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Congress doesn't have to worry about f'ing up an actual prosecution

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Sessions or anybody at the DOJ running an investigation isn't going be trying their case in the media at this point.

That's what POLITICIANS do. Sessions is now the country's top LEO. He's not going to jeopardize prosecutions for good press.

People have this idea a prosecutor needs to try his entire case in the media so they can judge the merits of it b4 it goes to the courts.

So this assumption is "Sessions isn't TELLING us what investigations are going on, what they've found, etc. So he's doing NOTHING."

He's doing his job. Which doesn't include coming out weekly & giving the media an update on where the investigations are at.

If CONGRESSMEN want to do that with their own hearings, fine. Sessions or anybody else at DOJ isn't required to & it's smart they don't.

1 thing that's ALLOWED Hillary & Co. to cheat & corrupt their way from any consequences of their crimes is their ability to stall/thwart

any investigations that are done OPENLY where they KNOW what the investigators are doing, what they have.

DNC Media stands ready to help Dems involved in #UraniumOne & #FusionGPS skate yet again as SOON AS THEY GET THE OPPORTUNITY.

Which they haven't gotten yet.

Do you know why?

Because Sessions & Co. aren't playing by the usual rules.

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