Edge was on the influential House Ways & Means Committee, which helps direct how the state spends money each year.

Edge’s indictment says he gave false testimony to the State Grand Jury “re: his knowledge of entities doing business” w/Richard Quinn.

More indictments may come as the investigation continues.
McMaster, who is reportedly not a target of the investigation, has used senior Quinn as a political guru for years.

Earlier this year, McMaster cut ties with the firm.

His chief of staff, Trey Walker, who once worked with the firm, has testified to the State Grand Jury.

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