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1. The issue of how to approach mental health is going to be an extremely tricky and thorny one, as you have pointed out yourself.

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2. It is not likely to reach resolution anytime soon. BUT in the mean time we must agree about one thing as a people...

3. Mental illness, treatable and non-treatable need to be on the forefront of political agenda. More resources, better care, empathy, meds

4. The current state of mental healthcare is less than adequate to put it mildly. Politicians need to work on better safety nets for patient

5. Blaming an inanimate object for mass murder is akin to blaming alcohol for DWI/ DUI. The end user in either case is the danger to society

6. However the average lazy politician benefits greatly by blaming guns because they know that it becomes a hot button issue .

7. Gun control becomes a vote magnet. Mental healthcare is exquisitely hard, with no political gain and will definitely anger a few voters.

8. Till politicians learn to give up partisan aspiration & concentrate on the average citizen, Gun control vs Gun Rights is empty rhetoric.

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