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1. Look at tweet above mine. More & more sealed indictments are being filed in the same court where Mueller's grand jury approved the Manafort, Gates & Papa indictments.

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2. Now look across the world to KSA, where they appear to have successfully rounded up a huge number of people in an anti-corruption drive, who just happen to be connected to the Clintons (& Bush) via 'donations' to Foundations & 'lobbying'.

3. Now connect the two. Anyone who is arguing there's no link between them is engaging in wilful blindness. IMO The Storm started in KSA (with the Saudi crackdown, freezing of assets and money flows) - before it started its journey across the Atlantic.

4. Landfall was Manafort/Gates and Papadopoulos, since then it's been increasing in intensity as people start squealing to the Feds to save their own skins. Which leads to more & more sealed indictments being filed.

5. As always, I may be 100% wrong. Sounds deranged to me but ccording to liberals, Flynn has flipped & Manafort/Gates/GP were all Trump's key Putin contacts. Even if that were true, however, on my best count I can only identity 7-8 Trump people who would take the fall.

6. That includes the 3 who have already been indicted. Excluding Trump, who as POTUS cannot be indicted, that leaves 4 potential 'traitors' : Sessions, Flynn, Bannon & Kushner. OK Don Jnr - 5. And that's the problem for the liberal argument.

7. Let's be generous and say that only 50% of the 31 sealed indictments relate to Mueller's SC - 15/16. It doesn't match up with Trump's people being targeted. I'd be expecting about 7-8. Ergo, I think it points to a widening investigation into the Clintons.

8. Again - I could be wrong & just calling it as I see it, read widely for opposing views to balance my take on things.

9. The end.

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