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(1) The Syrian Democratic Forces are fighting the Islamic State.

We know that because the US is bombing.
(2) The SDF are right across the river from Assad's allies.

They can see each other.

No conflict.
(3) Assad and Iran are letting terrorists go, forcing the US-led Coalition to deal with them.
(4) But Assad no longer actually has an army. It's all Iran, Hezbollah, Iraqi militias, Afghans, Thais, and warlords.

(5) When Iran and Hezbollah are driven from Syria, it'll be over.

Assad will have to step down.
(6) Syria will still have a functioning government, which will call for elections.
(7) It appears that the tempo of killing Iranian, Hezbollah, and Russians leaders is increasing.
(8) A way to urge them to go home.

Soon Syria will be free. No theocracy, no dictatorship...
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