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U.S Plastic Surgery Thread
This thread will touch on body contouring procedures, basic info on these procedures and US recommended doctors by region.
In my DR/Columbia Thread I have already covered : Post op care, recovery houses,Fat placement to achieve desired looks +
and terminology for these "looks" ( shelf, laterals, hips)
It was a long ass thread. Feel free to revisit Bc I will be using terminology from it that you should know by now....
Part 1
Pt 2 ( The thread got broken... idk how)
Now #Lettuce begin
In the US thousands of Doctors perform BBL's & body contouring procedures , but in my opinion only 20ish can DELIVER
Now keep in mind due to state laws, safety and ethics, these doctors can and will only remove and place +
a certain amount of litters of fat ,in one sitting.
Also, I’m only speaking on those that EYE know. I am NOT the Surgical Yellow Pages. Don’t shoot me if I miss someone.
I will list each doctor that EYE recommend and have studied/researched.Every doctor listed has a profile on Real Self
By Geographic location :
Let’s start in the North with Dr. Scott Blyer aka Dr. Bfixin.
He’s apart of the Dr.Miami family.... and with that said his prices reflect that.
Dr. Matthew Schulman. Listeeenn this man is the TRUUUFFFF. He gives WAGONS . You hear me? Wagons
Look at this 5 year follow up. Y’all see how much projection and volume she still has? WHEW LAWD .
Next Dr.Skin.
This is the closest you’ll get to Columbian Ab Etching, in America.He’s got that on lock
Lastly in my northern section there’s good ole Dr. Del Vecchio. He contours TF out of a waist delivers phat asses.
Yesterday @BriannaAmor dropped her surgeons info and everyone went crazy. This is him.
Moving on to the South.
Dr. Wendell Bouette.
#1 She’s a woman AND SHES BLACK
#2 She knows wtfshes doing
Also, Atlanta Twitter. She’s having a CRAZY special right now. GET ON THAT ASAP
Next , Lets Dr.Jimmerson aka Dr. J curves. I almost left him off this list but remember #ImRootingForEverybodyBlack.
I do not like his work. I think his asses look boxy. Back in 2010-2013 before he got featured on VH1 ,he did better work.
Oh and his prices are fucking crazy!!!!!! But yeah he’s black , so I’m still rooting for him lol
Dr. Willberto Cortes. The waist snatching, breast lifting , tummy tuckin, ass plumping GAAWWWDDDD.
He contours your waist when he does Tummy Tucks ( and his pricing most certainly reflects that) his marketing is on 1000. Full TV lineup
Dr. Patrick Hsu I LOVEEE his work it’s sooo clean. (peep how clean that periareolar incision around the nipple is...peep that belly button)
Moving on to Florida. It gets its own sub-section . Several Columbian trained surgeons are now working out of Florida AND ITS LITTT.
Dr. Orlando Llorente. @ New Life Plastic Surgery. ( Columbian trained)
I am NOT recommending the other 2 surgeons that work out of that clinic , JUST LLORENTE. Gotta be careful w/ clinics
Evolution MD
DR. CESAR VELILLA (DR LIPO) and DR JOSE ZAYAS . I’ll stamp both. They snatch asses and create beautiful “ onion bootys”
They don’t do asses with a lot of shelf. That’s just not their thing ( just in case you forgot what shelf is)
Circling back to the 4 Evolution MD pics I posted. The last picture is ab etching ( as you can see not as good as Dr.Skin)
Dr. Darryl J Blinski aka Dr FixItMiami. Liisteeennn he fixes EVERYTHING. He does shelf and hips, AND HE DOES IT WELL.
Here’s some example of his shelf/laterals , and laterals and hips.
Dr. Sergio Alvarez. Another South American trained surgeon . He’s got the juice. Snatches waists , phat asses, & excellent TT belly buttons
******* Mid thread pause********
Let’s clear some shit up. Bc I’m sick and fucking tired of this fake news.
First & foremost there is Nooo gym or weight lifting regimen that will change your anatomical build/ bone structure. So miss me w/ that BS
Let’s take LaLa for an example. Yellow bikini is AFTER the gym. There’s nothing in that damn gym that would’ve gave that women hips.
This is Lala after rd 1. ( yes it took multiple rounds of fat grafting to get her those hips and contour that waist)
THHIIISS is a gym only body. Notice how she still doesn’t have hips (Or shelf)Not judging her new body bc it’s lit, just stating the facts.
So if you’re questioning if your fave fitness model got work done. The answer is yes. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.
They cop surgery and maintain their investment in the gym. Then they sell you waist trainers, teas and other BS. And y’all for it!!!
And while we’re on this topic , ALLLLLLLL of your fave video vixens/ IG models copped work. 99.4% of industry phat asses are fake.
*****Mid thread pause complete , resuming normal tweetivity*********
Midwest- Dr. BBL . Shelf , hips, whatever. He delivers. Dr Miami trained....... 1.5 year waiting list. Now booking for March 2019
West - Dr. Sej Patel aka Dr. Shaped Extra Juicy. Keep in mind Beverly Hills patients are not askin for huge asses, but he can do it.
***** Last Doctor ****
Dr. Tarick Smiley - Another Beverly Hills doc. He’s a jack of all trades. Phenomenal TT’s, boobs, ass #ThatFaceLift
*******Part 2*********
Basic info on body contouring procedures .
Getting the best outcome from a body contouring procedure depends most on finding a well-qualified and experienced surgeon, and much less on the device used.
( Traditional) Tumescent liposuction, VASER Lipo, Smart Lipo, Cool lipo, Pro Lipo, Slim Lipo, Water Jet lipo... Lets discuss.
It is first important to realize that all of these devices will require you to undergo a liposuction procedure. The only difference is the approach to the treatment of the fat prior to its removal.
They all require the removal of the fat through the use of a Cannula
SmartLipo, SlimLipo, Prolipo, and Coolipo all use a laser to destroy the fat cells, allowing them to be removed by liposuction ( with a cannula)
Traditional (Tumescent) liposuction is the gold standard. It involves the injection of a fluid into the fatty tissue layer that causes blood vessels to shrink and the fat to expand, making it easier to remove and lowering the risk of a complication.
VASER lipo involves an additional step, in which the fat (after injection of fluid but before suction is applied) is treated with ultrasound energy.
CoolSculpting-Cryolipolysis is a medical treatment used to destroy fat cells by freezing them to death.
This is a non-invasive, localized reduction of fatdeposits, in order to reshape the contours of the body. THIS PROCEDURE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE
Traditional Tumescent lipo is the real deal. High volumes of fat removal. It’s the golden standard. It is invasive and you have downtime.
SmartLipo - utilizes laser liquefy the fat, making it easier to remove w/ the cannula, typically resulting in less bruising for the patient
360 Lipo- circumferential lipo of the abs, flank , back , thighs etc. Just a clever name for lipo all the way around.
With Butt/Hip procedures your options are : Butt implants, BBL or Sculptura
BBL vs Sculptura
Sculptra is how Kylie Jenner did this. As y’all can see she clearly did not have much Fat to graft, to achieve her new hourglass figure.
Now that you know what is what and who to go to, Go follow these pages RIGHT NOW.
My work here is done. Fin . Thread over.
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