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1. A few observations on sealed indictments & the direction of #TheStorm .
2. First, for the doubters out there, some FACTS about sealed indictments.
3. Mueller's grand jury is in Washington (DC). That is the grand jury that recommended indictments against Manafort, Gates & Papadopoulos.
4. The relevant court to file indictments (sealed & unsealed) is the US District Court (District of Columbia). Again, the indictments against Manafort, Gates & Papadopoulos were filed there.
5. As at 3.30pm TODAY, there are 33 sealed indictments filed. All 33 have been filed since 30 October, an 8 day period.
6. 17 of these were filed TODAY (to 3.30pm). Experienced lawyers are on record saying that 4-7 a month is not unusual for this court, anything above that is high. What we are seeing is totally unprecedented.
7. ALSO : remember, an indictment can have MULTIPLE accused (eg Manafort & Gates). One indictment does NOT mean one accused.
8. I cannot find any evidence of a massive crime, or criminal takedown in this jurisdiction since 30 October. At least not one that's been done in public.
9. Or in the weeks/months prior. So - the lack of any other major crime, location of Mueller's grand jury, previous indictments from it & the sheer number being filed over a short period of time makes it reasonable to conclude that most, if not all, are related to Mueller's SC.
10. Let's use that as a working assumption. The next question is whether the storm winds are blowing in the direction of Trump & Co, Clinton & Co, or at both.
11. Liberals are certain that this all portends a Trump takedown. Mind you, they also believe the Steele Dossier is 100% true, that Trump is a rapist & that he & Putin somehow manipulated voting machines last November.
12. The whole 'evidence' requirement seems to be missing. For example, libs still can't explain just how Trump & Putin manipulated the popular vote for St Hillary & the electoral college for Trump - on the same day. Their TDS is Defcon 10 & blinds them to inconvenient facts.
13. In their world, Trump & his entourage are ALL Putin stooges & in their excitement at the evil Drumpf's imminent downfall, they've developed juvenile 'indictment bingo charts', see
14. One thing about deranged liberals - they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. In this case, the chart. Count those on the chart waiting to be indicted. 21, right? In their stupidity, they have included Trump, who as POTUS cannot be indicted. So that leaves 20.
15. But wait a sec. We've 33 indictments (growing), but only 20 possible traitors? You're right : doesn't add up. Not even close. OK: let's say only 17 of those indictments are SC. And that 7 of them have 2 accused. That's 24 possible accused. Nope, libs, still doesn't add up.
16. So, 30 + sealed indictments. Libs have no credible evidence supporting the Trump-Russia lie & in their wildest imaginations, have 20 Trump people max in the crosshairs. Yet we DO have credible evidence of Clinton-Russia, which could easily round up well over 30 people.
17. There are many people going down here on multiple indictments. This is genuinely huge and entirely consistent with what we have seen in KSA, Wray's appointment, the Fusion GPS revelations, Podesta's resignation & disappearance, Uranium One etc etc. Conclusion?
18. The STORM is NOT blowing Trump's way, whichever way you cut it. And that makes sense, because the entire Trump-Russia smear was a lie. There's never been any credible evidence supporting it. As Trump has been saying, ad nauseam, ever since the smear emerged.
19. So, in what way is #TheStorm tracking? Look at a map of the world. It started in KSA a few days ago & has been blowing LEFT ever since. Anyone who has been corrupt MUST be charged, but IMO most will have a (D) behind their name & will answer to St Hillary of Clinton.
20. Again, just my 10 cents. While confident I'm at least 70% +++ right, I am more than happy to be proved 100% +++ wrong.

The end.
21. ADDENDUM : 50 sealed indictments filed in Virginia TODAY. Again, all I am saying is that this is HIGHLY unusual and it is reasonable to argue it's linked to Mueller's SC.
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